There are now at long last beginning to appear articles on Jewish sites which are beginning to accept that the US Governments of both Democrat and Republican are busy creating Islamist states everywhere in the world.


But they are late. And they are still not understanding (far less than accepting) what this really means and what this really means for the Jewish people.


If what is g for some time is true. The reason that the US Government is creating Islamist states all over the world is because it is a capitalist government and this capitalist government, like all capitalist governments, need Islam in order to rule.


Follow the logic of this a little further and consider Israel and the Jews.


In the context of this Alliance between the US and Islam it means that the days of Israel (if things continue as they are continuing) are numbered.


There is no escape from the logic of this.


Islam wants Israel and the Jews gone. The US sooner or later, and rather sooner than later, will facilitate Islam and will bring the Jewish Israeli experience to an end.


This can take any one of a number of forms, or a combination.


For example there can be a Nuclear Iranian Bomb


…Delivered can mean oblivion to such a small state and a small people as the Jews. Not delivered but existing in the hands of Fascist Antisemites the same. Who would remain in Israel? Only those with a death wish and Jews are not that type, they want always to live.


Or there can be a “Palestine” state delivered on a plate to the enemies of Israel.


The very first thing that such a suicidal and Jew Hating state would do will be to import anything from 2 to 8 millions of Arabs and Islamists. These would all be subsidised by the US and by the EU, who all love Arabs and are drowned in sentiment for Islam, no matter how many times Islam blows them up, as in Madrid, as in the London Tube.


That is the first and simple thing that a “Palestine” state would do. Turmoil and Chaos, both weapons in the war of Islam.


The capitalist crisis, massive unemployment, bitter poverty, threats to the world of nature in all its forms…these are the realities.


The New World Order is real and will be real but Iran is in there, Islam is in there, the Muslim Brotherhood is in there, in new kinds of indeterminate dictatorships.


We also have to tie the Vatican and the various Protestant Churches into this new forms of dictatorship. Note the role of the Vatican against the Soviets in Poland, note the role in Croatia behind Tudjman, note the role of the Protestant German Churches also behind Tudjman, and look at the studied silence of the Vatican and these Protestant Churches as Islam picks off Christian and Catholic Communities in Nigeria and elsewhere.


Studied silence by these Churches is part of the coming dictatorship of Capital.


What will Judaism do and here I mean mainly, but not completely, the leadership of the Jews.


I think it will betray as never before. It will betray the Jews.


Judaism and the leadership have lied over one very simple issue. In the year of 1917 the workers of Russia had a choice. The middle class government of Kerensky was no longer effective against the capitalist and monarchist restorationists.


But so what you may ask! What was wrong with that quaint little Monarchy, the Czars, with their links to that quaint little monarchy in Britain?


Just that it would not have been a quaint outcome at all in Russia. Brutal dictatorship of the Monarchists against the working class, Fascist Overtones, liquidation of the Jews was definitely on the cards, and indeed we know now that the origins of Hitler’s Nazism was here represented in the brutal and bitter forces that the Bolsheviks were fighting against in the Civil War.


But the Jewish leaders down through the years from that fateful time have lied about this.


I mean lied lied lied.


The Bolsheviks and their Russian Revolution saved the Jewish people in Russia from the most terrible Genocides, the real beginning of the Nazi Holocaust.


But rather than be honest and thankful the Jewish leaders down the years have lied.


And they will betray their Jewish people to save capitalism.

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