One of the main attacks by Leon Trotsky on Stalin and Stalinism was that they continually lagged behind the events of the day, in other words the speed of events was continually too much for the Stalinists. But that also applies to the political situation today in general. For example some Jews today in Israel are arguing about “gay marriage”, these stuck in the past and dogmatic religious reactionaries do not see the danger from events in the very present as fast moving events swirl around them, and Syria is one, where if Qatar and Obama succeed in their attention, to put Assad on the run, then millions of Alawites and Christians will be butchered, as this extract from shows.

If true it is most alarming:

(START QUOTE) Members of Bashar Assad’s Alawite sect, their inhabitants, mainly women and children, have been fleeing en masse from their homes in fear of rebel retribution. They are making for the coastal towns of Tartus and Latakia which are still under regime control.
The question is for how long. In the third week of March, Russian warships stopped docking at the naval port of Tartus after finding its piers and facilities crowded with Alawite refugees who came up to the Russian seamen begging for food, water and medical aid.
From March 21, Russian warships on the Mediterranean were ordered to avoid Tartus and relocate their visits to Lebanon’s Beirut port.

The Saudi operation for shipping heavy rocket launchers from the Balkans to Aleppo is complicated.
The rockets are fixed to vehicles weighing 43.7 tons each. The rockets themselves are 7.6 meters long and weigh 800 kilograms.

To arrange the transfer of this heavy artillery to the rebels in Aleppo, Prince Bandar contacted Hakan Fidan, head of the MIT-Turkish National Intelligence Organization. They agreed to set up an overland route from the Balkans via Turkey and across the Syrian border to Aleppo, under the protection of the Turkish army.

Our sources report that Ankara’s initial refusal of cooperation was overcome with a sharp reminder by Prince Bandar of the scale of Turkish exports to Saudi Arabia and the damage to the Turkish economy of their potential suspension.

The news that Saudi Arabia was supplying Syrian rebels with heavy weapons stunned the Arab League summit taking place in Doha, Qatar this week, bringing it to a clamorous end, debkafile’s intelligence and Middle East sources reveal.

Saudi and Qatari delegates were heard hurling shrill abuse at one another and exchanging blows in private meeting rooms down the corridors of the assembly hall. The conference proceedings were abruptly halted as Arab delegation members pitched in to separate them. A total blackout was quickly drawn down on the summit as it broke up in disarray.

We of 4international are on the side of Israel in everything, the small Jewish Homeland, still hanging on, but look here what the Jewish leaders of Israel are doing. They stood aside on the defeat of Mubarak, they praised the murder of Gadhafi, they are now aiding Obama greatly through the mechanism of (post Obama recent visit to Israel) Netanyahu aiding Turkey, and they are largely silent on the plight of Assad AND NOT JUST ASSAD ALSO THE ALAWITE MINORITY AND CHRISTIAN MINORITY.

And this is widespread. Look across the Internet and you will find only our group 4international insisting that Assad must be defended. We say if Assad falls then there is a massive slaughter of Alawites and Christians. How hard is that to understand?

And if there is such a massacre of the Alawites will the Jews be far behind (also getting massacred) because remember Netanyahu is tied to Obama in stopping the Iran bomb, which Obama will not do, is opposed to doing, because Obama no matter what he says in public sees Iran with the Bomb and a balance of power, really a state of extreme uncertainty, in the Middle East. That causes an immediate race for all to have the Nuclear Bomb.

The lesson of Gadhafi remains. Remember that Gadhafi made an agreement, he gave up his Bomb technology, and the result!!!

Most proceed in a daydream. But for action there is a reaction etc., the old dictum but true, and the result of Obama literally betraying gadhafi and the previous agreement will play itself out for a long time.

Just like the people who put deposits into a Cyprus bank and lost, then when the rules are changed, there is a total loss of trust in world affairs.




The Arab League on Tuesday approved a Qatari proposal to set up a $1 billion fund for Arab east Jerusalem, which Palestinians want as the capital of an independent state under any peace deal with Israel.

Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, said his country will contribute $250 million to the fund, which he called for in an opening speech to an Arab summit in Doha that focused on the crisis in Syria and stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts.

“The summit… calls for setting up a fund to support Jerusalem to the value of $1 billion to finance projects and programs that would maintain the Arab and Islamic character of the city and reinforce the steadfastness of its people,” the draft resolution said.

The Islamic Development Bank, based in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea city of Jeddah, will manage the fund, it said.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas welcomed the fund to help protect the Arab character of the city and urged Arab states to contribute to it.

“The Israeli occupation is working in a systematic and hurried way to Judaise east Jerusalem, change its features and uproot its Palestinian inhabitants, attacking the al-Aqsa Mosque and its Muslim and Christian holy sites,” Abbas said in a speech at the summit.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said the initiative was “a badge of shame” for Qatar.

“Objecting to ‘Judaisation of Jerusalem’, so to speak, is absurd and is equatable to an objection to the Catholic nature of the Vatican or the Islamisation of Mecca, it is naturally unthinkable,” Palmor said.

On Friday the United States promised $500 million in aid to the PA, and Israel pledged to resume transferring $100 million in monthly tax revenue it collects on the Palestinians’ behalf.

Qatar’s emir did not say if the proposed Arab fund would be channeled to the PA, whose writ does not run in east Jerusalem.

About 200,000 Israelis live in the annexed Arab part of Jerusalem, including more than 1,000 in and around the mostly Arab Old City.

Palestinian officials are skeptical of Arab aid pledges, as few Arab countries carried through on promises last year to cover a Palestinian funding gap aggravated by Israeli sanctions.

Last year Arab donations, including $200 million from Saudi Arabia, constituted almost half the PA’s foreign aid, with the United States and European Union providing around $330 million.

“As we’ve have seen many times before, unfortunately decisions in Arab summits often do not materialize on the ground,” said Ghassan Shaka, a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

“Financing is just a means, political help is the important thing,” he said. “The Arab world must convince and apply pressure so the world knows what’s required for peace.”


Palestinian Trojan Horse


Op-ed: International media outlets covering Israeli-Palestinian violence in a very peculiar way

Riccardo Dugulin Published: 03.28.13, 00:22 / Israel Opinion

To many, the picture of a crying Arab father lifting his lifeless infant toward the sky will remain an image epitomizing Israeli injustice during the aggression initiated by Hamas in November 2012. The BBC reporter’s photograph depicting this personal tragedy has received an enormous amount of international attention leading to an almost unconditional outcry against the rules of engagement used by the IDF during Operation Pillar of Defense. Little has been said when a UN-mandated investigation concluded that the death of the young kid had been caused by a rocket misfired by Hamas that was originally aimed at Israeli civilian populations.

The incident illustrates that, regardless of the accuracy of the information, international media outlets and commentators have been covering stories related to violent engagements between Israelis and Palestinians in a very peculiar way. The basic tenets of this misinformation campaign are fundamentally linked to the way pro-Palestinian lobbies are interested in portraying the conflict. Despite the actual situation, the Palestinians in the story are to be presented as victims or potential victims, while the Israelis will invariably embody a single superior force impermeable to suffering. The most important part of this policy lies in stressing the fact that Palestinian actions are always justified. Even given the blatancy of the Palestinian aggression, the media do not hesitate to persist with such terms as “occupation,” “apartheid” or “embargo” when highlighting the developments in the region.

This reality leads to an essential question: In a conflict where the perception of the “other” has constructed a psychological wall dividing Israel’s enemies and the Jewish State, isn’t pro-Palestinian propaganda to be addressed as a major spoiler in any peace negotiation?

