According to the Zionist pro-Israeli writer based in the US Ken Timmerman in the Daily Worker it was a carefully planned plot that is now coming undone as US plans a strike then scrambles to provide the evidence. Very similar to Srebrenica and Racak in Yugoslavia that led to months of bombing. That led to extension of NATO power into the Balkans. One of the vehicles was and I personally on 4international disputed their story and pointed to having become an organ or conduit for US Intelligence.

This is the report by Timmerman who does not identify but I did over a week ago.

(This is combined with many articles in which are asserting that Assad used chemical weapons. Debka has become a website of liars which publishes articles which are based on information which it does not ever source…yria/)

This report is of great moment for Irish people given the valuable research that Irish militia people were involved also with the Rebels, really the Muslim Brotherhood, which chimes in with the training of the Libyan Jihadist Mahdi Al-Harati on Irish soil and his financing by the CIA, who is likely involved as we speak in Syria with these Irish Militia Jihadist Scum and actual total traitors to the Irish Nation.

Fools will say “Oh but they wouldn’t kill their own people”. Well they did. The Islamist side around Izetbegovic drove shells into their own people in the famous Market Bombings in Bosnia. This was proved by no less than a UN Inquiry but that Inquiry was totally buried by the Media. The rocket shell trajectory was clearly from Islamist not Serb lines. The carnage (of poor Muslims) was horrible. The Media were on standby to report as the work of the evil Milosevic…replace Milosevic with Assad and you get the method. It was in fact of the Islamist Izetbegovic, it is not very smart and is being repeated time and again. The key factor is of course a compliant Media. People like the Dublin born Maggie O’Kane made their reputation and promotion by such reporting.





By Ken Timmerman, THE DAILY CALLER

The Obama administration has selectively used intelligence to justify military strikes on Syria, former military officers with access to the original intelligence reports say, in a manner that goes far beyond what critics charged the Bush administration of doing in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq war.

According to these officers, who served in top positions in the United States, Britain, France, Israel, and Jordan, a Syrian military communication intercepted by Israel’s famed Unit 8200 electronic intelligence outfit has been doctored so that it leads a reader to just the opposite conclusion reached by the original report.

The doctored report was leaked to a private Internet-based newsletter that boasts of close ties to the Israeli intelligence community, and led to news reports that the United States now had firm evidence showing that the Syrian government had ordered the chemical weapons attack on August 21 against a rebel-controlled suburb of Damascus.

The doctored report was picked up on Israel’s Channel 2 TV  on Aug. 24, then by Focus magazine in Germany, the Times of Israel, and eventually by The Cable  in Washington, DC.

According to the doctored report, the chemical attack was carried out by the 155th Brigade of the 4th Armored Division of the Syrian Army, an elite unit commanded by Maher al-Assad, the president’s brother.

However, the original communication intercepted by Unit 8200 between a major in command of the rocket troops assigned to the 155th Brigade of the 4th Armored Division, and the general staff, shows just the opposite.

The general staff officer asked the major if he was responsible for the chemical weapons attack. From the tone of the conversation, it was clear that “the Syrian general staff were out of their minds with panic that an unauthorized strike had been launched by the 155th Brigade in express defiance of their instructions,” the former officers say.

According to the transcript of the original Unit 8200 report, the major “hotly denied firing any of his missiles” and invited the general staff to come and verify that all his weapons were present.

The report contains a note at the end that the major was interrogated by Syrian intelligence for three days, then returned to command of his unit. “All of his weapons were accounted for,” the report stated.

The New York Times reported this morning  that the White House is now backing off its claims to have a “smoking gun that directly links President Bashar al-Assad to the attack.”

The new argument is more deductive: since the Assad regime has chemical weapons and chemical weapons were used in Mouadhamiya, therefore the Syrian regime must have been the ones to use them.

But even that line of reasoning falls down when confronted with evidence known to the U.S. intelligence community, and presumably, to Congress.

An Egyptian intelligence report describes a meeting in Turkey between military intelligence officials from Turkey and Qatar and Syrian rebels. One of the participants states, “there will be a game changing event on August 21st” that will “bring the U.S. into a bombing campaign” against the Syrian regime.

The chemical weapons strike on Moudhamiya, an area under rebel control, took place on August 21. “Egyptian military intelligence insists it was a combined Turkish/Qatar/rebel false flag operation,” said a source familiar with the report.

The White House has gone to great lengths to shut down any independent investigation of the facts.

A UN inspection team was on the ground in Damascus on August 21 when the Moudhamiya attack occurred, where they were awaiting authorization from the Syrian government to visit sites of earlier alleged chemical weapons attacks.

Once word of Moudhamiya broke and the inspectors announced they planned to refocus their investigation on the fresh attack rather than the earlier ones, the White House was telling the UN to back off from gathering the facts.




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