Of course it is not Romney who has lost. Romney will retire to a comfortable retirement in a gated community and will be untouched by the Fascism which will follow with the destruction of the rights contained in the American Constitution which Obama and called the left but NOT the left are preparing to throw away. Expect sites like Jihadwatch and that of Pamela Geller to be closed. It is the American Constitution, the Great American Constitution, the result of the Great American Revolution that is being thrown under the bus by an American capitalist class, really represented by the becoming Fascist Obama. Obama is not Hitler, but make no doubt about it, Obama opens the door to Fascism. I expect sites like Breitbart to move into a really dangerous, protofascist direction now. I do not think that Breitbart and those like it will really fight Obama, what they will fight is communism in America, and they will be disguising this by calling it the left. As they use it and have been using it this term “the left” is referring to groups of fascists who are in support of Islam and are in support of the Antisemitism of “Palestinianism”, or the so-called “Palestinians”.


That is the big issue that has to be fought for by 4international. The big lessons of Yugoslavia and the murder of Milosevic are still there. Take Israpundit and its leader Ted Belman who mistakingly calls himself a “Zionist”. Belman too late caught on about the Serbs and too late defended the Serbs. But then on the Arab Spring Belman supported it by supporting “Sand Monkey” (as did Pamela Geller) against Mubarak. On Libya Ted Belman actual;ly called for NATO to bomb Gadhafi. It was as if Milosevic had not happened for Belman. Learn nothning forget nothing. And this runs right through all of these groups.


We called to defend Romney against the Media set-up and to defend the First Amendment. But Romney was not a fighter for freedom and was refusing to take on the Media over the lies of Obama. You have to draw the sharpest conclusions about Romney and all the rest of these Republican Leaders. You cannot fight Fascism in the way the Republican Party with leaders like Romney in this election tried. Basically they did not understand how to tell the truth to the people.


There were 2 key moments. 1. A then candidate (newt Gingrich) stated that the “Palestinians” were a fraud. Correct. But not followed up. 2. Debate 2 Romney raised issue of murder of Stephens in Benghazi and was moving towards role of Obama in Libya. The Moderater Crowley intervened. Debate was ending. But Debate 3 Romney did not return. Romney was a coward or was got at.


Netanyahu will pay for this. Israel will pay for this. But again it is the Jews of Israel who will really pay for the weaknesses of Netanyahu. Netanyahu is made of exactly the same kind of useless stuff as is Belman of Israpundit and is Romney. On 4international we must not allow the Jews to have to pay again.


The starting point in all of this is to understand why people on sites such as Israpundit, people like Yamit82, who takes his name from the expulsion of Jews from Sinai by Begin, why they were so hostile to 4international, along with Belman. It is not as if 4international was opposing Israel. We were foremost in defending Israel.I was even called an Antisemite by a man called Dervolin on Belman’s Israpundit. What were they doing, these so-called Zionists on Israpundit. What they were doing was opposing communism, they were red-baiters, they were hostile to Trotskyism above all else, first and foremost. That is what the whole Breitbart opposition to Obama was all about. That is also what Breitbart and Belman’s Israpundit will turn into, they will become communist haters. And they will just delight in calling fascists like the SWP the left. We on 4international must explode this Big Lie.


There is no chance that Obama will raise a finger against fellow Muslims and Islamists in Iran. They will go on to develop the Nuclear Bomb which they will use without any doubt to murder millions of Israeli Jews Obama, the Democrats, Europe and the SWP types will laugh at this. The BBC will just love reporting on the death of millions of Jews and the ending of Israel. The American trade union leaders who supported this proto fascist Obama will see the working class of America decimated due to mass unemployment caused by economic collapse. The trade unions will eventually be closed down as an American Fascism takes wing. Already the steps towards this are being taken as groups such as Jihadwatch are labelled as hate groups. Soon they will be closed down. Later all organizations of resistance will be closed. Like Bush Romney will retire somewhere nice and cosy. But because he did not know how to fighnt Fascism there will be a sharp move to Fascism. Fascism is essentially closing down all forms of opposition to the demands of capital. The groups like Israpundit and Breitbart will be part of this because a big part of Fascism in America is and will be opposition to Communism. Which for the likes of Belman, Geller, Pollock and so on, they do not recognise the differences between Stalinism and Trotskyism, between Stalin and Trotsky. They know nothing.


And so 4international must go on. The capitalist crisis will more and more determine all politics. We are alone in the world. We do know that Leon Trotsky became the greatest of all fighters for the Jews, especially in the 1930s as the Nazis threatened the Jews. THAT is what Geller, Belman, and Breitbart dislike and attack. Leon Trotsky had become the greatest fighter against Stalinism and Nazism and had become a Zionist, but a new kind of Zionist, a Zionist who was revolutionary socialist and was also based on atheism, or dialectical materialism. THAT is what they cannot stomach. So they refer to the likes of the SWP as the left when if they were telling the truth they would call them Antisemiktes or whatever, BUT NOT SOCIALISTS, no more than Stalin was a socialist revolutionary. Youth must learn about history and they must learn about Leon Trotsky and if they do not learn that they will remain ignorant youth and later ignorant human beings.

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