www.4international.me stands in defence of the Russian people as it faces the Jihad, that is the same Jihad which hit New York, London, Madrid, Nigeria and so many other places.


But it’s islamophobia — that’s the real problem.

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2nd deadly blast hits Russian city of Volgograd ahead of 2014 Sochi Olympics,” By CNN, December 30, 2013

These Muslims are cowards and it takes no courage at all to murder innocent people as the are doing.

The Jihad is raging and it is also raging against Jews in Israel.

What a shameful thing it was then for Caroline Glick in Israel to write just days ago a spiteful article against Putin. Glick has shown herself up most seriously.

On the other hand Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer show themselves to be the most principled.


Defend Putin against these attacks! defend Russia against the Jihad!



Video footage from the scene Monday showed the twisted shell of the blue trolleybus, with debris spread around it. The impact of the blast blew out the roof of the bus, as well as windows of several nearby houses. At least 15 people were reported to be wounded.

Based on the footage, the blast appeared to have occurred in the back half of the bus. It was most likely caused by an explosive left inside the vehicle, Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee told RIA Novosti.

Investigators said the train station blast Sunday appeared to have been caused by a suicide bomber, who may have been female.

Markin told Ria Novosti that DNA testing will be carried out on the remains of the bomber, who used the equivalent of 10 kilograms of TNT in a device containing shrapnel. Investigators say they also found an unexploded grenade at the scene.

Video taken from an outside security camera shows a huge fireball inside what appears to be the main entrance of the three-story stone building followed by a steady trail of smoke coming out shattered windows.

The approaching Olympics

The deadly explosions come ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, which is situated less than 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) southwest of Volgograd. The Games will take place between February 7 and 24.

Once called Stalingrad, Volgograd is a major rail hub in the region, and each day thousands of passengers pass through the station, many on their way to Moscow.





The title to our article is true. The more Israeli leaders keep talking with the US Government then the more it enters into a serious trap.

Both the US Government and the EU Governments are Antisemitic.

Moreover they are promoting the “Palestinians” but there are NO Palestinians, there are only Palestinian Arabs.

Furthermore,  the Palestinians in that sense are the most serious weapon of Antisemitism today.

That is the position of our movement www.4international.me, and if you agree with this position, get in touch, because we are planning to launch a Theoretical Journal in 2014, which will explore in an educational way these issue


read this article by debka.com



US prepares to pay Netanyahu back for Iran campaign, using Palestinian issue as bludgeon
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis December 28, 2013, 12:31 PM (IDT)
Tags:                                                             Binyamin Netanyahu,                                                                                  Barack Obama,                                                                                  Israel-Palestinian talks,                                                                                  John Kerry,                                                                                  Iran nuclear,                                                                                     
Binyamin Netanyahu braces for personal US backlash on Iran                                                

Binyamin Netanyahu braces for personal US backlash on Iran


The Obama administration is preparing to settle scores with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu,  for his campaign against US-led nuclear diplomacy with Iran, by holding him to blame for the impasse in Israel-Palestinian negotiations. This will ignore the uniform assessments by US and Israeli intelligence analysts that it is the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas who is holding out against all Secretary of State John Kerry’s Herculean efforts for a peace accord with Israel, say debkafile’s Washington and Jerusalem sources.

Abbas (Abu Mazen) is sure that he can get more from the international community by diplomatic manipulation and effective propaganda. He believes he holds enough cards and leverage to manage without having to reach terms for deals with the US or Israel. He is only playing along with the Americans and Israelis for one purpose – not to lose US and other Western financial assistance. Earlier this month, the European Union said it would discontinue the $1 billion annual contribution to the Palestinian Authority if a peace accord with Israel was not signed within a year. Abbas appreciates that the Europeans would follow the American lead for an aid cutoff. The US-EU aid packages totaling $1.5 billion account for nearly all of the PA’s regular revenue. The most up-to-date intelligence data reaching Washington and Jerusalem confirm that if Abbas were to find an alternative source of income, he would grab it and drop out of the peace negotiations like a shot. But the Obama administration and Netanyahu government alike are ignoring these assessments and pressing on with the talks, mindful of the end-of-April deadline set for reaching the finishing line.