Websites such as Electronic Intifada are unapologetically delivering biased, partial and one-sided information in their attempts to delegitimize Israel, its Defense Forces and its policies. The troubling thing is that international media repost such articles with very little changes and almost no critical insight. When addressing the wrongdoings of purposefully selected single IDF recruits, media outlets take pro-Palestinian information as an absolute truth without considering that Israel has strict policies punishing such attitudes, while Hamas and other terrorist networks repeatedly promote the killing of civilians.

On the one hand, this victimization process hammered into international media by pro-Palestinian propagandists is mostly evident when reports are issued over Israel’s policies in Judea and Samaria. Terms such as “apartheid,” “discrimination” and “colonization” are used daily along with the tendency of highlighting specific aspects of defensive actions taken out of all contexts in order to perpetuate an international pressure against the Jewish state’s policies.

On the other hand, little attention is paid to the violence and hatred that the Palestinians living in Gaza, Judea and Samaria express on a daily basis against Israelis. Almost no one has addressed the fact that, in mid-March, belligerent Palestinians severely wounded an Israeli toddler by throwing stones at the car she was in, an act that anywhere else in the world would have been dubbed as criminal, to say the least.

In addition to that, pro-Palestinian actions worldwide are far from deserving any victim-like definition. Countless university demonstrations and conferences are held with such a tone and orientation, that free speech is pushed out at the benefit of hours-long rage against Israel following the usual procedures predetermined beforehand. On the same line, the disruption of concerts and Israeli artistic performances in numerous locations does not bode well for dialogue and bilateral understanding.

As a result, these actions by pro-Palestinian groups reflect a bitter reality: Peace is not their direct objective. In their view, the delegitimization of Israel is the first step required to weaken it internationally, and only when the Jewish state looks like a demon will it be possible to start peace talks. In other words, these lobbies and associations are continuing their destructive actions by other non-conventional and, most of the time, underhanded means.

Media outlets that attempt to analyze the situation from the outside while being completely unrelated to the conflict need to examine the information they are fed upon with extreme caution, since recurring pro-Palestinian propaganda will never lead to peace and stability neither for the State of Israel nor for the Palestinians living in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. In a conflict that has been going on for more than six decades, unbiased information must be seen as a true game-changing element.

Parties should no longer oppose the Jewish state in unison because they will find themselves drowning in intellectual complacency and disseminating messages of hate, which ultimately helps neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians. By denouncing violent, non-democratic and antagonistic actions taken by Palestinians and their international supporters in the region or worldwide, media outlets would equilibrate the situation and lead to more feasible peace negotiations.

Riccardo Dugulin holds a Master degree from the Paris School of International Affairs (Sciences Po) and is specialized in International Security. He is currently working in Paris for a Medical and Security Assistance company. He has worked for a number of leading think tanks in Washington DC, Dubai and Beirut. Personal website: http://www.riccardodugulin.


Antisemitism continues to grow and Antisemitism continues to rule the roost in Europe as Israel faces its biggest threats since the Holocaust.

people who know history will recall that the Nazi threat to the Jews was brushed aside, the borders were closed and the Jews were set up for the Nazi kill.

Only leaders like Leon Trotsky called repeatedly for Jews to get out of Europe and to reach the safety of the planned Jewish state in Palestine.

Meanwhile the Arabs were circling with the Nazis for the kill. Hajj Amin was heading for Berlin and when he reached there the Holocaust was put fully into operation.

It was an alliance of German Nazis and Arab jew Haters who set the Holocaust in motion and carried it out.

This report is correct. It correctly emphasises that between Obama and the Jews of Israel today there is a chasm about Iran. They see things totally differently. Who is correct/Millions of Jewish lives will depend on the answer.


President Barack Obama was greeted on his arrival in Israel midday Wednesday, March 20 with unprecedented ceremonial honors and fanfare, but after the handshakes and the drive through the sunny, flag-draped streets of Jerusalem, he and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu were to sit down for tough talk on their yawning differences on three issues: nuclear Iran, Syria and the first use of chemical weapons, and the Palestinians. Expressions of devout commitment to a historic alliance and the president’s unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security will be left outside the door in the public domain. Obama is to be confronted with the fallout for Israel of the policies he pursued in his first term, especially his backing for the Arab Revolt which erupted in December 2010.

1. Since then, Iran has been allowed to reach a point just short of the development of two types of nuclear bombs, one fueled by enriched uranium and the other by plutonium.

2. Regardless of repeated fruitless endeavors, President Obama still holds to diplomacy and sanctions for achieving a breakthrough with Iran over its nuclear program. Circles in Washington and Jerusalem maintain that the gap between Washington and Jerusalem is over nothing more than the timeline estimated for Iran to attain a nuclear bomb capacity. But this is just a US-Israeli maneuver for giving their diplomats and intelligence officials space to pour honey and pretend the two governments can still sort out their differences.
This maneuver has been used by self-styled “nuclear experts” in both capitals as a PR exercise to cover up a very real rift. They criticize the Netanyahu government as intransigent for insisting on Iran’s total cessation of 20 percent uranium enrichment (a step before weapons grade), the shutdown of its Fordo enrichment plan and removal from the country of low-enriched uranium.

Israel must give way on these demands for the sake of an accommodation with Tehran, they say.
This view is supported by the “strategists” who maintain Israel is not up to the military challenge of preempting a nuclear Iran and must rely on US cooperation. Therefore, it is important to trust President Obama when he declares that his administration will not allow Iran to attain a nuclear bomb.

So firmly has this viewpoint taken root in the mass media, that deviant opinions are discredited as mistaken, even when they come from highly regarded and well-informed individuals like Military Intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi and one of his predecessors, Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin, which they support with a whole battery of updated facts and educated evaluations.

3. The infamous Iranian-Syrian-Hizballah alliance has not suffered the slightest crack despite Obama’s promise to work it loose. Many Middle Easterners find it is stronger than ever. For instance, whereas before the Syrian war, Hizballah commanded a well-trained 30,000-strong army which held the whip hand in Beirut, this former militia has expanded into a veritable Shiite army of 50,000 combat-seasoned troops who are fighting in Syria for Bashar Assad alongside the Iranian Al Qods Brigades.
The Hizballah militia has grown into a formidable army.
4. President Obama, who long held the belief that Assad’s fall was “imminent,” no longer mentions this possibility. Indeed, before he set out on his Middle East trip, US sources in Washington were whispering the latest intelligence forecast that Syrian rebels would control half of Damascus by the end of the summer and so replicate the Aleppo partition.

5. In the 48 hours leading up to the president’s arrival in Israel, the Syrian Air Force for the first time bombed targets inside Lebanon (March 18) and fired a Scud missile armed with a chemical warhead which exploded in Aleppo on March 19. While Israel is acutely concerned by this escalation just across its frontiers, the Obama administration has not reacted – evidence of another major gap between Washington and Jerusalem.
6. Israel feels it has been dropped in the middle of a dangerous vortex set up by the US-backed Arab Revolts in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt and gaining in momentum from the bloody tumult in Syria. The Jewish state is now beset with hostile Islamist regimes in which al Qaeda and Iran are increasingly embedded.

If King Abdullah’s throne in Jordan succumbs to the wave of unrest set up by the Muslim Brotherhood there too, Israel will be completely surrounded.

7. On peace talks with the Palestinians, the Obama administration has made no headway for bringing the Palestinians to the negotiating table.
In short, the omens at the outset of the US president’s talks in Israel are not encouraging.
The US mainstream media campaign to discredit Israeli intelligence findings and estimates on Iran’s nuclear progress has not abated and indeed intensified in time for the Obama visit.
Furthermore, in the absence of an administration reaction, Israeli officials made a point of confirming the onset of chemical warfare in Syria. This contingency the Obama administration had pledged would bring forth US intervention.

