“Mohamed Morsi: [in the 1920’s, the Egyptians] said: “The constitution is our Koran.” They wanted to show that the constitution is a great thing. But Imam [Hassan] Al-Banna, Allah’s mercy upon him, said to them: “No, the Koran is our constitution.”

The Koran was and will continue to be our constitution.

The Koran will continue to be our constitution.

Mohamed Morsi: The Koran is our constitution.

Crowds: The Koran is our constitution.

Mohamed Morsi: The Prophet Muhammad is our leader.

Crowds: The Prophet Muhammad is our leader.

Mohamed Morsi: Jihad is our path.

Crowds: Jihad is our path.

Mohamed Morsi: And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.

Crowds: And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.

Mohamed Morsi: Above all – Allah is our goal.


The shari’a, then the shari’a, and finally, the shari’a. This nation will enjoy blessing and revival only through the Islamic shari’a. I take an oath before Allah and before you all that regardless of the actual text [of the constitution]… Allah willing, the text will truly reflect [the shari’a], as will be agreed upon by the Egyptian people, by the Islamic scholars, and by legal and constitutional experts…

Rejoice and rest assured that this people will not accept a text that does not reflect the true meaning of the Islamic shari’a as a text to be implemented and as a platform. The people will not agree to anything else.”


The Guardian reports:

Egypt’s president-elect Mohamed Morsi has vowed to free the blind sheikh jailed in the US for a plot to blow up New York City landmarks.

In his first public speech, addressing tens of thousands of people in Tahrir Square, Morsi promised to work to free Omar Abdel-Rahman, the spiritual leader of men convicted in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

But! But! How can this be? Surely the Muslim Brotherhood is a pragmatic moderate forward looking Islamist movement, and not in any sense a whisper away from Al Qaeda.

I just wonder how long the US is going to continue to pay for this. Why should it?

I bet that is precisely what Romney’s line is going to be during the upcoming election campaign. What possible answer can Obama give that will play well with the electorate?

They played the Moderate Card

Now it is the Fascist Sharia Card




(The above great analysis is from Harry’s Place who are bringing about a change in their political line)


(But change comes too late. The damage is done and they did not oppose the Muslim Brotherhood or defend Mubarak)



Ask the question: does one have separation of Church and State in post election Egypt, with Morsi elected as the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It does matter. That is one of the gains of democracy, without that you have some type of clerical religious dictatorship.


Of course Morsi will tell the world that there is nothing to fear.


Should we take Morsi at his word or should we be sceptical, since the policy of “deceiving” is written right into the Koran as being something which is holy.


We have to examine the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, its foundational essence, its history, its present practice, and the latter on an international scale because this organization IS international.


What is Zionism? What is meant by Zionism?


Zionism is really nothing more or less than the nationalism of the Jewish people.


Every single people or nation in the world has its nationalism, to take a few examples out of hundreds the Irish nationalism, the French nationalism, the Kurdish nationalism and so on.


Zionism is really the nationalism of the Jewish people. It is really the attachment of this people to the area which surrounds the original town and now city of Jerusalem and to which Jerusalem is the centre and national focal point.


When Irish people think of and are attracted to the Aran islands and life there, or Ben Bulben, or New Grange, or the GPO in Dublin’s O’Connell Street, then that is not a lot different to Jewish people loving the Temple Mount, the Dead Sea, or the City of Jerusalem as a whole.


The only reason this is contested in the particular case of the Jews and THEIR Homeland is because of a phenomenon called Antisemitism.


Antisemitism is indeed a phenomenon which was never caused in any way by the Jewish people, it is just that they have been the recipients of this hatred


The Trotskyist Socialist Movement as represented by stand totally behind the Jewish people in their struggle to renew Jewish nationalism, which is Zionism.


We in are indeed Zionists in this respect. What else could we be? What other way to describe us?