This gap between reality and wishful thinking provides fertile ground for groundless speculation, such as the conjecture which drags the long-serving Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard into the equation in the form of a rumor that Washington may consider releasing him as a reward for Israel’s consent to release certain convicted Palestinian terrorists, including Israeli Arab citizens.

Another such rumor is that the US will put before the parties next month a final plan for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli dispute.

According to debkafile’s Washington sources, Kerry refuses to be discouraged by Abbas’s evasions and has indeed drafted a non-binding five-page working paper, which is not a plan. He will put it before Netnayahu and Abbas early next month without asking for any commitments for or against the outline.

Both will be invited to record their reservations and comments. This will supply the fodder for extending the negotiations for several more months after the first six-month period expires.

Sitting on Netanyahu’s desk too, according to our sources, is a confidential report on the Obama administration’s plans for personal retribution for the offensive he pursued against the signing of an accord to provide Iran with legitimacy for its nuclear program.

Washington plans to get back at the Israeli prime minister by pinning on him – not Abbas – the blame for the inevitable impasse in the talks with the Palestinians. He will be depicted as a political failure who heads a dysfunctional government and a serial denier of peace.

This smear campaign will be conducted internationally and in Israel, by rallying Israel’s foes abroad and Netanyahu’s political enemies at home.

debkafile has heard from a high-placed source in Jeruslem that these plans are viewed in Jerusalem as “highly problematical.” They see Israeli and American media and other personalities recruited for a personal, political vendetta against the prime minister at a level well outside acceptable bounds – even when governments disagree.

Netanyahu is well aware that the Palestinian question is not the issue. He knows he is facing the music – politically and personally – from the Obama administration for his effort to sway the US Congress against the policy of US rapprochement with a regime in Tehran which is dedicated to Israel’s extinction. Administration sources explain that Netanyahu will be receiving a dose of his own medicine and this is legitimate.

So, as John Kerry prepares to pay his 12th or 13th visit to Israel and Ramallah, Netanyahu faces three dilemmas:

1.  Iran keeps on bragging that the Geneva accord brought its nuclear program and right to enrich uranium nternational acceptance, while at the same time flouting its provisions right and left.  Cutting-edge centrifuges have been installed for speeding the enrichment of uranium close to weapons-grade, and the construction of the heavy water reactor in Arak continues apace. The Iranians are capitalizing on the failure of the Geneva conference to set a date for the onset of the interim six-month period for further negotiations, and using the time to further their military nuclear projects.

The Geneva accord was designed to disqualify the military option for ending Iran’s chase after nuclear weapons. So what happens now? 2.  The level of Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israelis is expected by all intelligence branches to escalate. However, the Israeli government and military are tied hand and foot by the formality of ongoing US-sponsored peace talks with the Palestinians. Although they know exactly who is pulling the wires behind the current violence, the Israeli military can’t strike at its heart. And so Israeli officials and military spokesmen are resorting to euphemist depictions, such as “popular, disorganized violence, to avoid action.

3.  The US campaign of deprecation against the Israeli government and its head has begun. How to deal with it?


The discussion on the very important Israpundit site has been hijacked by a clique surrounding a person calling himself Yamit82, also involved is a person calling himself Bernard Ross and there are others, all forming an obvious clique.


This is indeed sad because there is need for open and fair discussion at this time.


The editor Ted Belman is clearly not in agreement with this clique. Belman performs a very useful service by airing a wide range of topics on Israpundit but discussion has now become arguably impossible.


You can see this clearly on http://www.israpundit.com/archives/63592654/comment-page-1#comments


Anyway I wanted to make that clear to our readers on http://www.4international.me


I wanted to send all our support to Ted Belman and Israpundit. We have the same aim which is for Jews to be able to live unmolested by Antisemitism.