These differences cannot be accounted for by claims of personal antipathy between the US president and Israeli prime minister. They deeply affect matters of substance and policy.


perhaps the key words int he above are these:

“Israel will be completely surrounded.”

We will not go into it now, but we (our small group) were the only political tendency on earth which demanded that Mubarak be defended, gadhafi be defended and now we demand that Assad be defended.

We now realise this is beyopnd the ken of Jewish leaders of various types today.

But by doing nothing, waiting and see, or even like some Jews supporting the murder of Gadhafi etc. ISRAEL HAS BEEN SURROUNDED BY FASCIST STATES, which is the Muslim Brotherhood in its various guises.

That is essentially the differences with Obama, with the Democrats, with a big section of the Republicans, with the Antisemitic Europeans.

We need a new leadership in the world. Concretely we urge Jews today to go behind the scenes and to tell every detail of the truth of these momentous times and we urge all of our Jewish friends to do so.



Poachers in Chad in Africa have killed 86 elephants in less than a week.

The tusks were removed from the animals in order to be sold, because of the high prices that ivory can fetch.

It is the worst killing spree of elephants for a year – in early 2012 up to 650 elephants were killed in the neighbouring country of Cameroon.

The animal charity, International Fund for Animal Welfare, says people from across the globe need to take action to stop the ivory trade.


Gave more details. According to their report the poachers were from Sudan. They start by shooting some calves. Then the elephants form a circle as a natural reaction to protect their young. They thus fall into the trap of the evil poachers without pity. They simply pick off the elephants with their high powered guns. Just imagine.

They quickly butcher the elephants only for the ivory. They take the ivory on their high powered 4by4s and make off.

But the next twist is also horrifying. They take a little meat which they selll to the residents of the nearest village where the villagers in return for the meat (they are poor people maybe starving) give the poachers information on the next family of elephants.

Something like 36 of the elephants were in calf, you can see how quickly such poachers in a lawless country will rid it of elephants.

YAALON AS DEFENCE CHIEF WILL MAKE ENEMIES PAY WHO ATTACK JEWS IN ISRAEL has a vital analysis of the new Israeli Government starting today March 18, 2013. This analysis centres on 4 vital areas, almost 4 vital Ministries:


1. Ehud Barak’s successor as defense minister, commando and former chief of staff Moshe Yaalon: He has won a chance, which any professional soldier must envy, to remold the Israeli Defense Forces into a national army better suited to the exigencies of the first half of the 21st century and the wars of the future.
In line with his vision, he would scrap the present structure of corps, divisions, brigades and battalions in favor of an army based on compact fighting units – mostly of special forces – each capable of acting autonomously and independent of other forces.
If Yaalon gets his way, the massive ground forces and heavy theater tanks corps will be relegated to the past. The air force and navy, with their long range missiles, submarines and fast assault ships, will no longer be structured as professional corps but revamped as forces taxed with guarding Israel’s vital strategic depth by sea and air.
However, Defense Minister Yaalon may not get the time, money or trained manpower he needs for his program, given the rapid changes overtaking the Middle East and the advances Iran is making in the pursuit of a nuclear weapon.
For US President Barack Obama, when he comes to Israel for a visit Wednesday, March 20, Yaalon’s selection as defense minister is not altogether bad news, despite his pessimism about any dealing with the Palestinians: As Strategic Affairs Minister in the previous Netanyahu government, he insisted that it was essential for any Israeli attack on Iran to have the full cooperation of the United States.
2. The former TV anchor Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid – Future) has made his political debut with a leap to the top government echelon as finance minister and carved out plum spots for his previously unknown faction members, who are as untried in government as himself.
They campaigned vigorously for military service for all, including the ultra-Orthodox and Israeli Arabs, and benefits for the middle class.

Now he must sit down to the forbidding task of drafting the next state budget at top speed. Netanyahu jokes about heading a provisional administration, whereas Lapid speaks seriously of the government lasting eighteen months to two years at most before it falls and an early election which dumps the prime minister of today and installs him in his place.
This calculus presents the Yesh Atid leader with a dilemma: He could try designing a popular budget, but then Netanyahu would reap the same benefits as himself in the coming election. On the other hand, he might decide to prove he is a statesman and compose a responsibly balanced budget, incorporating essential spending cuts and painful measures for the very classes he pledged to promote.

But then, he would be a fool to face the voter precipitately.
His political fortunes in the foreseeable future are therefore tied to those of the prime minister he aspires to displace, like it or not.

3. Former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, came in from the political cold to join the government as Justice Minister claiming that all she really wanted was to promote and lead peace talks with the Palestinians. This mission is likely to prove elusive. Not a single Palestinian official of any rank is willing to talk to her. She would also have to overcome obstacles placed in her path by many of her new colleagues in cabinet. Such as he next new minister.

4. Naftali Bennett, a software tycoon, was able to revive the fortunes of the veteran National Religious Party and repackage it as the pro-settlement Habayit Hayehudi (the Jewish Home). For the horse trading with Netanyahu, he formed an alliance with Lapid and came away with a fistful of high-wire jobs: minister of industry, trade and labor, he is also tabbed to head the cabinet committees charged with finding ways and means of reducing the cost of living and breaking up the concentration of economic power, and even has also won a coveted place on the inner security cabinet now pared down from 15 to 7 members.
What Bennett has clearly demonstrated is that he wants a finger in every pie


So, a completely new army and approach under Moshe Yaalon. I think that this can have the most extraordinary influence on events. Yaalon will meet also extraordinary opposition from a bureaucracy.

The days for massing reserves a la Barak and then not following through may be over.

Yaalon may be entering a situation where the Israelis will not allow even ONE rocket from the enemy Palestinian Arabs fall on Israelis. That is the meaning of the autonomopusly acting special units that Debka is suggesting and the end to the British inspired battalions and all that crap which the Israelis under Barak were full of.

It is also the case in relation to the other 3 Ministries that Netanyahu gave very little to Obama and the EU Antisemites…he talked and talked…but gave no concessions. That is his style, not one I like, but better than sellout.

As for Livni…that is still the weakness of netanyahu. he is saying to the BBc, yes you can carry on interviewing Livni interminably and passing the Big Lie. The BBC will keep representing Livni as representing the majority, while she only is followed by 5 per cent of the Israeli population.

But stopping Antisemitism, just as stopping Hitler and Fascism was, is a task that only the revolutionary aims of the socialist revolution can solve. And here the left Stalinists and Revisionists must be smashed and replaced by a true Trotskyist leadership.

IS EUROPEAN COUNTRIES NOW EXPOSED TO THE IRANIAN NUCLEAR THREAT AS WELL AS ISRAEL? as far as 4international is concerned is the premier website of analysis and hard news. It mixes hard news with some speculation but such is welcome always if it is intelligent. Speculation by its very nature is a leap in the dark so do not hold it against debka if it is wrong or only partially correct at times. Distinguish between fact and speculation.

I listen each week to a discussion on a commercial radio station Talk Radio Europe and this discussion is always so far away from reality it is alarming.

So today I reprint the article which is today on debka. With comments by me. Interspersed.


Our commanders now authorized to open fire. Go home, Obama!

DEBKAfile Special Report March 17, 2013

The words and deeds coming out of Washington in the last three days bring little comfort to the Israeli government as it prepares for Barack Obama’s first visit as president Wednesday, March 20.
According to an authoritative leak, Washington has effectively cancelled the Europe-based missile shield system that was designed to protect that continent and Israel against Iranian ballistic missile attack. The cancellation was part of the plan announced by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel last week to install 14 additional missile interceptors in California and Alaska to build up United States defenses against a threatened North Korean attack.

