Israel cannot simply sit and wait while Obama and Putin provide the cover for Iran to equip itself with 20% enriched plutonium.

We should say with a large quantiry of 20% enriched plutonium.

Say to simplify that quantity produces enough to make 20 or 30 Nuclear Bombs, then what has to brought into the picture is that Iran has made great progress in developing the rocketry to deliver.

Add to that the real certainty that Iran has been working on suitcase type Nuclear Bombs. This is certain because at the centre of Iranian thinking has always been and is suicide bombers.


Obama, the black man with the lovely daughters, so loved by the Media, has Split the world apart and his actions threaten the human race.

Israel and Netanyahu know very well that they cannot influence Obama in the slightest. They know that Iran is now home and dried with Obama and Netanyahu at the side of Iran.

They know that Iran now virtually has the Nuclear Bombs to threaten Israel.

Note NOT threaten Russia and NOT threaten America.

It would in the future but not now. Remember that Hitler was not stupid either. At times Hitler moved with caution and above all one step at a time. He was a clever instinctive leader. So are the crafty Mullahs.

With material at 20 per cent and with thousands of counterfuges ready to go that can be transformed into weapon grade in two simple runs, 20 to 40, 40 to 80 and so on.


The rocketry all set up and ready to go. All questions of ignition etc. already solved.


All that is possible and Obama is fully aware of this.


Part of this situation will be the Obama demand to strip Israel of its Nuclear defence.


Assad fights simply to survive. It has never been his or the Syrain tribes fault that they had to fight to survive against Imperialism and the Sharia…driven into a corner with Iran, and of course Assad still Antisemitic like almost all Arabs…but note his grandfather was not, he was pro-Zionist. This dramatic change has happened inside a generation or so.


The axis is not just Iran…Hizbullah…Assad, it is that PLUS Obama…AND THE FASCIST LEFT which latter includes Stalinism…that is Putin!


What to do…rest assured that Israel will strike against Iran and it will be assisted by Saudi Arabia. The BIG lesson in this is Mubarak. Abdullah will NEVER forgive Obama, Cameron and the Mullahs for the overthrow of Mubarak.


It is not that Netanyahu is brave, it is rather that Israel has no choice if it is to survive. In fact the Saudis also have no choice if they too want to survive.


Jews and socialists must prepare for Israel to make war on Iran and 4international alone on the left will back it unconditionally in every forum in which we have a voice.


As if that was not totally serious enough place it also takes place in the context of revolution against Obama in America. Speaking of revolution expect now many red scares such as that of Diana West and her much discussed book, the red scare of the Daily Mail, and this tempo is going to pick up. There will be many Red Scares and really strange subjects will be accused of being Commies!


That is our times! Accept that and prepare!

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