One of the strange themes that this clique on Israpundit developed in recent years (which was pushed especially by Robinson) was that the Arab Spring and all the in-fighting among Arabs actually, he said, strengthened Israel.


Robinson kept on at this week after week.


This also led to a strengthening of the Yamit82 person who called for Israel to take up no position on Egypt, that is not to defend Mubarak, leading on to not supporting General el-Sisi in his present suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood.


We on 4international thought all of this most strange. Why should Israel not state openly its open and bold support for the suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood, and do so from a position of INDEPENDENCE!


How could Israel being encircled by Fascist Muslim Brotherhood states not weaken Israel, endanger Israel!


In fact read any article on Jihadwatch or on Pamela Geller´s Atlas Shrugs and you will see the opposite to Robinson…they are most worried for Israel.


As just today this on Pamela Geller´s Atlas Shrugs shows that she is most worried!





And the war in Syria spreads to Lebanon. Soon it will engulf the whole Middle East.

Nabil Mounzer / EPA

“Ex-ambassador to US killed in Lebanon bomb blast; four others slain,” NBC News, December 27, 2013

A car bombing in the Lebanese capital Friday targeted a key opponent to Syrian President Bashar Assad. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports. By Mustafa Kassem and Alastair Jamieson, NBC News


As usual Pamela Geller, the courageous blogger from New York, is leading the way.

This post by Geller is about a number of things:

1. The American and European ruling clases are rowing in behind Islam. They are now supporting Islam as the new great hope for humanity.

The American and European ruling elites are now fully on the side of the Iranian Mullahs.

2. My reasoning about this is thus: If these elites are on the side of Islam and the Mullahs, which represses the Iranian workers, women and youth without any mercy, then this is not an accident. What then may be the reasons?

3. I suggest: They fear a collapse of their own system. They fear massive opposition to their rule from many sources. They also fear economic collapse given the debt which America is running on.

There is now a continual cover up of the issue of Islam especially in its attitude to Christians living in the Middle East. These Christians are being driven out.

The present Pope Francis is a Jesuit and he has proved to be basically a supporter of these Christians being driven out of the Middle East, from countries such as Iraq, because he has done hardly anything. FRANCIS IS RELATIVELY SILENT.

Pope Francis should have said that his Christian flock was being decimated by Islam and that the only thing Christians should do now is join with the Jews, and defend Israel as a haven for Christians and Jews against Sharia. He should have said that even not all can live in Israel, but if Israel falls … it will be the total end of Christians in the Middle East too.

What lies behind the EU in this article being such slavish supporters of the Iranian Hanging Mullahs? I think it is the same as the Vatican, the same as the American ruling class led at present by Obama (but whoever leads it is the same because all of them from Reagan to Carter were the same Antisemites), and I think that sameness quality is Antisemitism.

The real and actual history of the Left is NOT Antisemitic.

Karl Marx was not an Antisemite! Far from it! Karl Marx opposed the Anarchist Bakunin over this very issue. Karl Marx fought for Jews in Prussia to have full political rights. Just as the politically correct crowd did with the British poet Philip Larkin you can go over his private letters etc. and pick out one or two quotes. These gangsters, I mean intelectual gangsters, did that with Larkin to “prove” he was a racist. THAT is NOT history got it!

Those people who Pamela sometimes calls “leftist” are not of the historical left at all. Before we go any further in the anti-Jihad movement let us get historical accuracy on this. If we do not have historical accuracy we have nothing. Support www.4international.me and help us to get a theoretical journal running which will clear up these historical untruths

I am a socialist to the very nth degree and yet i opposed totally the Geneva deal with Iran. To further illustrate my position my comments opposing the deal were kicked off the Facebook Page of “Talk Radio Europe” also known as TRE, and it is a commercial and totally capitalist concern (it relies for existence on business adverts) and believe it or not it is owned by a Jewish man Martin Nathan.

People should not just follow the crowd but should start to have historical accuracy and general accuracy. I wish Pamela and Robert would be more careful in their terminology especially their use of the Word “leftist”.