Not only has the Obama administration reduced its missile defense commitment to Europe and Israel, debkafile notes that Washington persists in overlooking the tight coordination in tactics and diplomacy on nuclear issues between Pyongyang and Tehran.

The European-based missile shield has been put forward by Moscow repeatedly as a major obstacle to Russian-US cooperation on nuclear arms reduction and “other issues” – meaning the really hot-button ones of a nuclear Iran and the Syrian civil war.

By meeting Moscow’s complaint, Barack Obama was gambling heavily on coming out of the understandings he reached with Russian President Vladimir Putin with an acceptable settlement of the Iranian nuclear controversy and the future of the Assad regime in Syria.

So far, his winnings are slim.

Russian officials are not rushing forward to welcome the reshuffling of missile shields between Europe and America. Kremlin circles were quoted Sunday by The New York Times as commenting stiffly that there would be no reaction until they were fully briefed by American officials next week.

In any case, Tehran wants no part in the diplomatic softball game the Obama administration is playing with Moscow. Indeed, Iranian officials are behaving exactly like their North Korean partners – with threats.

{Before dealing with the Iranian reaction to this let us pause. On the TRE discussion recently a man called Steve who is from Liverpool attacked Netanyahu as “that fella in Israel who wants to start a war”. Note the disrespect for Netanyahu and thus for Israel and Israelis, I would say too disrespect for Jews. And he attacked Netanyahu but was silent on the Iranian threats to Israel. Why was he silent on those threats? Did he mean to say that Iran is NOT a threat? The answer to his thinking because the leader of the discussion a man from Glasgow called Steve Gilmour did not say “Hold a minute what do you mean there?”

To continue on consider that if Iran has nuclear bombs deliverable and if from the above on debka Obama and Russia are removing defences from Europe where does this man now stand?

Europe also is exposed to threat from Iran.

Can this fact not get through to such think skulls.

Can it be that bias against Israel and their enthusiasm for the Palestinian narrative of history blind them to seeing reality.

So will theya rgue that Iran is never a threat? Will they continue to argue this? Will they change?

but if they ever accept that iran is a threat to Europe what about Irana s a threat to Israel.

Will they say then they do not care. But that is OPEN ANTISEMITISM!


Saturday, March 16, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brig. Gen. Massoud Jazayeri broadcast two bellicose messages on the Revolutionary Guards website

1 “Our commanders have been authorized to respond to any kind of hostile move by the enemy.”
debkafile’s military sources note that this message appeared two days after Iranian Air Force fighters tried to shoot down a US Predator drone flying over the Strait of Hormuz. It also comes at a time that Iranian officers are found on field combat duty in Syria and Lebanon as well.

2. The Iranian general went on to declare: “Mr Obama, do not make a mistake: we too have all our options on the table. Before you get deeper in the region’s quagmire, go back home!”

This was Tehran’s answer to the US President’s comment Thursday in an Israeli TV Channel 2 interview:

“I have been crystal clear about my position on Iran possessing a nuclear weapon – that is a red line for us. If we can resolve it diplomatically that’s a more lasting solution, but if not I continue to keep all options on the table.” Obama added that Tehran is “over a year or so” away from getting a nuclear bomb.

In Tehran’s tightly controlled publicity environment, General Jazayeri would not have dismissed the prospect of the US activating its military options with such contempt without authorization from the highest level, i.e. supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

He was effectively telling the US president that, after pulling American forces out of the Middle East and relegating the handling of the Syrian issue to Moscow, “Mr.Obama” had burned his military options in the Middle East and should go home.
Our Iranian sources add that that Jazayeri’s remark was addressed equally to Israel. If Obama’s main purpose in his visit is to hear what Israelis have to say – as he himself has stressed – then he is wasting his time. , In Tehran’s view, the Israelis too have no place in the Middle East and should get out – as Iran’s leaders often declare..





I placed this comment along the lines that man has developed a larger brain THROUGH ACCIDENT and it is thus through these accidents of nature that we now have to take care of animals and plant

This runs smack bang up against the demands of a capitalism in deepening gloom and crisis

“As capitalist crisis deepens all animals are very vulnerable
by Felix Quigley – Sat Mar 16, 2013 08:50
My goodness i did not expect tp come up here, and thanks for thoughts.

yes this hare coursing has to be ended. these inoffensive animals, and all animals are inoffensive, are netted for this kind of barbarity.

And what an insult to the dogs too. The situation is totally artificial. I often think when I see the way dogs are mistreated that man should have left the wolf alone.

Man has to learn in a new socialist society to not intervene in the world of animals, except very carefully for their good.

man has a responsibility which arises because of accidents in the past, where man developed a large brain.

it is this responsibility to animals that can not be carried out by capitalism especially a capitalism in crisis.

Everything is connected to this. I am still trying to get my head around this pig farmer from Waterford barbarity…

I always read articles on this on Indymedia and send my support even though other differences separate us”

Hare coursing cruelty continues to shame Ireland…

Another Saint Patrick’s Day…A Great Day for the Irish…what a pity that the Irish Hare, part of our wonderful wildlife heritage, is still at the mercy of coursing gangs backed by our government…

Protest at St Patrick’s Day parade in New York (1992)

The hare coursing season runs from about the last week in September to the third week in February and involves approximately 7000 hares each season that are captured for the purpose. Though most coursing events are staged in the southern counties, coursing has a presence in twenty two of the twenty six counties. Clubs become “thinner on the ground” the further north one goes. For example, counties Mayo and Donegal have only club each. The counties without coursing clubs are Longford, Leitrim, Wicklow, and Monaghan. It is banned in Northern Ireland since 2011. The actual number of clubs has been declining since the 1930s.

Hare coursing is a blood sport that has nothing to do with any alleged “pest control”. It exists purely for the amusement of the people involved. It consists basically of contests in which pairs of greyhounds are set on hares, the aim being to test the speed and stamina of the dogs. While the intention is not to harm the hare (it serves as a mere lure for the dogs), the animal inevitably suffers when the dogs come into contact with it.

Hares are forcibly struck by the dogs, or mauled, or pinned to the ground, or tossed up in the air. The hare is a brittle-boned creature and its injuries in most cases cannot heal. This is why so-called “dispatchers” are used by every coursing club to kill off injured hares. Hares also suffer when being captured (with nets), and during captivity as they await coursing. Coursing can be held in all weather conditions…literally hail, rain or snow. Videos have been posted on YouTube of hares being coursed in water-logged fields.

The cruel nature of live hare coursing that all animal welfare groups, and (according to opinion polls) the majority of the Irish people, object to, has been repeatedly captured on film. The veracity of the following footage has not been questioned. As you will see, the “action” filmed is very similar to the types of incidents observed and reported by NPWS rangers.

The following three pieces of footage were filmed at the 2013 “Irish Cup” live hare coursing event, held at Limerick Racecourse in February:


Cruel coursing scene at Limerick Racecourse


Hare cries out when hit and mauled


Hare severely mauled and carried off field


America’s 63-year-old Zionist Song of Faith Rediscovered

The son of a Russian immigrant cantor made his name on the Borscht Belt with musical comedy but sang his passionate joy in Israel’s rebirth.

AAFont Size
By Hana Levi Julian
First Publish: 2/28/2013, 9:38 AM

Songwriter, performer Benny Bell

Courtesy of Joel Samberg, Bell’s grandson


An American Jewish comic musician and songwriter whose made his name on the Borscht Belt in the first half of the 20th century also wrote one of the most passionate Zionist songs of faith ever recorded in the United States.

