The forces of the Israeli state moved in and expelled the Jews from Migron as darkness fell from Sunday to Monday. It will be cleared by Tuesday. It raises the biggest issues, just as did Gaza in 2005, but issues which were not learned then, and thus the repetition now.


It means first and foremost that this Netanyahu/Barak Government is a very, very dangerous Government towards the Jews.



It was the most amazing situation in Israeli political life. Here in Migron Jews were being expelled by the IDF. Meanwhile the IDF was carrying out a bombing attack against Jew Hating terrorists in Gaza who have been still raining rockets on Israel. And Israel is being totally screwed by Obama and the Americans over the Iranian Bomb threat to the small (geographically) Jewish state.

As in this report of a meeting between Netanyahu and Obama’s American Ambassador:

A source that participated in the meeting said that a particularly angry and stressed Netanyahu began a tirade against the US president, attacking him for not doing enough on Iran. “Instead of pressuring Iran in an effective way, Obama and his people are pressuring us not to attack the nuclear facilities,” the source quoted Netanyahu as saying.

Angered about continued US rhetoric that diplomacy needs more time to work, Netanyahu said flatly: “Time has run out,” Yediot reported.

The American ambassador is said to have responded politely but firmly, telling Netanyahu that he was distorting Obama’s position. Obama promised not to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, he explained, and left all options on the table, including military options.

At that point, diplomatic sources told the paper, “sparks flew” in an escalating shouting match between Netanyahu and Shapiro as the stunned congressman watched.


We are all on the side of Netanyahu against the US, but Jews have to understand, you either break from the US Imperialists, or you remain stuck to them. Netanyahu feels betrayed. But that is a wrong analysis. or rather that should not be a surprise. Just look at Gadhafi.


The Jews of Migron in the end were a mixture. Some showed great courage in resisting. Some made deals with the State. In other words, truth to tell, without a correct analysis and programme disunity was noticeable.


The main lesson is that the Jews of Israel will be defeated if they do not have a correct leadership. Jews are now living in a state of war on all sides. They are under threat from outside, even Nuclear Strike from Iran, which could take the form of a “dirty bomb” carried in by suicidal Palestinian Arabs. Or being eaten away by treachery of other Jews from within.


So jews are the same as youth and workers in any country. They need correct leadership or they will be defeated.


Being defeated in the case of the Jews means being killed in massive numbers, and having the Jewish state of Israel destroyed and Jews dispersed into the world.


But like happened to Leon Trotsky, no country will take them in.


Nobody can say the stakes are not high.


The first lesson is the need to build the party around 4 international. At the beginning of this at least the political line of 4international must be made known to the youth in Israel-Palestine

These ar important lessons:


  1. Jewish youth must be educated in the Marxist understanding of the state. The state stands outside of the people, and rules above the people. This is the Jewish bureaucracy who carried though the Expulsion of Gaza and now Migron. The state is not something which is neutral, clearly in these cases the State has plotted against the people for a long time in order to effect this Expulsion last night. That was the main reason for the defeat. The Jews were taught the opposite…that somehow the Israeli state was THEIR state. The expulsion from Migron showed the opposite. But it showed the truth, the reality, and that can be positive. There are two other points
  2. The Jewish youth in Migron had not learned the real lessons of Gaza in 2005, and that is that the militant and patriotic Jews have allowed a situation to arise in Israel where they in Judea and Samaria have been cut off, isolated, from the great mass of the Jews in the rest of Israel.
  3. The last point we make this morning is that the mess of lies that have been peddled by the enemies of the Jew, Antisemites, concerning the whole history since 1920, which we can call the Arab Narrative, and the Narrative of the false Palestinians, has not been challenged by THE narrative, which is the truth as to what really happened.


These 3 points as above are very important. But in the end I think that the most important is Number 3 above, that of the “narrative”.


But one thing does join these 3 points together and that is leadership. In leadership I am not talking about a loose little protest grouping. I mean a party which is based on a correct perspective and which is tightly organised.


Migron is huge, not small. Migron is the same as Gaza. The main thing about these two is that no lessons were learned.


Secondly if Iran gets a Nuclear Bomb then all of Israeli is in immediate danger. Thus Migron and its understanding is connected to Iran and the very existence of Israel. All of these issues are tied in with each other. Only a very special kind of leadership can lead on this.


Build our website in Israel…www.4international.me

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