According to the latest Ma’ariv poll (major Israeli daily)


41 per cent of the Israeli public believe that only a military strike can stop Iran going Nuclear.


35 per cent prefer an American strike rather than Israel going it alone


A great number of Israelis think that Iran with the bomb equals the Second Holocaust



www.4international.me believe that Israel has no choice. It must make war on the Mullah Nazis before it is too late.


More Jewish lives will be lost because Israel leaders waited too long, and because there is a traitorous class inside Israel which is sometimes called the Left.



The task in any war is to win it decisively and with as few Jewish lives lost as possible.


In this regard the threat is a nuclear attack on Jews. Jews shouild and must deliver a nuclear attack on their enemies.


Syria is involved. (see latest news on debka…http://www.debka.com/article/22264/Clinton-Chemical-warfare-is-planned-for-Rebels-get-first-anti-air-Stingers)


Israel must defend Assad for this reason. The US and EU Capitalism is trying to reorder the world in alliance with the enemies of the Jews, the Jihadists of Islam. So the US is supplying Stingers to Assad’s enemies.


But why? Why is Assad such an enemy? What is the grand strategy of the Imperialists, that is of US, EU, UN and NATO?


It is inconceivable that the US does not have a strategy. Never in its history of hundreds of years did the US not have a strategy.


This is what I believe: The big battle is still in the eyes of the US against Communism, against socialism, and Marx was right the working class (he used the French word “proletariat) is still its nemesis.


In preparation for big battles against the masses the elite much smaller in number is preparing Alliances and one of these Alliances is with Islam, usually in the shape of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Only that way of thinking, and it is a state of mind, can explain the Alliance with Izetbegovic in Bosnia against Serb Christianity, with the Nazi group around Tudjman in Croatia, with the major Alliance with German Nazis following the War as explained in the book “Blowback” by Christopher Simpson.


To the US and EU elites the Jews are expendable. They were in 1933 to 1945 so how could the fundamentals have changed.


And once again the future of the Jews is tied in with the future of the masses of working class people and billions world wide.


Antisemitism is rife but Antisemitism always has had and has today a large component of ignorance.


I meet many intelligent people who are devoid of historical understanding, and thus cannot understand the meaning of Israel.


Israel can be written also by these words “Never Again” but it is amazing how few people actually understand this.


It is on one sense an empathy void.


So the point is was it real? Was the decision to set up Israel as “never Again” real? That is the test that is now in front of Jewish Israeli leaders.


The US has given Stingers to the Savages against the Secularist and relatively speaking cultured Assad.


But the US in 2009 did not lift a finger to help the Iranian youth who were being butchered by the extreme Islamists (not secularists) in the great 2009 Iranian revolt, which was a real revolution. Obama helped the Fascist Mullahs against the Iranians.


So do you think now that Obama cares a hoot about Israel?


Some experts are saying that it is too late for Israel to stop the bomb. But whatever about that Israel has got to remain true to the reason for its founding “never Again”.


Obama and his US, the UN, NATO, the EU all think that Israel is essentially weak in the face of Iran and that it must make compromises. But learning from 1939 to 1945 a compromise is death and betrayal of existence.


Look at how those Clerical fascists have taunted the Jews, for years now.


But because the world runs on oil, and chaotic and anarchic, unplanned, capitalism could not provide a substitute, then Iranian and Saudi oil is very vulnerable.


We do not know if Israel can stop the Iranian Clerical Fascists having their bomb, but we on 4international do know that Israel can paralyse world capitalism and can bring billions of human beings to a standstill.


So Israel HAS all the cards and I say it must be prepared to use them.


And the workers have got to realise that they too will have to take action and to end capitalism, which caused all of these problems.


When Netanyahu visited Washington in 2010 he was totally insulted on many occasions by Obama. Well we will see how in the end that turns out.


These issues are of vital importance for the international workers movement. This time the workers must defend the Jews, simple as that.


We are Trotskyists on 4international and we are never pacifists, and the great thing about Lenin and Trotsky is that they were at all times realists. There is a time to attack and a time to withdraw. But when you attack you have to do so to win. That means that Israel has got to be prepared to use its nuclear weapons if Jewish life is threatened. It is that philosophy that is important…not the exact tactics of battle.


We advise the Jews of Israel. Please do not lose a single Jewish life against such scum. Use your Nuclear rockets because you have them for that very purpose, to save Jewish life. Jews have suffered enough.



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