We stand totally behind the Jews in their return to their Homeland. The Jews should never have surrendered the name of Palestine so easily and allow this antisemitic monster to raise its head.


What has been called the Arab Spring has thrown all political movements into great crisis. What has so far been and what is the Arab Spring? We on believe that the Arab Spring is nothing more than the gathering clouds of dictatorship of the same level as that experienced by the world under the Nazi and Mussolini Dictatorships, carried on into the present era.


This has taken a new turn in the coming to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with Morsi as just elected and announced President, and with the Egyptian Army deciding not to stop the Muslim Brotherhood, not actually ever wanting to tangle with the Muslim Brotherhood, and so allowing the Muslim brotherhood to take power of the state, state power, in this case, which is a state power taken by the Muslim Brotherhood through a Parliamentary Election, but remember this is exactly the same way that Hitler and the Nazis took power in 1933 in Germany.


Whatever Morsi will say about being for peace and as he plays a game working with US and EU Imperialism, he is telling lies. The real aim of the Muslim Brotherhood is written into the Constitution of Hamas, which is the Arab Palestinian wing of the Muslim rotherhood.


In that Constitution also known as the Hamas Charter there is an open call for the killing of all Jews on earth, just as there was in Mein Kamph.


The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will likewise set out to kill all minorities and non Muslims in Egypt. Directly in the firing line of the Muslim Brotherhood here in Egypt will be first and foremost the Copts, who are Christian Arabs, going back to the time of the birth of Christianity, and some 600 years before Islam.


There is also a great crisis within Jewish or Zionist leaders. Just this past week gone, a few days ago, Pamela Geller and her organizational website was stopped holding an event and rally which had been publicised for months by a Jewish organization. They simply cancelled the event at the last minute under pressure from CAIR, which is the American Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and also under pressure from rich Jewish donors to the campaigns of this Jewish organization.


So a woman, Pamela Geller, a Zionist and a Jewish campaigner, who fights against the take over of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and calls it for exactly what it is, is attackled by a Jewish organization in America.


This is common.


I have seen Geller attacked continually by British Jews on Harry’s Place.


I also have experienced this. I have been prevented from speaking by journalists at a radio station in Spain called Talk Radio Europe. This station is actually owned by a Jewish Spanish man. The reasons for blocking me are roughly the same as that of against Pamela Geller.


Thus there is a great crisis in general inside the Jewish leaders of Zionism.


For many years I have commented on Israpundit which is controled by a Jewish person called Ted Belman. In recent weeks I have had my comments totally removed by Belman the editor.


At the top of his blog Israpundit Belman is calling for an Arab Spring for Jordan. This is another great betrayal.


Apart from Geller I never saw one clear call by any Jewish leader for Jews to defend Mubarak against the Muslim Brotherhood.


Geller must now know the truth of what we have been saying and what we say now. You cannot move forward a single inch without the most intense and ruthless struggle against these Jewish traitors of the Jewish people.


The growing censoring of my remarks on Israpundit by Belman is not one little bit different to the dreadful betrayal of Geller by her fellow Jews in California last week.


I know that Geller thinks this is serious. But we on think it is far more serious.


This is why we will be fighting for clarity on the issue of Jewish Leaders and Trotskyism by making a deep study of the pivotal book published in 1971 by Joseph Nedava, called “Trotsky and the Jews”, more details will be found on this site and on Facebook.




It is easy now to defend Mubarak against the Muslim Brotherhood. It is much harder to defend Assad, as it was Gadhafi, against the Muslim Brotherhood, but that must be done.




Trotsky and the Jews, by Nedava, by far the most important book written in 70 years, for all, and especially for the Jewish people.


It is not in print, you can buy it second hand through Amazon, my copy came from Rhode Island University Library originally. Spine is faded, has been sitting on a shelf, looks unread as is very clean inside, published 1971, 299 pages, condensed reading but still readable, seems like no second edition, designed by Sidney Feinberg, and the other connection is the Jewish Publication Society of America, so pretty in house. Big question for me unanswered on the web where and how is Nedava today?