Born in 1906 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City to a Russian immigrant cantor, Benny Bell was deeply in love with his faith – but more so to his music and sense of humor. By age 16, he had disappointed his father with a turn to musical entertainment, where he found moderate success in song writing and comedy.

Bell’s last performance was in 1992 at age 86, and the songwriter passed away just a few years later, in 1999 at age 93. His biggest years were between the late 1930s and early 1950s, when he produced novelty classics such as “Pincus the Peddler” and “Shaving Cream,” ballads such as “If you Promise to Be Mine,” war-time tunes like “Ship Ahoy, Sailor Boy” and romances such as “Brooklyn Bridge.” Bell was also known for arranging and engineering most of his own recordings, as well as writing and singing.

Moreover, the songs he wrote in Yiddish – as well as Jewish ceremonial music pieces — were played often on Yiddish radio stations in New York in the 1940s and 1950s. The Borscht Belt performer recorded more than 200 novelty songs in his 70-year discography — but none was so emotionally charged as the one he wrote about the rebirth of the State of Israel.

“Home Again in Israel,” was recorded by Bell in 1950,a passionate declaration of love for Israel composed eight years before famed vaudeville composer Irving Berlin – Bell’s idol — wrote his own Zionist tribute, “Israel.” It is a firm statement of belief in his people, his G-d and the Land which in his song he says has always been promised to him personally.

With a nearly imperceptible accent to his English, Bell’s full-bodied singing is flawless and with no accent in the final verse, which he sings with obvious pride in a mix of Yiddish and Ashkenazi Hebrew.

Home Again in Israel by Benny Bell


“Home again in Israel
At last no more need I roam.
My sacred land, O beautiful Israel
You are now my home sweet home.

For years and years they broke our homes, we had no place to hide,
They crushed our souls, they lashed us but our spirit never died.
We dreamed about a homeland that would banish all such fear
And now at last it’s here – Sh’ma Yisroel!

Home again in Israel
Our dream of dreams has come true
My shining star O beautiful Israel
I am coming back to you.

For centuries they broke our homes, we had no place to hide
They crushed our souls, they lashed us but our spirit never died.
We dreamed about a homeland that would banish all such fear
And now at last it’s here – Sh’ma Yisroel!

Home again in Israel,
Our dream of dreams has come true
My shining star O beautiful Israel
I am coming back to you.

I love the Tikvaseinu,
A tikvah shnat alpaim
L’hiyot am chofshi b’artzeinu
Eretz Zion Yerushalayim!

Crazy time in San Francisco as AFDI Counter Jihad ads launch on City buses, District Attorney, Board President Chiu, and City Leaders Hold Press Conference to Denounce Truth

What is the great crime of Pamela Geller? She is exposing the Jihad in places like Nigeria where the forces of Jihad are making life for Christians (poor ordinary Africans) so intolerable that they cannot venture out of their houses. They are terrified. There have been beheadings of Christians…many murders…more threats.

This is what the Churches should be exposing and fighting against day in day out but they are silent.

This should be a big story in the selection of a new Pope in Rome because there is a large Catholic component in Nigeria. Irish catholic missionaries have went out from Ireland over many decades to work for the Catholic Church there. Why are these present day Christians silent?

Why do they not come to help the campaign of Pamela Geller?

But read this from Atlas Shrugs which is the site of Geller. All the top leaders in San Francisco are uniting against her use of the First Amendment:

Crazy time in San Francisco as AFDI Counter Jihad ads launch on City buses, District Attorney, Board President Chiu, and City Leaders Hold Press Conference to Denounce Truth

How nuts are they in San Francisco? Plenty. But you already knew that. AFDI counter jihad ads went up in San Francisco today, and a host of city officials, including the District Attorney and several city lawmakers are holding a news conference today to denounce the latest round of bus ads purchased by our organization.

The slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Algeria et al — that doesn’t warrant a statement, let alone a press conference, but my ads do. Think about that. Hundreds of thousands dead, but it would be blasphemy to talk about. The slaughter in the cause of jihad is OK, but my talking about it is the problem.

Even worse, they are so out of their minds — the media has gotten the whole story and the ad wrong. CBS in San Francisco did a whole news segment here on the savage ad (!) going up on SF buses, saying we are calling all Muslims and Arabs in savages — which of course we never said. Crazy time, folks.

Love the ads? Contribute here.

District Attorney, Board President Chiu, and City Leaders to Denounce Islamophobic MUNI Ads

Who: District Attorney George Gascón
Board President David Chiu
Supervisor John Avalos
Supervisor London Breed
Supervisor Malia Cohen
Supervisor Jane Kim
Supervisor Scott Wiener
Supervisor Norman Yee
Ed Reskin, SFMTA
Theresa Sparks, SF Human Rights Commission

What: City leaders will hold a press conference to denounce
Islamophobic and racist advertisements by the American Freedom Defense
Initiative (AFDI). Last August, San Franciscans were outraged over AFDI
advertisements on MUNI that referred to Arabs and Muslims as “savages.”
The new ads scheduled to run on MUNI buses today wrongly suggest that all
Muslims are defined by extremism and violence. Board President David Chiu
will introduce a resolution condemning the anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim
advertisements at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

When: March 11, 2013

Where: Steps of San Francisco City Hall (Civic Center Side)
One Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102


Stephanie Ong Stillman
Director of Communications
Office of District Attorney George Gascón
850 Bryant Street, Third Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
415-553-1167 phone
415-740-5134 cell
415-553-1737 fax
Twitter: @SFDAoffice



“The Unmitigated Horror”

Posted on March 10, 2013 by Baron Bodissey on the gates of vienna website

The Moroccan apostate Kassim al-Ghasali left Islam and became an atheist, and is now a political refugee in Switzerland. As reported by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, he spoke at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy last month. The following interview with Mr. Al-Ghasali was published by Die Welt, and has been translated by JLH.

Elisabeth sends this introduction:

In February, I had the pleasure of listening to Kassim’s speech at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy. He is a young man from Morocco who dared to speak his mind and received death threats as a result. He currently resides in Switzerland, seeking asylum and hoping for the best. As JLH succinctly notes (and whom we thank for the translation):

“A quite sophisticated understanding of what the Enlightenment did and why it was able to do it, versus the amorphous situation in Islam, with no temporal central authority to institute reform.”

The translated interview:

“We Atheists Are Creating a Parallel Society”
by Olivier Jeges

In his blogs, Moroccan Kassim al-Ghasali openly and assertively professes his atheism. Because he can no longer believe in Islam, he receives death threats and had to leave his homeland.

Two years ago, in February 2011, Kassim al-Ghasali fled to Switzerland. He had to leave his homeland, Morocco, because he no longer believed in Islam and had publicly professed atheism. Since then, he has continued to receive death threats. Now the 22 year-old is writing two blogs with a worldwide readership from exile — one on political Islam and one on human rights subjects.

Interest in his essays is great. More than 13,000 users on Facebook follow him. At the summit on human rights and democracy in Geneva this year, he gave a talk about his experiences as an atheist in Morocco. In an interview, Kassim al-Ghasali talks about his life in Western society, his criticism of Islam and what it means, that he has had to leave his homeland for political reasons.


Scarcely any Moroccan will profess his atheism as self-confidently as you. When did you decide to turn away from your religion?


Essentially, it was less a moment in time than a process. Belief is often the result of a particular culture. Religion is at the center in our countries, or to put it better, it is the heart of this culture. I turned away from Islam when I began to question this culture. It is a culture that controls everything: our personal relations, our thoughts, even our imagination and our dreams. A culture that does not allow us to be different, or think differently. A culture that sticks its nose into everything.