No halt to executions while EU delegation visits Iran


Stunning, 38 death sentences were carried out during a six day visit to Tehran by the European Parliament delegation ….. Europe comfortably reverts to it’s heinous past.

While oppositive activists in Iran consider “the current U.S. administration is among the weakest in U.S. history”.

No halt to executions while EU delegation visits Iran,” By Mosa Zahed,  UPI, December 26, 2013 (thanks to Philip)

LONDON, Dec. 26 (UPI) — Last week a European Parliament delegation returned from a six-day visit to Tehran, the first official visit to Iran in more than six years.The five-member delegation was led by the chairwoman of European Parliament’s friendship delegation with Iran, Tarja Cronberg from Finnish Greens and included Cornelia Ernst, German communist; Isabelle Durant, Belgian Greens; Marietje Schaake, Dutch Liberals; and Josef Weidenholzer, Austrian Social Democrats.

During their Dec. 13-18 visit at least 38 death sentences were carried out official Iranian media sources said. This while many executions in prisons are conducted in secret and news of those is rarely released.

Many MEPs including those from the Group of the European People’s Party, the largest in the European Parliament, refused to go to Iran in protest of the country’s gross human rights violations.

Some analysts argue that this rare visit took place in the context of the Geneva talks, which are aimed at normalizing relations between Iran and the West by convincing the ayatollahs to give up their nuclear ambitions. However, others have pointed out that for the Iranian side, the ultimate goals of the Geneva talks remain breaking sanctions, forcing the West to accept a nuclear Iran and eliminating chances for regime change by the democratic opposition.

Opposition activists suggest that since “the current U.S. administration is among the weakest in U.S. history” Iran wants to use the opportunity to enhance its hegemony over the region and would thus warmly welcome any lifting of the crippling sanctions that have delayed its nuclear weapons ambitions.


They claim that by offering lucrative oil and natural gas contracts, the regime wants to intimidate the West, particularly the European Union, to ease the sanctions. Countries such as Sweden, traditionally seen as human rights advocates, have placed themselves first in line. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt recently declared that he sees no problem in removing the sanctions as early as January. Other countries, such as Italy, have already sent foreign ministers to seize business opportunities if the sanctions are lifted.

To help the European delegation justify their visit, the Iranian Foreign Ministry took two former political prisoners, Nasrin Sotoudeh and Jafar Panahi, winners of the European Parliament’s prestigious Sakharov Prize, to the Greek Embassy in Tehran to meet with them discreetly.

Upon her return from Tehran, Cronberg made contradictory remarks in Brussels in favor of the “moderate” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. She praised him for keeping his “promise to improve human rights” by freeing a handful of political prisoners, something observers had stressed was part of his charm offensive before going to United Nations in September.

However, she failed to explain the twofold increase in executions during Rouhani’s term and instead defended him by saying that “the judiciary is not under his control.”

“So Rouhani is only responsible for the good things that his judiciary does and not the bad things!” a Twitter user replied to Cronberg after the news conference.

In her interview with the Persian section of Radio Free Europe, she said: “We have to bear in mind that Iranians say that their values are different from Europeans. This is true but we have to sit down and discuss these values and accept our differences … and we must bear in mind that in comparison with the European Union, religion plays a very important role in Iran. We’re a liberal society and Iran is a highly conservative society.”

Commenting on this, U.S.-based Iranian journalist and human rights activist Hassan Dai wrote on his blog: “No, you are not mistaken, these are not the remarks of Sadegh Larijani — Head of Iran’s notorious Judiciary, these are the words of Tarja Cronberg!”

The delegation chairwoman didn’t condemn the 450 executions since Rouhani became president and said: “When we discussed the executions with Iranian authorities, we realized that more than 80 percent of executions were in connection with drug-related offenses. They are working on this issue. … they do not intend to abolish the death penalty but are thinking about slowing down. I think that until here is a good sign.”

