One of the main attacks by Leon Trotsky on Stalin and Stalinism was that they continually lagged behind the events of the day, in other words the speed of events was continually too much for the Stalinists. But that also applies to the political situation today in general. For example some Jews today in Israel are arguing about “gay marriage”, these stuck in the past and dogmatic religious reactionaries do not see the danger from events in the very present as fast moving events swirl around them, and Syria is one, where if Qatar and Obama succeed in their attention, to put Assad on the run, then millions of Alawites and Christians will be butchered, as this extract from shows.

If true it is most alarming:

(START QUOTE) Members of Bashar Assad’s Alawite sect, their inhabitants, mainly women and children, have been fleeing en masse from their homes in fear of rebel retribution. They are making for the coastal towns of Tartus and Latakia which are still under regime control.
The question is for how long. In the third week of March, Russian warships stopped docking at the naval port of Tartus after finding its piers and facilities crowded with Alawite refugees who came up to the Russian seamen begging for food, water and medical aid.
From March 21, Russian warships on the Mediterranean were ordered to avoid Tartus and relocate their visits to Lebanon’s Beirut port.

The Saudi operation for shipping heavy rocket launchers from the Balkans to Aleppo is complicated.
The rockets are fixed to vehicles weighing 43.7 tons each. The rockets themselves are 7.6 meters long and weigh 800 kilograms.

To arrange the transfer of this heavy artillery to the rebels in Aleppo, Prince Bandar contacted Hakan Fidan, head of the MIT-Turkish National Intelligence Organization. They agreed to set up an overland route from the Balkans via Turkey and across the Syrian border to Aleppo, under the protection of the Turkish army.

Our sources report that Ankara’s initial refusal of cooperation was overcome with a sharp reminder by Prince Bandar of the scale of Turkish exports to Saudi Arabia and the damage to the Turkish economy of their potential suspension.

The news that Saudi Arabia was supplying Syrian rebels with heavy weapons stunned the Arab League summit taking place in Doha, Qatar this week, bringing it to a clamorous end, debkafile’s intelligence and Middle East sources reveal.

Saudi and Qatari delegates were heard hurling shrill abuse at one another and exchanging blows in private meeting rooms down the corridors of the assembly hall. The conference proceedings were abruptly halted as Arab delegation members pitched in to separate them. A total blackout was quickly drawn down on the summit as it broke up in disarray.

We of 4international are on the side of Israel in everything, the small Jewish Homeland, still hanging on, but look here what the Jewish leaders of Israel are doing. They stood aside on the defeat of Mubarak, they praised the murder of Gadhafi, they are now aiding Obama greatly through the mechanism of (post Obama recent visit to Israel) Netanyahu aiding Turkey, and they are largely silent on the plight of Assad AND NOT JUST ASSAD ALSO THE ALAWITE MINORITY AND CHRISTIAN MINORITY.

And this is widespread. Look across the Internet and you will find only our group 4international insisting that Assad must be defended. We say if Assad falls then there is a massive slaughter of Alawites and Christians. How hard is that to understand?

And if there is such a massacre of the Alawites will the Jews be far behind (also getting massacred) because remember Netanyahu is tied to Obama in stopping the Iran bomb, which Obama will not do, is opposed to doing, because Obama no matter what he says in public sees Iran with the Bomb and a balance of power, really a state of extreme uncertainty, in the Middle East. That causes an immediate race for all to have the Nuclear Bomb.

The lesson of Gadhafi remains. Remember that Gadhafi made an agreement, he gave up his Bomb technology, and the result!!!

Most proceed in a daydream. But for action there is a reaction etc., the old dictum but true, and the result of Obama literally betraying gadhafi and the previous agreement will play itself out for a long time.

Just like the people who put deposits into a Cyprus bank and lost, then when the rules are changed, there is a total loss of trust in world affairs.


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