I will go through the book page by page and chapter by chapter (I think it so important)


This is not a fast or an easy chore. So far I have delved into parts, as you do, and so far it is very obvious to me that Nedava is a very progressive and intelligent man, that he is very sympathetic and within his own boundaries fair to Leon Trotsky, but he writes from within the Jewish clann, and is totally opposed to socialism in the sense of revolutionary socialism. But heck, I expected that!


I will create a page devoted to this book on Facebook. Due to the pristine condition of my particular copy I doubt if the students in University Rhode Island were fighting over its borrowing. The times that are in it means that there will be more interest in this page.





There are now at long last beginning to appear articles on Jewish sites which are beginning to accept that the US Governments of both Democrat and Republican are busy creating Islamist states everywhere in the world.


But they are late. And they are still not understanding (far less than accepting) what this really means and what this really means for the Jewish people.


If what is g for some time is true. The reason that the US Government is creating Islamist states all over the world is because it is a capitalist government and this capitalist government, like all capitalist governments, need Islam in order to rule.


Follow the logic of this a little further and consider Israel and the Jews.


In the context of this Alliance between the US and Islam it means that the days of Israel (if things continue as they are continuing) are numbered.


There is no escape from the logic of this.


Islam wants Israel and the Jews gone. The US sooner or later, and rather sooner than later, will facilitate Islam and will bring the Jewish Israeli experience to an end.


This can take any one of a number of forms, or a combination.


For example there can be a Nuclear Iranian Bomb


…Delivered can mean oblivion to such a small state and a small people as the Jews. Not delivered but existing in the hands of Fascist Antisemites the same. Who would remain in Israel? Only those with a death wish and Jews are not that type, they want always to live.


Or there can be a “Palestine” state delivered on a plate to the enemies of Israel.


The very first thing that such a suicidal and Jew Hating state would do will be to import anything from 2 to 8 millions of Arabs and Islamists. These would all be subsidised by the US and by the EU, who all love Arabs and are drowned in sentiment for Islam, no matter how many times Islam blows them up, as in Madrid, as in the London Tube.


That is the first and simple thing that a “Palestine” state would do. Turmoil and Chaos, both weapons in the war of Islam.


The capitalist crisis, massive unemployment, bitter poverty, threats to the world of nature in all its forms…these are the realities.


The New World Order is real and will be real but Iran is in there, Islam is in there, the Muslim Brotherhood is in there, in new kinds of indeterminate dictatorships.


We also have to tie the Vatican and the various Protestant Churches into this new forms of dictatorship. Note the role of the Vatican against the Soviets in Poland, note the role in Croatia behind Tudjman, note the role of the Protestant German Churches also behind Tudjman, and look at the studied silence of the Vatican and these Protestant Churches as Islam picks off Christian and Catholic Communities in Nigeria and elsewhere.


Studied silence by these Churches is part of the coming dictatorship of Capital.


What will Judaism do and here I mean mainly, but not completely, the leadership of the Jews.


I think it will betray as never before. It will betray the Jews.


Judaism and the leadership have lied over one very simple issue. In the year of 1917 the workers of Russia had a choice. The middle class government of Kerensky was no longer effective against the capitalist and monarchist restorationists.


But so what you may ask! What was wrong with that quaint little Monarchy, the Czars, with their links to that quaint little monarchy in Britain?


Just that it would not have been a quaint outcome at all in Russia. Brutal dictatorship of the Monarchists against the working class, Fascist Overtones, liquidation of the Jews was definitely on the cards, and indeed we know now that the origins of Hitler’s Nazism was here represented in the brutal and bitter forces that the Bolsheviks were fighting against in the Civil War.


But the Jewish leaders down through the years from that fateful time have lied about this.


I mean lied lied lied.


