The American people, that is the people which created the Great American Constitution, are being led into the jaws of dictatorship, which has at its centre an Alliance between extreme right wing dictatorial forces inside capitalism, represented above all by the CIA, and the most reactionary force on earth, Sharia Islam.

The woman who stood closest to the defence of The First Amendment was Sarah Palin. When she withdrew Romney was inevitable. But Romney even though he is intelligent and independent has by his very business position all the cards stacked against him.

The withdrawal of Palin was hasty and somewhat strange. I wonder was she threatened. Was her life placed in danger and was this somehow made known to her?

It is no accident that the corrupt Communist Party of America, a Stalinist and anti-working class organisation, working from inside the working class, is heavily involved in much to do with Obama.

The history of the Communist Party of America was to act directly in the elimination of the only real hope for a new socialist leadership which centred on Leon Trotsky. It is simply a factual matter that the CPA did act as the conduit by which the Stalinist agents, some of whom were recruited among Stalinist forces inside the Spanish Revolution and Francoist Counter Revolution, where Franco came to power thanks to Stalin’s agents literally murdering all of the potential revolutionary socialist leaders.

Movements are infiltrated. The Good Friday Agreement happened because British Intelligence took over the Provisionals.

Something very similar is happening in America. In a very direct way Obama in winning the election in 2008 is a part of this Stalinist movement. His mother was a Stalinist, his real Father MOST PROBABLY BUT CERTAINLY POSSIBLY was a Stalinist, and it is also known that the CIA had infiltrated the Stalinist Communist Party  of America as well.

The American Conservative and Americans rightly proud of their American constitution lose the plot here. They are brain-washed to see such Stalinists as Obama as being Marxist.


Also involved in this is the racist Black Middle Class Movement to which the CIA agent provocateur Bill Ayers was heavily involved, to lead the black movement, against the wishes of Martin Luther King, into a racist and antisemitic direction.

The whole purpose in a general overall sense is to sow confusion, to create a situation where the American working class is literally beheaded, left in the hands of trade union bureaucrats who support the very forces (Obama and his CIA backers), who are at the front of preparation of military rule and dictatorship in America.

The Jews are dragged into these affairs because the actual and material force of Antisemitism has always been used by every ruling class and elite in history, in order to use the Jews as a scapegoat for the actual real crisis in their system.


Many people are confused by such conspiracy speculation. But not every actor in a situation has to be totally conscious.


So, for example, Obama may hate Netanyahu because Obama has bought into the reactionary and lying “Palestinian Narrative”, the Nakba, the Occupation, and all that old Antisemitic bull.


And Obama may be trained to believe that Islam is not so reactionary at all, and that words can convince the iranian Mullahs to desist. So Obama snubs Netanyahu and thus by snubbing Israel encourages the Muslim Brotherhood to continue and to be ever more dangerous to Israel, though a new Alliance of Syria, Iran, hamas and Hizbullah.




“Very possibly Vernon Jarrett’s path crossed that of Frank Marshall Davis when Barack Obama, Frank Marshall Davis’ son, needed financing to attend Harvard,” Gilbert said.

“Remarkably,” he continued, “Obama was in Chicago at the time, and Jarrett was on the scene to find politically favorable funding from a former Black Panther turned Black Muslim in the person of Khalid Al-Monsour, who had a convenient relationship with one of the richest men in the world – Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.”
Gilbert carried the relationships full circle. As a former colleague of Davis in Chicago, he said, Jarrett had reason to want to connect Obama with al-Mansour’s funding program.

“But it doesn’t end there,” Gilbert continued. “Very possibly, Jarrett helped finance Frank’s son, possibly explaining why Obama would later return to use the connection once again, when he sought to get his wife, Michelle Obama, hired into Chicago Mayor Harold Washington’s office by none other than Valerie Jarrett, daughter-in-law of Vernon Jarrett.”
Gilbert noted the 1979 article also sheds light on the claim that veteran New York power broker and well-known attorney Percy Sutton intervened at the request of al-Mansour to write a letter of recommendation to get Obama into Harvard Law School.
“All it would have taken was for Vernon Jarrett to introduce Obama, the son of Frank Marshall Davis, to Al-Monsour,” Gilbert continued.

As WND reported in 2009, Sutton, then an octogenarian, explained on the New York-produced “Inside City Hall” television show that al-Monsour brought Obama to his attention.

Sutton said al-Mansour told him about Obama in a letter: “There’s a young man that has applied to Harvard. I know that you have a few friends left there because you used to go up there to speak. Would you please write a letter in support of him?”
Gilbert said al-Monsour might have known he could fund Obama through the Saudi prince, but first Obama had to get accepted into Harvard Law School for the plan to work. Al-Monsour realized Sutton had the necessary connections to make his recommendation credible to the Harvard Law School admittance committee, Gilbert said.

Gilbert also noted the 1979 article explains why Obama was so well accepted in the Chicago-based Muslim community, including by pro-Palestinian professor Rashid Khalidi and Syrian-born Democratic fundraiser Tony Rezko, who is now serving a prison sentence for fraud and bribery.

“Rezko and his many Arab-American partners funded Obama’s political campaigns, his state Senate races, his failed congressional race and his U.S. Senate campaign,” Gilbert explained. “It appears Obama’s academic career funders handed him off to Rezko’s Arab network to advance Obama’s political career. To what ends?”

Gilbert wondered if financial indebtedness to the Saudis might explain why Obama was so deferential as to bow to the Saudi king upon meeting him for the first time, at the G20 meeting in London in 2009.
“What did the Arab funders expect in return from Obama in return for the academic and political funding?” Gilbert asked.
“Is Barack Obama and the United States itself subject to blackmail, revealing the source of his academic funding, from those Arab funders if he does not follow their wishes?”

Gilbert continued speculating.
“Does the Jarrett-Al-Monsour connection dating from the time Obama went to Harvard explain why Obama has conducted an open-door policy for the Muslim Brotherhood to penetrate the White House, the State Department and even the U.S. military? How about Obama’s hostility toward Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu? Maybe the roots there go back to 1979 as well.”
WND reported the testimony of Allen Hulton, a U.S. Postal Service carrier who delivered mail to the home of Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers’ parents in suburban Chicago. Hulton says he was told by Mrs. Ayers that she and her husband helped finance Obama’s education at Harvard Law School.

“One thing is certain,” Gilbert concluded. “Obama comes out of a nexus of people in Chicago that includes not only Frank Marshall Davis and Vernon Jarrett but also Tony Rezko, Valerie Jarrett and the Bill Ayers family.”
He said the 1979 article “strongly suggests Obama used all of these connections to advance himself politically, and none of these connections were accidental.”


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