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UK media: A British woman commands Nairobi mall terrorists        

DEBKAfile             September 23, 2013
Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs shows how there are teams of PLO supporters in every country who are stopping the people from understanding the nature of Islam. Pamela writes here something of this process in America but the same exists in Ireland, Britain and every European country

The very week that the Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR issued a report deriding opponents of jihad,  and most particularly Representative Peter King’s hearings on jihad recruitment of Muslims to Somalia for terror training, came the horrific news that American Muslims were part of the Muslim militia that slaughtered non-Muslims (mostly women and children) in attack on an upscale mall frequented by Westerners in Nairobi. CAIR and their affiliated orgs are the jihad enemy within working to disarm us.Nihad Awad, founder and and Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic  Relations (CAIR), who has said “I am in support of the Hamas movement more than the PLO,” fiercely attacks and smears those who are working to keep us safe from these devout savages. In CAIR’s “Legislating Fear” report, they devote an entire section to Representative Peter King’s “anti-Muslim” hearings.



Known as the White Widow, she is identified as Samantha Lewthwaite, a Muslim convert and daughter of a British military officer. She is named as leader of the terrorist assault on Nairobi’s exclusive Westgate mall now it its third day. Lewthwaite is the widow of the al Qaeda bomber Jermaine Lindsay who blew himself up in the July 7,2005 attacks on the London transport system, killing 26 people. She is said to have moved to Somalia in recent years and joined the al Qaeda-linked Al Shabaab movement.

Poor people are being destroyed now by the hour by these killers of Islam. Lewthwaite is the “White Widow” of the July 7, 2005 attacks in London, the same attacks which were called a “Red Flag” operation by conspiracy thinkers.

If there is a change since 9-11 it is that more and more recruits are coming out of the western countries of America and Europe. This is therefore connected to the issue of immigration and to the role of those pushing Islam in America and Europe.

Issue of immigration…it is predicted that Sweden will by over 50 per cent immigrant by 2050, that is in just over 30 years time, but until then expect complete havoc there. Where does support for this come from is a major question facing Trotskyists today? From the bankrupt social democrats…but then also explain people like John McCain???

Obama is top of the list here in this Kenya situation. Obama was totally silent on Kenya even though his brother is heavily involved in Kenya. Why the silence from Obama? Is Obama a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or is it that he is just very sympathetic to Islam.

Note also in this the role of the Hague Kangaroo Court where the leaders of Kenya are being persecuted by the Court,a  product of NATO, just as the Jihadists murder the family of the Kenyan President. The Hague Kangaroo Court are thus helping the Jihad. Remember how they helped the Jihad against the Serbs.

It follows from this Nairobi attack by the Somali killers that the next step will be similar attacks in America and Europe.

The Fascist pro-Islam left is silent. Indymedia Ireland has not mentioned it. Nor has the IPSC.

The website is apologising for Islam and for these killers. Read this:

Al Shabab, which was established in 2006 and has been formally aligned with Al Qaeda from 2012, claimed responsibility for the attacks via Twitter. Al Shabab means youth or “the lads” in Arabic. The organization’s ranks are filled with impoverished youth and led by jihadist operatives with ties to US-backed Arab regimes.

Yes they may be “IMPOVERISHED YOUTH” as the wsws call them, but the crimes of Islam have been going on since its formation by Mohammed. That is what the Fascist Left is ignoring and also obscuring. Note there is no anger from wsws to these Kenya killings. They besmirch the name of Trotsky!

It is the same method as the BBC referring continually to these Islam Killers as “MILITANTS”

Yes you can call them militants, but that is to obscure what Islam is historically.

To gain an historical understanding of what Islam is you need to go right back to the campaigns of Mohammed, and especially the genocide in the very formation of Islam of the Jews in Arabia of the time.

While Obama sits and says nothing about the Kenya massacre he is moving in the direction of meeting with the Iranian monster, but the Iranian monster is using Obama and Europe to give them a little more time to create the Iranian Nuclear Bomb.

Hence back to the Genociding of the Jews, at the very heart of Islam.

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