Yesterday Romney and the Republicans lost the election and the Black Plague (A PLAGUE ALSO ON BLACK WORKERS!) will be elected once more.


(In fact I am not totally sure of the eventual result, but what I am sure of is that Romney gave up the fight against Obama in this Third Debate, and he did not follow up on the lies in the Second Debate of Obama and the Murder of Ambassador Stephens in Benghazi)


The crisis in world capitalism is what is dominant. Obama has squandered trillions and brought the US economy to the precipice. But Romney is also like a little baby in the face of the capitalist crisis. In America as in Greece the American capitalist class will seek out a Fascist Answer. The Lies of Obama are what brings America much closer to Fascism. There will arise in America a large fascist movement which is caught by the crisis, and which has been destroyed morally by the Lies of Obama. Perhaps the biggest Liar that America to date has ever seen. Romney withdrew in the face of these lies. Fatal I think for American Constitutional Patriots.


The result of the election of Obama and the paralysis of the bourgeois Jewish leaders will mean the obliteration of Israel and the Jews at the hands of a Fascist Hitler like Iran, which WILL build many Nuclear Bombs, and WILL be protected by the Black Obama Plague Himself.


Thus is bourgeois parliamentary democracy…a threat to all of humanity.


Romney only on one passing phrase nailed Obama. He called for the arrest of Ahmadinejad for promoting the genocide of the Jews. Actually he did not say the Jews but that is as much as you can expect from this Republican clone of Obama.


The writing WAS on the wall for all who wanted to see.


The Jewish leaders, all Jewish leaders that I know of, have been hesitating in the face of the Arab Spring, which is really the growth of Hitlerism, which will not stop until the Holocaust of the Jews (continued from the Nazis)


The American Democrats are in the bed along with Jihad. And the American Republicans did not support or defend Michelle Bachman who did challenge the Jihad.


That is the background to the surrender in the Third debate to the Obama Black Plague.

In conclusion the world is under a cloud, and that cloud is that the Media are liars, and the President of the US Obama was created by that Media, and Obama himself is a total liar. now even here in Europe we know that David Letterman the talk Show Host has been a big fan of Obama. But even Letterman is now calling Obama a liar hours after having Obama on his show. It was about debate. Romney on the Detroit Car Closures said “Check it out CHECK IT OUT check it out”

Letterman did and found out that Obama it was who was lying.

But will that matter. Remember that we proved everything about Srebrenica, that it was a giant fraud. But that did not matter. Power is held by the Media.

Now in Britain the English Defence League had over 50 of its members arrested but not charged with anything. Arrested as in Internment Northern Ireland style. And the Media are silent. You will only learn of this move to dictatorship from the New York website of Pamela Geller (google Atlas Shrugs)

In this world you can be right, you can be truthful and still lose. Remember.

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