4international continually argued that Israeli leaders and all Jews had to defend Ben Ali, Mubarak, Gadhafi and many other leaders against Qaradawi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had in effect become the leaders and promoters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

To take such a position of unconditional defence against the Muslim Brotherhood meant for Netanyahu to take up an open fight against the policies abroad of Obama, Clinton and the whole US Establishment in both Democratic and Republican. No hope of that happening. The Israel leaders as opposed to Israeli Jews are tied totally to capitalism and imperialism.

That is the tragedy of the Jews.

This applies to Syria and Assad in spades. We said defend Assad unconditionally but be prepared to strike against Assad or anybody who threatens Israel.

This analysis of the recent events completely hidden by BBC World Service over the past 24 hours is provided by

“Russia slams Israeli attack on Syria. US forces in Jordan on alert
DEBKAfile Special Report January 31, 2013, 9:51 AM (GMT+02:00) Tags: Israeli Air Force Syria Russia Middle East war buildup US Israeli Air Force F-15 Eagle takes offThe Syrian announcement of an Israeli air strike on a military site near Damascus Wednesday, Jan. 30, drew strong condemnation from Moscow the next day: “Such action if confirmed would amount to unacceptable military interference in the war-ravaged country,” said the statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry Thursday. “If this information is confirmed, then we are dealing with unprovoked attacks on targets on the territory of a sovereign country, which blatantly violate the UN Charter and is unacceptable, no matter the motives to justify it.”
Israel has made no comment on the Damascus statement which described in detail an Israeli air strike against a “military research institute” near the capital. Witnesses say it was a plant for manufacturing “unconventional weapons.” The facility was destroyed and two staff members killed.

Lebanese sources later reported a Russian Mig-31 fighter had crossed over Sinai Wednesday in the direction of Israel. It veered west over the Mediterranean after encountering an Israeli warning not to intrude into its air space and continued flying over Lebanon.

debkafile’s military sources say that the only external military force in the eastern Mediterranean region is a fleet of 18 Russian warships, which includes landing-craft – among the largest in the Russian Navy – with 2,000 marines aboard.
According to various Middle East sources, the Syrian report of an Israeli air strike has touched off high military alerts across the region. Syria has put its Golan forces on the Israel border on combat readiness and the Lebanese and Jordanian armies are on alert. So too are the Russian fleet opposite Syria and the Lebanese army.

Our military sources report that Turkish units on the Syrian border are on high preparedness although Ankara played down the reports of the Israeli air strike in Syria, uncomfortable over the fact that the Israeli Air Force was the first external power to intervene directly in the Syrian conflict.

So too are the US air force units stationed at the Turkish Incerlik air base, the US special forces deployed at the Jordanian Mafraq air facility and the American, German and Dutch Patriot missile interceptors deployed in Turkey opposite Syria. Israel has been on high alert since last week.
The prevailing estimate in military and intelligence circles in Washington and NATO capitals is that the Israeli air attack on the Syrian military site near Damascus was but the opening shot for the coming round of military blows they expect to be exchanged in the near future between Israel, Syria and Hizballah, with Iran possibly waiting in the wings for a chance to pitch in” END QUOTE FROM DEBKA HERE

(Russia slams Israeli attack on Syria… is a Trotskyist movement in the true spirit of Leon Trotsky. Like Trotsky did in the face of the Holocaust we defend the Jews and Israel, and we oppose the “Palestine State” campaign as a continuation of the Holocaust, and it is that, even though carefully hidden by Left Fascist propaganda.

Like we defended Mubarak unconditionally against the Muslim Brotherhood, Qaradawi and Morsi, now we say defend Assad against the fascist “Rebels”, but strike against Assad and Iran as they threaten the lives of Jews. This is now happening with Syria and the danger of poison gas falling into the hands of Hizbullah, with whom Assad has long been allied with.

This position is both straight forward and complicated but the situation also is not simple.

For reading on Qutb see and also investige Wikipedia

Our analysis of the role of Obama and Clinton follows:

“The policies of Barack Obama have been totally disastrous for the world and this has been the case from him taking power in early 2009. This does not imply that the policies of all previous US governments in my memory were not also disastrous for humanity but the policies of Obama have had a particularly disastrous nature.

This was highlighted by the Obama trip and speech in June 2009 to Cairo University where Obama did a quite amazing and revolutionary (counter) thing, he embraced the Muslim Brotherhood not just in Egypt but in the whole world. When the fanatical Muslim Sayyid Qutb refounded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the late 1950s in Egypt he did it as the vanguard of the Islamic Jihad and war on the “Kuffar” or the “Infidel”, which is in particular Christian including Copt, Jew, Hindu and Buddhist. Oh and not forgetting Atheist. Add with a special hatred for the Gay. The act of Obama in June 2009 was part symbolic, part practice. Obama against the wishes of the Government of the country he was visiting invited the Muslim brotherhood which was banned by that (Mubarak) Government into politics and a straight road to power given that the great majority of Egypt according to the Pew Poll of that year wished earnestly for Sharia Law.

Obama in his first speech, in his first foreign trip, in that 4 then to be 8 year term was turning on its head all political life in Egypt since Nasser, who had first befriended Qutb to talk “sense” into his head, then realising the ideology was not to be talked to had him hung from a gallows in Cairo. Obama turned on its head the lesson learned with the murder of Sadat, on which the whole political life of Mubarak was based.

