Ban said any regime that tolerates killings such as last month’s massacre of more than 100 civilians in Houla and Wednesday’s attack in Hama “has lost its fundamental humanity,” and he condemned “this unspeakable barbarity.”


Ban Ki-moon represents all that is lies about the United Nations.


There is a pattern created here, especially in all those fake massacres in Bosnia, especially the really big lie of Srebrenica, and in everything about Kosovo, where they even lied about the name, calling it Kosova


Assad is attacked by every Media in the world, especially the BBC.


He suddenly has become the ultimate “villain” in the world because the Media deal only in Villains and Saints. This is the same narrative method of lies in history.




This then becomes ripe ground for the staging of cruel massacre situations.


The way the BBC treats these massacre situations is always to a pattern. At some point usually early on they do admit that they have no proof and that they are taking the word of oppositionists to Assad. But this is not stressed in any way and the normal person listening to their reports would not give that much thought.


A whole picture is built up on television of images from Hama but perhaps the images shown are not from there at all, and in any case tell very little, just a general impression is being created.


Then the killer punch, these big guns like Hague and Obama say that it is the fault of Assad because in any case he has lost control of his country.


But the Media and Western Governments along with the Muslim Brotherhood have created that chaos.


These are classic tactics for destabilizing any government in the world.


Given the hatred which Obama and his circle have for Israel they could be in practice for doing the same to Israel.


The New World Order of Obama and Soros and many other forces do want Jerusalem under their belt, the important “scalp” as it were, because Jerusalem represents so much in history, and the Jews have never bowed the knee as regards their nationalism.


This New World Order places everything on its alliance with the Muslim Brothers and that is why it is so fatal for Jews and Israel not to create a working alliance with the Alawites. Jews have to step beyond this idea of are the Alawites our friends. They may not be “friends” but they must be allies. The history of struggle is filled with these kinds of situations where non friends have to become allies because of forces outside of both of them.


The dictatorship of Assad is an obvious defence measure against Sharia, the Sharia of Islam, of mainstream Islam. If Assad falls like Gadhafi then the Alawites will be no more, the ancient Christian community will be no more, not necessarily but eventually the red tooth of Sharia will come through.


And although Assad has been a dangerous and wretched creature who operated as a conduit between Iran and Hizbullah I feel sure that Iran and Hizbullah will ditch him at a key point because the coming to power of bloody Sharia is surely what Iran and Hizbullah would welcome.


Unless we can get this issue of Assad worked out correctly there is no hope.

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