While in Tehran, Cronberg told EuroNews that she was impressed that women have “their own fraction” in the Iranian Parliament which “is an evolvement in the society.” No criticism was mentioned about the fact that only nine out of 290 members of the Iranian Parliament are women.

In her Brussels press briefing she said, “There is no regime change on the agenda, there is no revolution on its way but there is a step by step transformation.”

She also claimed that the regime has “equal rights for women in all their laws” and added “but because women were not breadwinners, it was natural that men had higher incomes.”

But, as the Iranian Penal code states, the life of a woman has half the value of a man’s. Article 300 of the code states that the “Deyeh” (blood money) of a Muslim woman is half of the “Deyeh” of a man. “A woman cannot leave her home without her husband’s permission, even to attend her father’s funeral” (Article 105 of the Civil Code).

“It is really an insult to all women rights activists to hear an EU parliamentarian lobbying for the mullahs in this way. Such comments will only give freer hands to the government to justify the institutionalized repression against women,” Mariam Amiri, rights activist in Amsterdam said.

Commenting on the visit to Iran, Kazem Mousavi, founder of Iran’s Green Party, said in a radio interview from Berlin: “One can conclude that according to these parliamentarians, human rights violations or their non-improvement are a result of values enshrined in Islamic and cultural beliefs of people in Iran and at the end of the day, the regime is only implementing the people’s ideals and values. So this repression and these executions are merely a cultural difference between the West and Iran and we should accept them for the time being.”

He added, “Given that the Left parties in Europe no longer have the socialist bloc of the past, for these European greens and socialists the last stronghold to defend their political principles, they assume, is to support the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially since they both share a common anti-American and anti-Israeli stance.

“Unfortunately the mullahs have managed to deceive them by portraying themselves as victims of Western hard-liners. So here the murderers become the victims!”




Israelis and Jews in general stood aside and watched without doing anything Yugoslavia being destroyed by Clinton and Izetbegovic.


Now Israel faces being destoyed by Obama/Kerry/Cameron and Abbas/Hamas/the Saudis/Iran


You can see at once that the forces facing Israel as as bad as the forces which destroyed Yugoslavia.


In general the main problema facing Israel is NOT those outside forces trying to destroy Israel. But it is internal. It is always internal. By this we mean that in whatever country or situation it is always leadership which is the issue.



(report from debka.com)


New Palestinian terror weapon: the Austrian Steyr-50 assassin’s rifle from Hizballah
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 26, 2013, 11:11 AM (IDT)
Tags:                                                             Palestinian terror,                                                                                  sniper’s weapon,                                                                                  Israel,                                                                                  Gaza,                                                                                  Hizballah,                                                                                  Gen. Ghassem Soleimani,
Hizballah fighter wields Austrian Steyr rifle.                                                

Hizballah fighter wields Austrian Steyr rifle.


The Palestinians are using a new weapon in their current campaign of terror against Israel. It is the Austrian single-shot Steyr 50 caliber sniper rifle which has an effective accurate range of up to 1,500 m. debkafile’s counter-terror sources report that Palestinian terrorist planners intend to expand its use in the hands of highly-trained marksmen to keep pace with deliveries by Iran’s Lebanese proxy Hizballah of the Iranian-made version of this assassin’s weapon to the Gaza Strip. The Lebanese Shiite Hizballah has already tested the Steyr 50 on the Syrian battlefield for picking off rebel targets. Appreciating its effectiveness, the Iranian Al Qods Brigades chief Gen. Qassem Soleimani recently ordered Hizballah to start smuggling these rifles into the Gaza Strip, presumably by sea. This new acquisition was sent over to reinvigorate the violent campaign waged against Israel by the radical Palestinian Hamas, Jihad Islami and their allies. According to our military sources, one of the newly-trained snipers murdered the 21-year old civilian Saleh Abu a-Tayyel Tuesday, Dec. 24, with a single deadly shot. He is a member of the local Popular Resistance Committees which functions under Hamas command. A scout belonging to the Iran-backed Jihad Islami helped him heft the rifle, which is 1.37 m long and weighs 12.5 kilos, into position. IDF investigators are combing through recent records to find out if this was the first instance of a Palestinian sniper hit. They are taking a second look at the murder of the 20-year old IDF Master Sgt. Gal Koby on Sept. 22. He too died of a single shot while on guard at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. The shooter and his weapon were never found. The new features of the current wave of Palestinian anti-Israeli terror are disturbing Israel’s military chiefs: It is orchestrated from Istanbul and Gaza by a new command made up of released Palestinian prisoners; Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas has not made the slightest effort to deploy his US-trained security forces to curb the rising violence; and finally the advent of snipers trained to kill with a single accurate bullet fired from a high-powered weapon.