What do these thoughts mean for you?


When I became aware of this problem, I concluded that religion — not just Islam — is one of the greatest obstacles on the path to modernity. That is, it makes no sense, on the one hand, to call for respect for human rights while, on the other hand, religious texts call for the killing of infidels, bullying women and oppressing minorities.


How did your family react?


It was a shock for my family. All of them were concerned. They didn’t really know what was happening. They were all of one opinion, but no one stood up for me. Not even when protest demonstrations against me were organized in front of my house. So I had to leave my home and my town and go into hiding until I had the entry permit for Switzerland.


Are you still in contact with your family?


Yes, there is communication, But is it positive communication? Unfortunately not. The only positive conversations are on the telephone with my mother when I ask her about recipes.


You have been living in Switzerland for two years. Have you found a job? Do you have friends?


I am not an economic refugee. Finding a job is not a priority. I would like to study. I get a little money from the Swiss state and that is enough to pay for books, food and an internet connection. Yes, working and earning my own money would mean being independent. But first, I want to study. I am frugal. I am not even thinking about buying a car, renting a big apartment or sending large amounts of money to my home country, as so many refugees do.


Could you or would you like to travel back to your homeland?


I will certainly travel there if Morocco has healed itself of the cancer of Islamism, whose adherents want to kill me. And if my country accepts me and does not wish to take away my right to live as an atheist. If Morocco respects universal human rights and becomes a secular state, I will consider visiting there or even living there again.


Do you have any estimation of how many people in Arab territory share your view of religion?


Because atheism is such a great taboo in Arabic countries, it is hard to say how high the number of atheists there is. Sometimes, atheists are not even acquainted with each other. Everyone thinks of his own life and safety first, before he openly admits to being an atheist. Yet recently some voices have been heard. Most of them use the social networks to exchange thoughts and talk openly about their lack of faith and their views on Islam and religions in general. That sends a good signal to the West, which has thought for years that all the people in Arab countries are alike and are satisfied with one another. Nonetheless, we atheists are a parallel society which must stay in hiding out of fear.


What do you think of the so-called “Arab Spring? Can you discern positive changes?


The beauty of Spring comes from various colors. Unfortunately, the supporters of the Arab Spring do not know these distinctions. They want everyone to think the same, dress the same and pray at the same time. Most of the supporters of the Arab Spring do not believe in human rights as the West understands them. For them, democracy is just a ladder for the climb to power. Then they fasten knives to the treads so that no other political parties can climb the ladder. What is happening in the Arab World now is comparable to what Europe went through in the 17th and 18th century. The difference is that this phase at that time brought forth enlightened philosophers and thinkers. In the Near East, on the contrary, the supporters of divine laws and the followers of Islam are coming to power.


But couldn’t Islam reform as happened with Christianity?


In my opinion, there can be no reformation or enlightenment in Sunni or Shiite Islam, because there is no church to be reformed. In Islam, we are subject to the power of a sacred book and the instructions it gives. Identity and understanding of self come from the Koran. If Muslims could use their reason without the instructions of a book which is recognized as the Word of God, then we could talk about enlightenment. But today most Muslims are against the ideas of the Western Enlightenment. And they do not know that Muslims would be capable of achieving the same rights as the people in Western society. Historically, there were several attempts at reform in Islam, but they were not welcomed. Any moderate Muslim who would like to reform Islam should admit to himself that terror and violence are in the Koran. The unmitigated horror. But no Muslim could admit that the Koran is a politically- and historically-determined book — and not the word of Allah.


What are your plans for the future?


I hope for and dream of the day when religious freedom and human rights come to Arab lands. I am working for that. I have dedicated my life to that. And in the meantime, I will drink a couple of beers every week with my girlfriend.




Russian Muslims myjihad in Syria: “(We) have missed many chances, but truly today there is a chance to establish (an Islamic state) on Earth”

Muslims from Britain, France and now Russia are converging on Syria to install an Islamic totalitarian regime. And the leader of the free world, Obama, is funding and arming the jihadists in Syria.

Militants from Russia’s North Caucasus join “jihad” in Syria By Thomas Grove and Mariam Karouny Reuters
MOSCOW/BEIRUT | Wed Mar 6, 2013 2:23pm EST
(Reuters) – Flanked by almost 20 men with rifles, Omar Abu al-Chechen kneels on a carpet and delivers a rousing speech urging fellow Muslims to support the ‘jihad’ against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Dressed almost entirely in black, the militant from Russia’s Chechnya region declares an Islamist [sic] state is within reach. Fellow fighters from the brigade of foreign militants he leads translate his Russian words into Arabic.His recently distributed video highlights the role militants from the volatile North Caucasus region now play in Syria’s civil war, fighting a government that has been backed by Russia and staunchly protected by President Vladimir Putin.

It also puts in focus the security risks they may pose for Russia if they return to the Russian region, which borders the area where Moscow plans to host the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

“Jihad needs very many things. Firstly it needs money. Much is dependent on money today for jihad,” said al-Chechen, his nomme de guerre, the leader of what rebels and websites call the Brigade of Migrants, an opposition group of foreign fighters.
“(We) have missed many chances, but truly today there is a chance to establish (an Islamic state) on Earth,” he said.


MY JIHAD IN NIGERIA … CHRISTIANS PARALYSED IN FEARMrs Thomas on Talk Radio Europe argued with me that Islam is a “Religion of Peace” and that the word Islam means Peace. If so how does that square with this report from Nigeria where poor Christian people are so terrified they are stuck in their own homes and afraid to venture out, a result of being paralysed through terror by continual murders of Christians week after week.
In Mubi in northeastern Nigeria, Christians do not dare step out of their homes after 8 p.m., church leaders say. And many Christians are too afraid of Islamic extremist attacks to attend church services.

Nigerian Town’s Christians Paralyzed amid Islamic Extremist Attacks After killings, church members fear going to church – or buying groceries. Morning Star News
JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – In Mubi in northeastern Nigeria, Christians do not dare step out of their homes after 8 p.m., church leaders say. And many Christians are too afraid of Islamic extremist attacks to attend church services.
This month suspected members of the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram killed eight members of a Church of the Brethren (Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria, or EYN) congregation outside Mubi, among others – the latest in a series of attacks in or near the town in Adamawa state bordering Cameroon.

“The crisis has created a lot of hardship for Christians, as even movement to eke out a living is restricted,” said the Rev. Daniel Yumuna, a district secretary of the EYN. “Businesses of our church members have all collapsed because they face attacks regularly, and living generally has been made very difficult here not only for our church members but for all other Christians in this part of the country.”
Continue reading “#MyJihad in Nigeria: Christians paralyzed with fear” »

Can my readers find any records of Christians in places like Ireland, Britain or Germany actually speaking out in defence of Christians being persecuted in places like Nigeria?

No! Strange that!

Christians are not speaking up for other Christians…


Friday, February 22, 2013

AFDI #Myjihad Ads go up on Chicago Buses!

Finally, after months of wrangling and First Amendment violations, our AFDI jihad campaign hits the streets of Chicago to counter the deceptive and misleading Hamas-CAIR #myjihad propaganda


Marx was clear as to the potential Fascist nature of Islam even in his day. We Marxists recognise Fascism as a modern phenomenon, tied in with the capitalist system in severe crisis, antisemitism may be present but present always is to atomise the workers and to block all opposition.

What Geller is doing is fighting for free speech. She is NOT against Muslims and not against Muslims simply worshipping. But she is explaining the nature of Islam.

What could be wrong with that!

We as revolutionary socialists defend Pamela Geller unconditionally in this campaign to open up the dusty and very bloody pages of Islam for us to peruse.



