As we move quickly towards the eventful Kristallnacht75 (November 9-10) it is clear to me that the Zionist movement of Israel has completely lost its bearings, from especially the hay day of Herzl, and is both confused and politically bankrupt as it moves towards this great commemoration and event. Posed in front of the Jews is again a great killing of the Jews which could well be at the hands of an Iranian Nuclear Bomb, which we can now say is being sponsored by Barack Obama, which the Media and sections of the American population placed in power. Where the Zionist bourgeois pundits of today are making the big mistake is to see Obama as something new, when in fact he is only the continuation of the other Presidents, and especially of George Bush Junior. In fact Sharon opposed the Bush invasión of Iraq, and told Bush so, but he did not announce his opposition publicly, and that is the essence of the problema, these Zionist leaders can never break openly with capitalism. So even though Sharon KNEW that the Iraqi invasión by Bush would be disastrous for Israel, because he kept it PRIVATE, the majority of Jewish Zionist leaders were giving confusing messages tot he whole world, even more fatal.


It is almost unbelievable that Israeli leaders are now in talks with the descendents of Hajj Amin el Husseini in the form of Abbas, the PLO, Hamas in the background, the Muslim Brotherhood everywhere, and that these talks are taking place in order to slice a huge part of historical Israel away from the Jews, that is of course Judea and Samaria. Note that 4international insists as a Trotskyist movement in saying JUDEA and SAMARIA and not the West Bank. As Aaron Klein says the west bank of what, of only the place known as Jordan, previously Transjordan, which was tricked away from the Jews by the British via the British Mandate, because the San Remo Treaty of 1920 which predated the formal Mandate made (1924) present Jordan part of the Jewish Homeland. Now these despicable Zionist leaders of today like Netanyahu and Livni are even trading a slice of what is left, in the hopes of what, that Arab Palestinians will set up a state and live at peace with Jews, some hope!, when that state by demand of Abbas and these Arab Palestinians will be Judenfrei. Thus these Arab Palestinians complete the circle, they were created by the Nazis (Hajj Amin el Husseini), they are descended from the Nazis, they wish to kill Jews, Arab Palestinian Nationalism is THAT sort of nationalism, it can never be called national liberaation in any sense.


But Zionism does remain the national liberation of the Jews. The main problem is simply one of leadership. These present leaders of Zionism have betrayed the national liberation of the Jews. In the second half of the 1930s Leon Trotsky explained Fascism accurately, that the Fascism of the Nazis meant that Jews had to get out of Europe, that Jews would get no help from the Governments of the world, and that the Jews had to reach Palestine and thereby defend themselves from what he called, specifically, Mohammedanism. Anybody who says that Trotsky was or would ever be sympathetic to Arab Palestinians is telling a lie. Otherwie why would he be warning not only about the German Nazis but also about the Arab Islamists.


One of the most serious aspects of the crisis of the Zionist leaders of today is that they are promoters of the bankrupt capitalist system, and thus they are also active on behalf of the movement of capitalism to encircle and destroy both China and Russia, because although these are now capitalist countries, they are still the places where the socialist revolution surfaced. This is the great weakness and indeed downright counter revolutionary nature of people like Caroline Glick. No matter how many good things Glick says, and she does, she is still a pro capitalist hater of the Russian Revolution simple as that.


A new leadership is needed. 4international over many years has a very proud history. We have always defended Zionism as a national liberation movement. But Zionism must be tied tot he world revolutionary socialist movement and away from religious obscurantism if it is to give real leadership to the Jews. We say as a solution Keep you old religión if you want, certainly in every way keep your Jewish culture, but do not try to stop Jews from learning politics. On the other hand…We said defend Mubarak against the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama, we said defend Ben Ali, Gadhafi, Gaghbo, Assad, all of these against the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama. These positions meant that we became close in practice at many times to Jewish Zionist libertarians like Pamela Geller and many others too.


We said also defend Milosevic on the same basis, against Izetbegovic and against Clinton.


Very simply the Zionist leaders, and Caroline Glick is a very good example of this, were unable to take a single one of these positions. Now we say that immediately Netanyahu must withdraw Livni and above all himself and his government from these talks. Netanyahu must break totally and in public from Obama because Obama is clearly sponsoring the Iranian Nuclear Bomb. What precisely is Feiglin doing except refusing to make these calls. When Glenn Beck went to Israel to support the Jews feiglin opposed him because he was a Christian. Now the Christians are being massacred and these Zionist leaders are largely quiet. Israel should now be at the Forefront of the fight to defend Assad and insisting that Assad break from Hezbollah and Iran. Israel needs to also be quite explicit in defending and supporting the Egyptian Military because they find themselves in a life and death struggle against the Muslim Brotherhood, against Hamas and Iran, and essentially against Abbas.


As regards Abbas this is the clearest sign that present Zionism is bankrupt. There is no alternative to a fight. The Arabs are still based on the ideas of the Nazis, that the Jews are evil, and that the Jews must be eliminated as in the Holocaust. Arrest and expel Abbas for the crime of Holocaust Denial.


As we approach Kristallnacht 75 that simple true fact has not ever sunk in except among a few.


We on 4international repeat…there is never any other alternative…you have to fight to defend what is your right. This means immediate changes in Israel. Jews must see that they are in no way special. That the idea that they were chosen by some supernatural being is a laugh. That Jews are simply one brave nation and are part of humanity as equals, and as equals we all face a capitalist system which drive US ALL Jew and non Jew towards dictatorship. The enemy of all of us is the Muslim Brotherhood and the machinations of the NED and other forces of American Imperialism, which are having such an effect on our lives.


Furthermore Jews must at last begin to see the truth…which is that rather tan being “chosen” they are part of humanity, and that human beings are no more than animals, part of the animal and vegetable world, the real world. That is we humans, and every Jew that ever lived, is an animal, an animal with a larger brain, and that humans did not get that brain by choice, but rather much more by accident. Now humans with our large brains under capitalism will destroy the world in following the profit motive, and under socialist, that is the socialist DICTATORSHIP of the proletariat, will save the world and créate a real heaven on earth.


That is the only road for all Jews and for all humans.


Join and build, the only Trotskyist movement in the world today.

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