Crazy time in San Francisco as AFDI Counter Jihad ads launch on City buses, District Attorney, Board President Chiu, and City Leaders Hold Press Conference to Denounce Truth

What is the great crime of Pamela Geller? She is exposing the Jihad in places like Nigeria where the forces of Jihad are making life for Christians (poor ordinary Africans) so intolerable that they cannot venture out of their houses. They are terrified. There have been beheadings of Christians…many murders…more threats.

This is what the Churches should be exposing and fighting against day in day out but they are silent.

This should be a big story in the selection of a new Pope in Rome because there is a large Catholic component in Nigeria. Irish catholic missionaries have went out from Ireland over many decades to work for the Catholic Church there. Why are these present day Christians silent?

Why do they not come to help the campaign of Pamela Geller?

But read this from Atlas Shrugs which is the site of Geller. All the top leaders in San Francisco are uniting against her use of the First Amendment:

Crazy time in San Francisco as AFDI Counter Jihad ads launch on City buses, District Attorney, Board President Chiu, and City Leaders Hold Press Conference to Denounce Truth

How nuts are they in San Francisco? Plenty. But you already knew that. AFDI counter jihad ads went up in San Francisco today, and a host of city officials, including the District Attorney and several city lawmakers are holding a news conference today to denounce the latest round of bus ads purchased by our organization.

The slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Algeria et al — that doesn’t warrant a statement, let alone a press conference, but my ads do. Think about that. Hundreds of thousands dead, but it would be blasphemy to talk about. The slaughter in the cause of jihad is OK, but my talking about it is the problem.

Even worse, they are so out of their minds — the media has gotten the whole story and the ad wrong. CBS in San Francisco did a whole news segment here on the savage ad (!) going up on SF buses, saying we are calling all Muslims and Arabs in savages — which of course we never said. Crazy time, folks.

Love the ads? Contribute here.

District Attorney, Board President Chiu, and City Leaders to Denounce Islamophobic MUNI Ads

Who: District Attorney George Gascón
Board President David Chiu
Supervisor John Avalos
Supervisor London Breed
Supervisor Malia Cohen
Supervisor Jane Kim
Supervisor Scott Wiener
Supervisor Norman Yee
Ed Reskin, SFMTA
Theresa Sparks, SF Human Rights Commission

What: City leaders will hold a press conference to denounce
Islamophobic and racist advertisements by the American Freedom Defense
Initiative (AFDI). Last August, San Franciscans were outraged over AFDI
advertisements on MUNI that referred to Arabs and Muslims as “savages.”
The new ads scheduled to run on MUNI buses today wrongly suggest that all
Muslims are defined by extremism and violence. Board President David Chiu
will introduce a resolution condemning the anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim
advertisements at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

When: March 11, 2013

Where: Steps of San Francisco City Hall (Civic Center Side)
One Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102


Stephanie Ong Stillman
Director of Communications
Office of District Attorney George Gascón
850 Bryant Street, Third Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
415-553-1167 phone
415-740-5134 cell
415-553-1737 fax
Twitter: @SFDAoffice

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