An important section of the left in Ireland is fighting against the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, and some sections of the left have also opposed the war on Muammar Gadhafi and on the Mubarak Government by the same Muslim Brotherhood.


The picture above is of demonstrators of this section of the left (last Friday in Dublin) against Amnesty International.


This is actually a most important and a very big development.


4international believes that capitalist governments, led by the US Government(s) have created an Alliance with Islam, and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular.


Thus principled fighters on the left in Ireland took sharp exception to the recruitment by the CIA of Muslim Brotherhood operatives (in Ireland itself) who were later transported to Libya, there to take part in the murders, of Muammar Gadhafi and also of thousands of black ordinary workers who had gone to Libya, and who found sanctuary and work in Gadhafi’s Libya.


And they are carrying on this struggle in defending Assad against the same Muslim Brotherhood, backed by the US and Britain. Hence the protest featured above against the CIA controlled Amnesty International.


This takes its form in Ireland also where a prominent journalist on The Irish Times has been writing very partisan articles in support of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.


But these fighters for the truth in Ireland must also take on board that Hamas is the Palestine section of the Muslim Brotherhood and they will certainly take over the whole of the Palestine Arab movement against Israel.


This in turn must lead to a re-examination by these principled people of the Left in Ireland of just what is Zionism?


4international has long maintained that Zionism is nothing more or less than a national movement, just as that led by Collins and DeValera, James Connolly also.


If you live in Ireland and would like to help 4international with meetings on these issues get in touch.


(written by Felix Quigley)

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