To avoid this new peril, the IDF this week directed Israeli farmers to stop working their fields abutting on the Gaza Strip and draw back to a 1-kilometer radius from the border fence. The rifle is believed too heavy to plant just behind the fence. However, Israel has now been forced to accept a 1-kilometer deep no-go zone on its side of the border and keep it off-limits to civilians. debkafile’s military sources disclose that due to the high importance Hamas attaches to its innovative tactics for accentuating Israel’s security predicaments, Muhammed Def, head of its military wing, has taken direct command of the chain of events expected to evolve from the murder of Saleh Abu a-Tayyel. In 2005, the Austrian Steyr Mannlicher shipped 800 of these long-range bolt action anti-materiel rifles to Iran, causing US concern lest they find their way to Iraq for use against coalition forces.


Copies of the Austrian Steyr 50 made in Iran were indeed supplied to pro-Iran Iraqi Shiite clandestine groups then fighting the US. Today those groups are sending forces to Syria. There, the Steyr turned up first a year ago, used against Syrian rebels by snipers attached to Iranian special units. Three months ago, Hizballah forces began using this sniper’s weapon extensively on the Syrian battlefield. Its transfer to Palestinian terrorists for use against Israeli targets may be seen as yet more deadly spillover from the Syrian war.







On Harry’s Place the total reactionary Sarah Brown continues to support the reactionary Antisemites Palestinians. On the reactionary group of David North which stands opposed to Trotskyism at every turn and on every level is opposing the Egyptian military suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood of Morsi. And now there is the first signs of deep Antisemitism in America. Leon Trotsky did warn about Fascism in America. The latest is a group of University Types who have called for a boycott of Israel, not of North Korea mind you who Stalin style just executed the uncle of the present leader, the trial a real Stalinist 1930 affair, over in a few days if that. But for a boycott of the land of the Jews, Israel. Could anything be more clear. Meamwhile Iran continues thanks to Obama to enrich Uranium. Iran is a big danger to all but first and foremost to Jews. 4international and myself had our opposition to the Geneva Deal and to Iran removed from the Facebook page of Talk Radio Europe. We urge all who we are in contact with in America, Ken Timmerman for instance, do not ever give an interview to Talk Radio Europe. Talk Radio Europe which also calls itself TRE is owned by a Jewish person (more on this later)



We keep telling our readers to follow blogs such as Israpundit, Debka.com, Atlas Shrugs and Jihadwatch.org. Please do this! They are not socialists true, but they tell the truth about much and the Media such as the BBC, especially the BBC, lies lies lies.





December 18, 2013


Yet another indication of the absolute corruption of American academia today. “US scholars’ group votes in favor of academic boycott of Israel,” from the Jerusalem Post, December 16:

NEW YORK – The 5,000-member American Studies Association (ASA), which describes itself as “the nation’s oldest and largest association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history,” announced on Monday that it had endorsed and would participate in a boycott of Israeli universities and academic institutions.It is the second educational group in the US to adopt the boycott. The Association for Asian American Studies did so in April. Another academic group, the American Association of University Professors, recently reiterated its opposition.

In all, 1,252 members of the ASA participated in the vote on whether or not to endorse the boycott. Approximately 66 percent voted yes, 30% voted no and 3% abstained. The voting began on December 4 and ended on Sunday.

