William Walker of the CIA set up the “montage” of the Racak Massacre to lead into the months long bombing of Yugoslavia. Same is happening in Syria this morning.


Via Gates of Vienna there is this quote from Figaro


Syria: Anti-Assad operation has begun

By Isabelle Lasserre

According to our information, the regime’s opponents, supervised by Jordanian, Israeli and American commandos, have been moving towards Damascus since mid-August. This attack could explain the possible recourse to chemical weapons by the Syrian president.

If it is still too early to categorically rule out the argument put forward by Damascus and Moscow, who blame the massacre on the Syrian opposition, it is already possible to provide answers to a troubling question: What benefit would Assad have realized by launching an unconventional attack at the precise moment he had to allow UN inspectors — after being held up for several months — to investigate the use of chemical weapons?

First of all, operational logic. According to information obtained by Le Figaro, the first contingent of Syrian troops trained in guerrilla warfare by the Americans in Jordan have reportedly been sent into action since mid-August in southern Syria, in the region of Deraa. A first group of 300 men, undoubtedly supported by Israeli and Jordanian commandos, as well as by CIA operatives, crossed the border on August 17. A second was to have joined on the 19th. According to military sources, for several months the Americans, who do not want to put troops on the Syrian soil, nor arm any rebels controlled in part by radical Islamists, quietly assembled handpicked ASL fighters, the Free Syrian Army, in a training camp set up at the Jordanian-Syrian border.

Sense of impunity

During the summer their protégés have begun to push against Syrian battalions in the south, approaching the capital. “Their impact would now be felt in the Ghouta, where formations of the FSA were already at work, but really can make a difference on the outskirts of the fortifications of Damascus,” says David Rigoulet-Roze, a researcher at the French Institute for Strategic Analysis (IFAS).

According to this expert on the region, the idea proposed by Washington would be the possible establishment of a buffer zone separating the south of Syria, or even a no-fly zone, which would permit the opposition to train in complete security until the balance of power changes. This is the reason why the United States deployed Patriot batteries and F16s in Jordan in late June.

Recent military pressure exerted against al-Ghouta threatens the capital Damascus, the heart of the Syrian regime. In July the spokesman for President al-Assad publicly stated that the regime would not use chemical weapons in Syria “except in case of external aggression.” The intrusion of foreign agents into the south, for example…


This is combined with many articles in which are asserting that Assad used chemical weapons. Debka has become a website of liars which publishes articles which are based on information which it does not ever source


It is also combined with an article which appears on which has a Daniel Greenfield saying that “THERE IS NO DOUBT” that Assad used chemical weapons etc.


But Greenfield like Debka does not give any of his sources. The use of the words “there is no doubt” is an old and discredited journalist technique. If there is no doubt then Greenfield will have done his due research and will be happy to publish the proof with his sources named.


If Israel is involved in any way with the troops invading Syria then those Israeli troops will be under the direction of the CIA. That is American Imperialism CIA. That is American Imperialism CIA that hates Jews and hates Israel and seeks to place in power the Fatah branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Jews now like Ted Belman who edits Israpundit are faced with a moment of truth. Will they take up a position, the only correct for Jews position, of defending Assad from the combination of the Muslim Brotherhood (like Morsi and Erdogan) and the forces of British, French and US Imperialism?


Or will he do the opposite, that is line up WITH the Muslim Brotherhood against Assad?


There is no sitting on the fence. NATO is planning a repeat of what they did in the bombing of Yugoslavia following another fake scenario … The Racak Massacre which was masterminded as a fake and montage by the Central American CIA killer William Walker.


But more! The whole of the history of the Israeli Jewish movement over the past 20 years has been one of having to fight against such staged falsities, like Jenin where the PLO and the United Nations were claiming the Israelis had massacred thousands of Palestinian Arabs. or the El Dura lie. Or the Qana lies. Or the Beach Bombings. All staged for the Media.


We have recognised since the time of Georgia that this Israeli ruling class is a corrupt and snivelling thing, always crawling at the feet of US and EU Imperialism, never striking out and saying “This is what we must do”.


So if Figaro is correct then the Israeli ruling class are involved here too with the CIA and no doubt Erdogan, also Morsi until Sisi rightly kicked him and his murderers of Copts and burners of Coptic Chuches out.


Behind all of these betrayals of Jews by this Israeli rulers the Fascist Antisemites of Iran who hold all of their Holocaust Denying Events keep on preparing for the day when they have the Nuclear Bomb, and can end what they call the “Zionist Cancer”, or whatever words they chose to use, while the UN welcomes these Nazis into speak with the whole Media not saying a word.


If Israel thinks these Nazis are preparing a Nuclear Bomb then it has a right to go to war to prevent that.


Remember that Leon Trotsky wanted to move the Red Army across and stop Hitler from taking State Power in 1933. Chamberlain thought that a talk with Hitler would convince Hitler. But some ideologies cannot be talked to.


I think that this is the case with Iran. I also think that that is the true Trotskyist position to take.


As against that we on warn that the group called is NOT Trotskyist. They are even today providing a cover for the Iranian Bomb Planned Holocaust of the Jews in our era. See the last sentence in this by Alex Lantier

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