We said on that Obama would strike with full force against the small country of Syria, and (we were most explicit) do so on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood.


This is exactly what is happening. the gas attack in Damascus was a montage which we also said from the very first moments we heard about it. This was before the massive evidence that it was a set-up against Assad came flooding in. How did we know?


We knew this very well because we had studied the actions of NATO in Yugoslavia in crushing a small nation and replacing it with pliant NATO sub-states. The Markele market bombings of Muslims BY Muslims was an almost exact copy.


Of course Obama and Kerry know all this very well because they were involved in the montage in Damascus from the beginning.


The intention was to have Britain and US bomb Assad to such a severe extent that it would be a walkover for Al Qaeda to take over Syria.


Then would follow, make NO mistake, the slaughter of millions of Christians and Alawites. A bus load of Kurds in Northern Syria who have been defending their areas against the Rebels have been taken from the bus and beheaded, including children, and including a child of a few months with its mother.


One thing that has happened is that the British general public which includes the British working class said NO. Something very similar is happening in America… here also there is a majority against the war among the American public.


This will not stop Obama who works on different levels, one of which is ambition, and since in Egypt he was defeated by el Sisi, he needs now to press ahead and try to rescue his Presidency. As events develop towards world nuclear war the Americans may well impeach this man. Nixon was nothing in comparison.


This however will require a new and indeed Trotskyist leadership in America


Note  very well that Ed Snowden is really a youth, a young man, and Obama is losing the support of this age group, which had actually helped to put him into power in the first place, with all the blarney about a black man becoming president. That is now no more.


Also note that Snowden was rescued from US Imperial wrath by Russia. That event alone has as content US Imperial Nuclear War against Russia.


The similarity to Hitler is amazing. Note how Obama is by passing the United Nations. Just as Hitler rubbished the League of Nations. a Trotskyist movement is now campaigning against this coming most serious war against Syria which as the crisis in capitalism gets worse is going to morphe itself into a world war, which will be a Nuclear World War, in which Iranian Nuclear Bombs will be used against Israel. Readers of this blog should now order on Kindle a book called The Last Israelis.


We on despite the huge betrayals of Jews at present by corrupt leaders remain totally opposed to the anti-Semitism coming out of Iran and issue a warning to all Jews to take measures to stop Iran getting its Nuclear Bomb.


We agree with Melanie Philips, in order to hit Iran you hit Iran, and NOT SYRIA.

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