The membership-wide canvass was unprecedented. It was undertaken in part at the behest of boycott opponents who said at the ASA’s annual conference last month in Washington that the matter was too sensitive to leave to the group’s 20-member national council, which had unanimously endorsed a boycott.

“The National Council engaged and addressed questions and concerns of the membership throughout the process,” the ASA statement said.

“During the open discussion at the recent convention, members asked us to draft a resolution that was relevant to the ASA in particular and so the Council’s final resolution acknowledged that the US plays a significant role in enabling the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

The final resolution, which applies to the ASA as an organization, is not binding on its members. It also targets institutions, not individuals.

In Monday’s announcement, the ASA said it would still invite Israeli and Palestinian academics to its 2014 national meeting in Los Angeles.


Jewish groups in the US reacted strongly and immediately to the announcement….

Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, had similar words for the ASA , saying that it was actions like this that caused “many Americans [to] dismiss the academy as deeply biased and disconnected with reality….”



                    Posted by Robert Spencer on December 18, 2013


Italiano: Il presidente egiziano Hosni Mubarak...

Italiano: Il presidente egiziano Hosni Mubarak durante una visita al Quirinale, Roma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our readers on www.4international.me MUST follow the excellent blog Atlas Shrugs by Pamela Geller. If you listen to any government news source such as the BBC you will NOT HAVE A CLUE as to what is happening in the world. Read below some of these stories on Atlas Shrugs. The last one we will cover later in more depth. Quite simply a Jewish man serving in the Israeli Army was shot last night by a sniper from across in Lebanon, and remember also that serving with the United Nations in Lebanon has been the Irish Army and the Spanish Army. We on 4international will have much more to say on this





“Jihad on Jesus: Militants Firebomb New Christ Statue and Ancient Monastery, Syria,” Raymond Ibrahim, December 14, 2013


Earlier this month, the Islamist-led opposition in Syria broadcast a video clip of a militant threatening the nation’s Christian minority, with a focus on the Cherubim monastery and the large Jesus statue recently erected in the region of Saidnaya in Damascus.


In the video, images of militants firing rockets at the ancient monastery and setting the building on fire appear (confirmed elsewhere). The Christ statue also appears being targeted, though it is unclear if it was damaged.




Pandora’s box  of horror was opened when Obama “led from behind” and served jihadist objectives in the overthrow and brutal murder of Qaddafi, who contained the jihadist threat.


France knows better than to call on Obama for help battling the jihadists in Mali and the CAR:



France begs Europe for help on the ground with fighting in its former African colonies as bloodshed escalates (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur), December 14, 2013


France today called on European allies including Britain to provide on-the-grounds troops to halt the bloodshed in its former African colonies.


 It also wants a ‘permanent European fund’ to finance emergency interventions in countries like Central African Republic and Mali.


 Stay home France… you’ll need those troops soon enough in the Banlieue






With Sharia law de-emphasized, Egyptian Christians “cautiously optimistic” about draft constitution (thanks to Robert Spencer) December 14, 2013

What’s that? Egyptian Christians don’t love Sharia? What on earth turned them into racist, bigoted Islamophobes? “With Sharia law de-emphasized, Egyptian Christians call draft constitution a positive step,” by Sean Savage for JNS.org, December 12:

Egypt’s new draft constitution, to be voted on in a national referendum in January, is being hailed for its improvements over the 2012 Islamist-backed constitution. But the new constitution still has a number of shortcomings on religious and personal freedoms, according to concerned Egyptian Christians and human rights groups.

“Personally I’m cautiously optimistic,” said Halim Meawad, co-founder of Coptic Solidarity, a U.S.-based international Coptic Christian human rights organization.


Meawad said the draft constitution is an improvement over the Muslim Brotherhood constitution of 2012, particularly with elimination of Article 219, which defined aspects of Sharia law on which legislation could be based. Article 219 and other aspects of the 2012 constitution led many liberal and Christian leaders to boycott the Muslim Brotherhood government, eventually culminating in popular protests and the military’s ouster of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.