The UN Human Rights Council released an advanced version of its report on Israel’s November conflict with Gaza terrorists this week. The report is unusually fair to Israel, and disputes several claims made by Western media against Israel during Operation Pillar of Defense. Most significantly the report says that in all likelihood the 11-month-old child of a BBC employee Jihad Misharawi was killed during Operation Pillar of Defense by Hamas rocket fire rather than by Israel, the side initially blamed in reports by the BBC and several other media outlets covering the conflict.
The UNHRC report says:
“On 14 November, a woman, her 11-month-old infant, and an 18-year-old adult in Al-Zaitoun were killed by what appeared to be a Palestinian rocket that fell short of Israel.69 “
The footnote (69) says the case was monitored by the UN OHCHR, meaning that the UN itself investigated this case and believes that the attack came from a Hamas rocket.
A picture of the mourning father holding his recently deceased son became a symbol of Israel’s campaign in Gaza. His father was working as a stringer there and at the boy’s funeral blamed his son’s death on “the Jews.”


The tragic story of Omar, the infant son of BBC Arabic employee Jihad Masharawi, who was killed during the latest round of Hamas-Israel fighting, was widely reported last week. The same incident that killed baby Omar ultimately led to the death of Masharawi’s brother, Ahmed. Who was responsible for the strike that resulted in their deaths remains unclear, and it is a matter of debate whether an Israeli strike took place at the time of the incident. One possibility that has been suggested was that the deaths were caused by a Hamas rocket that fell short.
Now, the watchdog blog BBC watch has uncovered a troubling video, that aired on Hamas TV, and provides additional details and new evidence relating to the case.
Prior to discovering the footage posted below, which shows the funeral of Ahmed, BBC Watch says they contacted the IDF who confirmed that he was a known terrorist. The blog also writes that the al-Qassam Brigades wrote of his death on their English-language website. Additionally, as you can see in the picture above, he is wrapped in a green Hamas flag at the funeral.
In an interview at the funeral, Jihad Masharawi blames “the Jews” for the deaths of his family members, and falsely claims that innocents were targeted by Israel. Here is the full text translated by BBC Watch:
“Thanks to Allah, the Lord of the Universe, who chose him [Ahmed] to be a martyr, from all the people. What was done by the Jews is a shame for the entire Umma [Islamic nation], a shame for the West, a shame for the Arabs, who are silent. The entire war struck only the children and the innocent. They didn’t hit a single muqawim [resistance fighter], nor anyone who works for the government, or whatever.”
According to an Israeli expert on Arab communications and Palestinian broadcast media, it is not uncommon for major news organizations to hire individuals with close connections to terror organizations, whether they are aware of it or not.
“Both Hamas and the PLO have used Arab “stringers”—part-time reporters—to infiltrate foreign news organizations. The stringers are usually working for the terror organization but act as “fixers” and “enablers” for Western reporters, bringing them interviews, bringing them in and out of dangerous areas. They are basically terrorist chaperones who also serve as informers on the Western journalists,” Michael Widlanski, a former New York Times reporter in the region and Algemeiner blogger who now teaches at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, told The Algemeiner in an email.
Whether this was the role played by Mashawari has not been confirm by The Algemeiner.
Jon Donnison, a BBC correspondent who has been at the center of the controversy himself, relayed his version of the story on BBC Radio 4′s ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ program.



“Accused Terrorist Sent to Federal Prison in Kentucky,” from the Associated Press, March 9 (thanks to Kenneth):
INEZ, Ky. (AP) – An Iraqi man sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to terrorism charges has been assigned to a high-security facility in Kentucky.
The federal Bureau of Prisons lists 25-year-old Mohanad Shareef Hammadi as an inmate at the United States Penitentiary-Big Sandy in Inez. The prison is about 140 miles east of Lexington.
A co-defendant, 32-year-old Waad Ramadan Alwan, received a 40-year sentence in January. Alwan had not been sent to a prison as of Saturday.
Hammadi and Alwan pleaded guilty in 2011 and 2012 to ship thousands in cash, machine guns, rifles, grenades and shoulder-fired missiles to al-Qaida in Iraq in 2010 and 2011. Prosecutors said the two were working with a confidential informant….


“Fight against polio: Tribesmen fined by militants for vaccinating their children
By Our Correspondent,” from Asia News, March 9:
Families which vaccinated their children against polio in Bara, Khyber Agency, have reportedly been fined and threatened by militants.
Salman Afridi*, a resident of Bachi Nehar in Sipah, Bara, said around 20 families in Speen Qabar and Bachi Nehar, Sipah vaccinated their children against polio.
After the vaccination team left the area on Thursday evening, militants of banned outfit Lashkar-e-Islam (LI) arrived in four vehicles and surrounded the area, said Salman. They then took parents of the immunised children to a ground and trussed them up, he added.
According to Salman, a local LI commander, identified as Nazar had warned the tribesmen not to vaccinate their children. Approximately 20 people were tied by Nazar, who demanded Rs20,000 be paid for their release.
Shahbaz Khan Afridi* from Speen Qabar, Sipah said those who paid the fine were released with a warning to refrain from further immunisation, which was deemed “a conspiracy against Islam by infidels”.
Shahbaz said he borrowed the amount to pay for his safe release. “I don’t know where the security and political administration officials were when we were tied and beaten up,” he complained….


The radical Islamist cleric Abu Qatada is back in custody after allegedly breaching his bail conditions, days before the government makes a fresh attempt to deport him.
UK Border Agency (UKBA) officials arrested Qatada on Friday after raids by the Metropolitan police counter-terrorism unit. Searches at two houses and a business began on Thursday, while a search of a third property was continuing, Scotland Yard said.
The Special Immigration Appeals Commission was due to hold an urgent telephone hearing on Saturday afternoon to determine whether Abu Qatada would be granted bail, a spokesman for the Judicial Office said.
No arrests have been made in connection with the police investigation.
A Home Office spokesman said: “The UK Border Agency arrested a 52-year-old man from north London for alleged breaches of his bail conditions imposed by the special immigration appeals commission (Siac).” He said the breach would be considered by Siac as soon as possible.
A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “Searches at a residential address in north-west London, a residential address in west London and a business address in north-west London have been completed. A search at a residential address in north-west London is ongoing.”
The searches were carried out in connection with ongoing inquiries by the counter-terrorism command, he said.
Abu Qatada, who has been convicted of terrorism charges in Jordan, was due to appear at the court of appeal on Monday as part of efforts by the home secretary, Theresa May, to overturn a judge’s decision to allow him to stay in the UK.
Police raids on Abu Qatada’s home began at 6.30am on Thursday, Scotland Yard said, and were followed by his arrest by the UKBA on Friday.
Once described by a Spanish judge as “Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe”, Abu Qatada has fought deportation for more than a decade. Siac decided in November that he could not lawfully be deported to Jordan, where he was convicted of terrorism charges in his absence in 1999. Three Siac judges ruled there was a danger that evidence from Abu Qatada’s former co-defendants, Abu Hawsher and Al-Hamasher, said to have been obtained by torture, could be used against him in a retrial in Jordan….