Even then Mubarak did have a chance but that chance could only be taken by a revolutionary leadership and the whole of the left had become corrupted by the “Palestinian” fascist narrative of lies, which was based on the lying narrative that Hajj Amin el Husseini did not exist and had never been heard of, and that the Arabs in 1948 were not out to complete the Holocaust (genocide of the Jews) Therein lies the tragedy. That is how Obama corrupted the American role. But that road had been prepared for him by Clinton in Yugoslavia. No wonder his main weapon became Mrs Clinton who strides around the world scene lioke your worst ever nightmare.” END OUR ANALYSIS OF ROLE OF OBAMA

Many words will now be spoken. Russia has correctly backed Assad and Gadhafi against the US and Britain. Israel and its leaders acted like frightened rabbits and did not take a position.

Now Israel is forced to act to defend itself and Russia is attacking Israel for doing this.

Israel HAD TO defend itself against all of these Antisemites in the Arab world and Assad is one. But Israel also had to defend Mubarak, Gadhafi and Assad against the Muslim Brotherhood takeover.

There is the complexity. It comes out of both the weakness of Israeli leaders, and also at the same time out of the ever present Antisemitism in this world.

In the final analysis we stand with Israel, in defence of Israel, in defence of Jews, and in defence of the national lineration theory of Zionism. That makes us unique on the left, the only ones in fact to do this. Write your comment below.



Jews of israel are in great criss. Obama and Iran will strike

The election has and will have serious effects. The Jews are in danger of great killings or a great killing because its enemies in Antisemitism, of Obama Europe and the Jihad, will surely strike if they find it possible and the leaders of Israel are hesitant, and show they have no programme to meet the situation which will surely develop.

The great problem and crisis for Israel and for Jews in the Diaspora who support Israel (more and more many Jews in the Diaspora do not) is that the enemies of the Jews are becoming more bold while under non leaders like Netanyahu (he does not lead) Israel which is the beacon of Israel is being wasted and its potential is being wasted.

The knives will be out for Netanyahu from now on but this will be no answer either because all those with the knives have no real programme either.

I said many times that Likud was finished after the Gaza Disengagement, because it did not expel Sharon formally and publicly from its party, when Sharon carried out his evil deed.

I have been challenged many times “Look Quigley this is Israel and these are the Jews and we do not have civil war here in Israel”. But we have had civil war for a very long time, in fact ever since Ben Gurion fired on the Atalena, which was a ship loaded with Jewish refugees from the Holocaust. I have usually bit my lip and said nothing to this but right now I am going to make a study of Feiglin, because I do believe that Feiglin is as bad as any of the rest of these leaders, and that his programme will have no answers for the Jewish people.

The fact is that in Israeli society there is a very large layer of traitors and this layer has come forward in a definite way behind the centrist Lapid.

A major campaign must be exerted to force Netanyahu out of power and out of politics because this man is a total danger tot he Jewish people.

Netanyahu is above all a creature of the American Establishment. All of his closest political contacts are out of the American Establishment. Most of the present rulers in Israel are out of this American Establishment, or out of the British or Russian Establishment. There is also a home-grown set of traitors in Israeli politics. Antisemitism in the world is in full swing and all of these leaders are reacting rather than fighting this world antisemitism.

Posed in the world is either socialist revolution or fascist counter-revolution.

We have to intellectually, mentally and spiritually go back to the time in the Russian Civil War when Lenin and Trotsky made it a capital offense to use Antisemitism.

Historically that is the period that has been most lied about by these above American influenced jews. The big lie has grown up and successfully sold for generations that has obscured these things: 1. that without the revolution of Lenin and Trotsky in October 1917 then the Holocaust would have started in Russia not Germany and 2. that the defeated Russian Antisemites were to form the backbone of Hitler’s Party and carry out the Holocaust from there. Some omission indeed. I appeal to all to write to and thus really learn from this terrible Netanyahu and other betrayals of the Jews as indeed the only way in which Jews can be saved in our epoch.

i strongly advise all Jews, all real Jews who are not afraid to really think, to begin to study the main writings of Leon Trotsky on the rise of Fascism in Germany, and indeed to study the work of Michael Kellog on the issue of the Russian White influence in the German Nazi Party and to desist from writing utter rubbish about this election, as each individual tries to justify their past betrayals. (ichael Kellogg. The Russian Roots of Nazism: White Russians and the Making of National Socialism, 1917-1945. New York: Cambridge University Press)


TV footage shows hostages surrendering with hands above their heads

TV footage shows hostages surrendering with hands above their heads Photo: AFP/GETTY (VIA ATLAS SHRUGS)


This is a quotation from The Telegraph (via Atlas Shrugs and Jihadwatch)


One Algerian who managed to escape told France 24 television late Friday night that the kidnappers said, “We’ve come in the name of Islam, to  teach the Americans what Islam is.” The haggard-looking man, interviewed at the airport in Algiers, said the kidnappers then immediately  executed five hostages….


The above and all of the information coming out now about this horrific act by Islam, and of course by Muslims, even though not all Muslims, is rich confirmation of all that many anti-Jihadists have been saying for years.


Yet it is not just Islam, it is also those who help Islam, above all Obama and the European Governments.


These SAVAGES, the term used by Pamela Geller correctly on the bus and tube ads, have been given the green light by:


1. Obama in his visit to Cairo University in June 2009, his first foreign visit, where he INSISTED on having the illegal Muslim Brotherhood present.


2. The welcoming into Europe, and especially Britain, where Cameron also wants Turkey to become a member of the EU, of hordes of Muslims, thus destroying British culture and national heritage


3. Creating an alliance with Qaradawi, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, which includes Qatar and Al Jazeera, to overthrow these rulers: Milosevic, Mubarak, Ben Ali, Gaghbo and Gadhafi. The latter was the worst because the Jihadists seized the Gadhafi arms and are thus a huge threat to ordinary workers, as in this horrific case.


Finally responsible there are the Vatican, the Protestant and Evangelical Churches and the parasitic non-Left of Stalinists and revisionist anarchists. All of these are supporting the Muslim Jihad of Mohammedanism