The situation in the world today is characterised by a huge crisis in leadership.


Our starting point is the terminal nature of this crisis in the capitalist system whereby the Spanish banks have had to be propped up by the EU giving them over 100 BILLION for these banks to survive. On the basis of these banks the whole of the Spanish capitalist structure rests. The main aim of Rajoy has been to cut the deficit of Spain, which had been built up largely by the reformist PSOE aided by the Stalinist IU over many years of profligate capitalist spending. But although Rajoy has cut the deficit a little this loan from the EU (WHICH HAS TO BE REPAID BECAUSE CAPITALIST LOANS ARE NEVER FREE) is going to increase what Spain owes a great deal, and not the little deal that Rajoy through his cuts has managed so far. Thus the laws of capitalist economics have snookered Rajoy. Spain is in big crisis.


This is the context that the Jews are in crisis also, because the Jews are led today by the worst set of opportunists on the planet.


This crisis of Jewish leadership can be explained succinctly: These Jewish leaders do not lead on principle in the world today, what they do is snuggle up to NATO and snuggle up to the NATO US/EU EMPIRE which is in alliance with Islam and its brutal Sharia.


As this reply which 4international placed on Israpundit this morning in this regard we mean 100 per cent of Jewish leaders today.


And this means that the great and revolutionary new Page which 4international is building on Facebook must be made into a great success and strong invaluable revolutionary force today.








My starting point is different from yours in relation to Israeli and Jewish leadership. To me there is NO Israeli or Jewish leadership which can meet the demand of the present situation, which is as bad and maybe worse (certainly more deceptive and complicated) than that in 1939.


And when I look at Israeli and Jewish leadership today I see them actually ON THE SIDE OF THE US EMPIRE WHICH IS IN ALLIANCE WITH SHARIA ISLAM.


Hence there is the issue of Israeli Jewish leaders in relation to Ben Ali, Gaghbo, Mubarak and Muammar Gadhafi.


Not one, NOT ONE, Jewish leader defended any of those Arab or African leaders against the Empire.


This is a mere reflection of the similar role all of these Jewish leaders played in the total destruction by the EMPIRE SHARIA ALLIANCE of the sovereign state of Yugoslavia


You Yamit are clearly and demonstrably part of this Jewish Israel CABAL which behind sometimes deceptive words is on the side of the EMPIRE SHARIA ALLIANCE.


If a Jewish leader cannot defend Muammar Gadhafi as he is being MURDERED by the forces of extreme reaction today then I say most definitely such Jewish leaders are the enemies of the Jews.


I am not talking about the 90 per cent of the Jewish leaders Yamit I am talking about the 100 per cent of the Jewish leaders and I include you as well as Belman in that 100 per cent.


This may seem pessimistic but it is far from pessimistic, because these Jewish leaders, and you and Belman, do not represent the real Jewish people, who are revolutionary in this period because if they are to survive have got to be revolutionary.


This issue of leadership can be resolved only by starting from the bottom and building 4international, and especially making a great force and rallying point of the new Facebook page which 4international is going to create.



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