NEW YORK (Sulaiman Abu Ghaith)

“Bin Laden’s Son-in-Law: Pleads Not Guilty in NY,” by Lara Jakes and Tom Hays for the Associated Press, March 8 (thanks to Pamela Geller):
Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, the charismatic al-Qaida spokesman, fundraiser and son-in-law to Osama bin Laden, is likely to have a vast trove of knowledge about the terror network’s central command but not much useful information about current threats or plots, intelligence officials and other experts say.
Abu Ghaith pleaded not guilty Friday to conspiring to kill Americans in propaganda videos that warned of further assaults against the United States as devastating as the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that killed nearly 3,000 people.
Believed to be more of a strategic player in bin Laden’s inner circle than an operational plotter, Abu Ghaith would be the highest-ranking al-Qaida figure to stand trial on U.S. soil since 9/11. Intelligence officials say he may be able to shed new light on al-Qaida’s inner workings — concerning al-Qaida’s murky dealings in Iran over the past decade, for example — but probably will have few details about specific or imminent ongoing threats.
He gave U.S. officials a 22-page statement after his Feb. 28 arrest in Jordan, according to prosecutors. They would not describe the statement.
Bearded and balding, Abu Ghaith said little during the 15-minute hearing in U.S. District Court in New York — in lower Manhattan just blocks from Ground Zero — and displayed none of the finger-wagging or strident orations that marked his propaganda in the days and months after 9/11.
Through an interpreter, Judge Lewis A. Kaplan asked whether he understood his rights. Abu Ghaith nodded and said, “Yes.” Asked whether he had money to hire an attorney, he shook his head and said no. He nodded and said yes when asked whether he had signed an affidavit describing his financial situation.
Kaplan promised to set a trial date when the case returns to court on April 8. Bail was not requested, and none was set. Abu Ghaith’s lawyer declined comment after the hearing.
The fact that the defendant is being tried in federal district court is controversial in itself. Republicans are criticizing the Obama administration for bringing Abu Ghaith to New York instead of sending him to the military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
President Barack Obama has promised to close Guantanamo, where terror detainees generally have fewer legal rights and due process than they would have in a U.S. federal court. But critics say a suspect like Abu Ghaith should be held at Guantanamo and treated as an enemy combatant rather than a “common criminal” with full rights in an everyday court.
A month after 9/11, Abu Ghaith called on every Muslim to join the fight against the United States, declaring that “jihad is a duty.”
“The Americans must know that the storm of airplanes will not stop, God willing, and there are thousands of young people who are as keen about death as Americans are about life,” he said in the Oct. 9, 2001, speech….


“Nigerian Islamic extremists claim they killed 7 foreign hostages,” from the Associated Press, March 9 (thanks to Twostellas):
JOHANNESBURG — An Islamic extremist group says that it killed seven foreigners kidnapped in northern Nigeria.
The group, Ansaru, said on its website late Friday that it killed the seven Christian foreigners because it said Nigerian and British forces had killed some Muslims while trying to free the hostages.
Nigerian military spokesman Col. Mohammed Yerima told the Associated Press he had no information about any Nigerian/British military operation.
The seven foreign workers — three Lebanese citizens and one each from Britain, Greece, Italy and the Philippines — are all employees of Setraco, a Lebanese construction company, and were kidnapped in mid-February.
Ansaru is a splinter group from Nigeria’s Islamic extremist network, Boko Haram. Boko Haram is currently holding a French family of seven who were captured in neighboring Cameroon in late February.


Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are routinely used to persecute Christians. The world “human rights” community, however, takes no notice. To do so would be “Islamophobic.” More on this story. “Alleged blasphemy: Mob burns scores of Christian homes in Lahore,” by Rana Tanveer for the Express Tribune, March 9 (thanks to Lookmann):
LAHORE: A highly-charged mob of thousands burnt more than 40 Christian houses in Badami Bagh area of Lahore on Saturday to “take revenge of the blasphemy” allegedly committed by a Christian two days earlier.
Express News had earlier reported that around 100 houses were burnt by the mob.
Eyewitnesses said that the mob broke into the houses, looted them and burnt the remaining belongings on the roads.
SSP Operations Suhail Sukhera and the SHO of Badami Bagh were also reportedly injured when the mob pelted a police party with stones.
Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah told Express News that he saw no reason for the mob’s violence especially after the person accused of blasphemy had been arrested on Friday. He added that cases have been registered against those responsible for Saturday’s vandalism and that they will be prosecuted.
Sanaullah added that all those whose property had been damaged will be compensated within five days.
Shahi Imran, who had filed the blasphemy FIR, told The Express Tribune that he was not responsible for the incident and he had left the area when the mob arrived to burn the houses. He maintained that the accused should be taught a lesson but the other Christian families should not be harmed.
SSP Sukhera, when contacted, denied that the houses were set on fire and said that the police personnel was present in the area.
President Asif Ali Zardari took notice of the incident and sought a report from authorities, reported Radio Pakistan.
On Friday, a mob of almost 3,000 people forced the Christian community to flee for their lives, leaving behind their houses and possessions unprotected….
Savan was arrested and shifted to an undisclosed location.



Israel and the Jews of Israel are being threatened as never before, comparable only to Hitler and the Holocaust. You will remember that all of the nations of the world especially Britain and America refused to allow Jewish emigration to escape the Holocaust. It is very like that today. The Jews have set up their Homeland in Israel but they are being isolated AGAIN by Obama and Cameron. This new threat of new Holocaust takes the form of Obama BACKING a Nuclear Armed Iran, which also means a Nuclear backed Muslim Brotherhood!


Understand what the left is. It is NOT Trotskyist. It is a ragbag and is more influenced by Stalinist and Revisionist thoughts.

The left is bitterly the enemy of Israel, that is ISRAEL THE Jewish HOMELAND

Why would the left be opposed to the Jewish Homeland? Because the left has become totally Antisemitic. This was led by the Moscow Stalinists following the 1967 war, which was a defensive war by the Jews of Israel, to defend their country from Egypt’s Nasser and other Arab countries which were attacking…HISTORY SPEAKS FOLKS…


If the left is antisemitic what then?
The answer to this is that this left which is antisemitic is not Trotskyist, that means not based on the Lenin and Trotsky principles of socialist revolution.


1. This antisemitic left is no use to workers and it is no use to Jews in such danger as we describe
2. A new alternative must be built
3. That alternative is already well underway
4. How do we know? We know this because of all the political groups and individuals in the world only has called it correctly on the Jihadist cum Imperialist war on Yugoslavia, and on the Muslim Brotherhood drive to Fascism inside the Arab Spring which was obviously directed by Imperialism


They go wrong and seriously because they are STILL placing their faith in a capitalist system which is in its death agony. What part of “death agony” pamela and Robert do you not understand?

It was Leon Trotsky who described this stage of the capitalist system as being the “death agony of capitalism”

Please tell me this then the two of you and I narrow the focus to make it understandable: Why is the unemployment among young people in Spain about 60 per cent, not getting better but growing? Why are animals such as the tiger and lion being wiped out in the world? What is this system which cannot guarantee the existence of such species?

V ery simple questions Geller and Spencer please answer and urgently.


Like Geller and Spencer they place their trust in the same world capitalist system. Hell Netanyahu even places his trust in Obama who is coming to Israel in a week or so to ram home upon the Israelis this Nuclear Iran and this Nuclear Power which the Muslim Brotherhood will have.

They lead the Jews of the world in supporting and defending capitalism

netanyahu often comes under attack from the left and in that case we defend Netanyahu from the left. An example of this is a Jewish man called Barrie Nathan on the talk radio europe station and this Jewish man Nathan is always attacking Netanyahu because Nathan would prefer Livni or somebody.

No barrie Nathan the fault is not with the Jews the fault is with the “Palis” and the left who want to have Israel obliterated and Jews homeless which adds up to Genocide of the Jews.

We will defend all Jews under attack from Antisemitism. Barrie Nathan why do you not do sol and you call yourself a Jew. What gives Barrie Nathan?


This means in concrete terms the building of 4international.meI

Please urgently help and urgently get in touch. It is not hard write to me below and sign private…no problemo!