The new draft, by removing Article 219, eliminates the political authority that Al-Azhar University, Egypt’s highest Islamic institution, had over the legislative process.


“The new draft maintains the position of Sharia in social conscience, but prevents any infringements on constitutional jurisdiction,” Adel Ramadan, legal affairs official at local NGO the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, told Ahram Online.


Nevertheless, controversial aspects still remain in the draft constitution, including Article 2, which states that the principles of Islamic Sharia are “the main source of legislation.”


“The infamous Article 2, declaring the principles of Sharia to be the primary source for legislation, is still there like a sword drawn and can be used against non-Muslims at any time and in any situation,” Meawad told JNS.org.


Meawad explained that Article 2 goes back to former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who included it to gain the support of Islamists.


“Article 2 introduced by President Sadat in 1971 to create an Islamic base for himself…Ever since, this article was used by authorities, including the judicial system, to discriminate against non-Muslims, especially Copts, despite the facts that other articles in the same constitution gives all the freedom of religion,” Meawad said.


Egyptian Christians and liberals on the constitutional committee attempted to remove all mentions of Sharia law from the constitution. But the ultraconservative Salafi party, Al-Nour, insisted the mention of Sharia law remain, albeit in a watered-down version.


“Dr. Safwat al-Baiady and other Christian members of the constitutional committee made a weak attempt to change Article 2 because they knew very well that it is a mission impossible,” Meawad said.


Another change in the draft constitution is Article 235, which addresses the longstanding complaint about the difficulty Egyptian Christians faced in constructing new churches. While church construction was permitted under President Hosni Mubarak, it required special permission from him or from the prime minister.


Under the new draft, Article 235 authorizes the Egyptian parliament to “organize building and renovating churches, guaranteeing Christians the freedom to practice their religious ritual.”


“Christians have freedom of belief and practice,” Safwat al-Baiady, president of the Protestant Churches of Egypt and a member of the constitutional committee, told Christianity Today. “And for the first time in the history of Egypt’s constitutions, building churches becomes a right.”


The new Article 235 will allow many of Egypt’s Christians the opportunity to rebuild dozens of churches destroyed by the wave of violence by Islamic extremists in mid-August.


Amnesty International, which has been vocally critical of attacks on Egypt’s Christians, said in a report that the new constitution was a step in the right direction, but that it “still falls short of Egypt’s international human rights obligations.”


“Unfortunately there is a glaring inconsistency between the aspirations in the draft, and the reality of ongoing human rights violations in Egypt,” Amnesty International said.


“There is no guarantee that this inconsistency will go away. I was hoping for, or I should say dreaming of, a true secular and modern constitution with no contradictions between its articles,” Meawad told JNS.org.


Despite the fact that Sharia law is still mentioned in the draft, Coptic Christian Pope Tawadros II endorsed the constitution and has urged followers to vote for it in the upcoming referendum in January, saying that participation is their duty. Ultimately, the draft should be accepted because it “could have been much worse,” Meawad said.




The Lebanese army is firing on Israeli soldiers. The absence of American leadership and solidarity with Israel has left a terrible vacuum in the Middle East, and evil loves a vacuum.

Israeli Soldier Killed in Lebanese Army Sniper Attack on Israel-Lebanon Border,” By Algemeiner, December 15, 2013

An Israeli soldier was killed by a Lebanese Army sniper on the country’s border with Lebanon, Jonny Daniels, an external adviser to Israel’s Deputy Minister of Defense told The Algemeiner.

The sniper opened fire at an Israeli vehicle at the border, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said earlier about the incident.

“One of the Lebanese soldiers shot 6 or 7 bullets towards an Israeli patrol… and hit and killed one of the Israeli soldiers,” Daniels said. “The army are investigating the motive for the attack.”

The Times of Israel reported that the IDF returned fire, and that “troops who witnessed the incident reportedly saw other Lebanese Armed Forces personnel converge on the gunman after he opened fire.”