In Spain there is an unemployment rate among youth who have left college of 70 per cent and it is the same in Greece and Portugal. Note that in these countries there is an elite which continues to live in some wealth. These are conditions sooner or later for a mass social upheaval but not revolution, just a dead end, because there is no revolutionary party to lead.


This reflects the world. The US is the leader of capitalism today. The US seeks to undermine all opposition to it on a world scale and to rule unfettered. Leaders like Gadhafi who oppose the US but note are not socialist in any way pose a problem and must be put down. Assad is the same difficulty for these Fascist World Leaders as is the US and also must be put down.


Why does Assad fight? This has nothing at all to do with Iran or Hizbullah. It is because Assad is an Alawite minority and must seek a secular answer in Syria. This is why the Christian Syrians to a man support Assad, an Alawite Muslim. Assad above all stands for secularism/


This is the type of leader that the US must destroy but why?


The reason the US turns against Assad is that the great friend and ally of US is the Muslim Brotherhood, which in turn is a Fascist Movement.


The Muslim Brotherhood was the closest ally of the Nazis as they carried out the Industrial Killing of the Jews in the Holocaust. The MB want a THEOCRATIC state with Sharia Law installed.


Why does that suit the US as it seeks a world government of total control. The reason is that the Muslim Brotherhood, and indeed Islam and its Koran, is above all an ideology and government of total control, control in the first instance of poor Muslims.


Europe has lost totally its independence. Ideologically leaders like Cameron and Hague are no longer English. They are the tools of US power. They want bread crumbs from the table.


A country like Spain has totally lost its independence. The 70% unemployment rate among youth can never be fixed under world capitalism.


In the 1930s Spain joined with Hitler to put down the workers. The Stalinists also murdered all the socialist leaders. Leaders like Andres Nin in Barcelona. The whole leadership around Trotsky was wiped out in the Camps by the Stalinists. Trotsky’s whole family were also lost. Many shot by the Stalinists.


What will Spain do in this period? It is already showing us and is joining the US.


Yugoslavia showed us all that the United Nations is part of this planned world Fascist Government. Yugoslavia also showed that the UN and NATO are one and the same thing.


Assad should never have allowed the UN Inspectors into his country. He was weak there. He was pressured to do this by Putin. The Russian Government also betrayed the Serbs and set them up to be conquered where the Serbs have lost their patriotic heart in Kosovo.


Funny that! This new NATO US power want the Jews also out of their heart and soul, which is Judea and Samaria.


This war on Assad is more than a war on Assad. It also leads in to NATO Fascist power, which involves a new Holocaust of the Jews, because please remember what I said, this new NATO Fascism will rule along with Islam, just as Hitler tried to do.


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  1. Blowback by Christopher Simpson
  2. Palestine by Mallman and Cuppers (deals with a plan to exterminate the Jews)

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