The Bolsheviks and their Russian Revolution saved the Jewish people in Russia from the most terrible Genocides, the real beginning of the Nazi Holocaust.


But rather than be honest and thankful the Jewish leaders down the years have lied.


And they will betray their Jewish people to save capitalism.



Please read the above post which comes from that website and via the Zionist Freedom Alliance which is a quite wonderful organization demonstrating the power of the Zionist ideal in the hands of the Jewish youth, an ideal which stands somewhat separate from the thinking of the crusty old Jewish elites especially in the West.


The essence of their point is that the US Government, ruling class, elite, establishment, New World Order (chose your name!) are still intent on grabbing Judea and Samaria and handing it over to the bunch of Arab terrorists known as Fatah and Hamas…


Which is as Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs continually are pointing out these days…is nothing more or less than the Islam Jihad in action in that particular neck of the woods.


You cannot really, no matter how you might wreck your brains, find a better word or description for this than the “New World Order”.


But the present “left” is not left at all and is linked to Palestinism Antisemitism, and is in alliance with Islam, and with Jihad.


Result as far as the left is concerned is one big headache. The left talk about the “New World Order” but do not totally, or even dare I say at all, understand it.

Iit seems rather obvious to us on that the American and European elites are moving towards outright dictatorship (THEY know that this capitalist crisis is WORSE than the 1929 crash)


But in moving towards this dictatorshnip our revered friends in the CIA, and even in European Intelligence, understand, accept and are working upon, that the best allies which they have in this move to outright dictatorship, may, will, must be, none other than the Muslim Brotherhood.


You doubt me. Ah well, we are just bogging down in the empirical facts that prove this…from Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo onwards and taking in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Ivory Coast…the list is now scores long.


Just remember that in the capitalist “New World Order” of the future Jerusalem is a big and special prize.


And to cement that Alliance with the Muslim Brothers Fascism there is essentially no place for Jews in Jerusalem.


It all boils down to this very unpalatable fact for many elderly or conservative minded Jews, under a capitalist system sliding towards fascism, a Zionist Jewish state is not possible to maintain.


You have to think anew and one more time about the New Socialist Commonwealth. That is why the revered and reverend Ted Belman of Israpundit just hates to hear the name of Leon Trotsky uttered, and takes quite dramatic action on his site to ensure that it is not uttered.


But out of this acorn a great movement will grow. While Ted will wither without any water in the desert sun.


In the election in Egypt at the weekend we carried a call for a vote for Shafiq, and for the Army, and against the Muslim Brotherhood.


There is no hesitation in this on our part. It is a no contest situation. Only a fool would think that therefore we have politica agreement on matters of programme with the Army. Rather it is a position by our Trotskyist movement against Sharia.


Just as leon Trotsky at every point opposed the Nazis.


Confirmation of our position is the report by Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs that on Monday (yesterday just following the election) Obama called on the Army to make way flr the Muslim Brotherhood. Please read all of the article by Geller.


This is an extract:


It wasn’t enough that Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his submission speech in Cairo in June 2009, despite the fact that the group was banned at that time for obvious reasons: they wanted to install a Sharia government, and the draconian, barbaric code of Sharia in Egypt. It wasn’t enough that after he invited the Brotherhood to his speech, he had officials in his administration meeting with this Islamic supremacist group. It wasn’t enough that he abandoned the true freedom movement, when the women of Iran and the Persians, Zoroastrians rose up after 30 years of oppressive Sharia rule. He spit on them and left them to die. They met bullets with bare flesh and broken bricks. It was a squandered historical moment – remove the head of the snake of Hezb’allah, Hamas, the shiite fighting American soldiers in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the shia agitation in Bahrain. Obama could have saved the free world and gone down in history as one of the magnificent heroes for good. But that is not who he is. He is a tool, a malevolent subversive who managed to seize the most powerful office in the world with the PR expertise of the enemedia.