TOP UN OFFICIAL WARNS OF IRAN BOMB..Heinonen the IAEA’s Deputy Director-General for Safeguards until 2010

Mr. Olli Heinonen, IAEA Deputy Director Genera...

Mr. Olli Heinonen, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Safeguards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aaron Klein is a very important American and Jewish writer on political issues of the day. He is particularly good at getting in contact with key personalities of the day to day events. For years and years the Antisemites and pro-Fascist Iran press media people were quoting the 2003 CIA statement that Iran had given up seeking a Nuclear Bomb. Look these Antisemites were saying on radio and other Media…the CIA says they have given up seeking the bomb, so why should YOU worry! At the same time they would quote, and throw in for good measure, that the UN Investigating Body (The IAEA) were not worried either. This was using the lying technique of selective quotes.


What Aaron Klein has done a couple of days ago is so typical of Klein, and so useful too. He has made contact with a key IAEA actor in this UN body.


Who is this guy Klein has got on his show and on his site? Pay attention here. His name is Olli Heinonen, the former International Atomic Energy Agency inspector. Heinonen was the IAEA’s Deputy Director-General for Safeguards until 2010 – See more at:


Heinonen was the IAEA’s Deputy Director-General for Safeguards until 2010. In an email to KleinOnline, Heinonen explained how the deal that requires Iran to cap its uranium enrichment at 5 percent instead of its current 20 percent would leave the country constantly two months from the technical ability to build a nuke. Wrote Heinonen: “Let us look at the current the facts on the ground. With Iran’s inventory of 20 percent enriched uranium, it would take about 2 weeks using 6000 IR-1 centrifuges, operating in tandem cascades, to produce enough weapons grade material for one nuclear device. If Iran uses 3-5 percent enriched uranium as feed material at all its currently installed 18,000 IR-1 centrifuges at Natanz and Fordow, the same result would be achieved in two months. “The current agreement retains Iran’s fleet of more than 18000 IR-1 centrifuges. Operational restrictions are placed that allow 10000 centrifuges to continue to enrich at up to 5 percent at any given point of time. These measures, together with a cessation of 20 percent enriched uranium production and conversion of the 20 percent-level stockpiles to oxides, extend the current breakout times to about two months.”


There you have it folks!  Before the deal it was TWO WEEKS!1!


After the  so-called deal (remember nothing written down nothing signed) it is 2 months.


TWO MONTHS!!! That is something Obama, Cameron and Hague did not tell the world.


Listen two months is absolutely nothing. NOTHING!




And this alone sting in the tail means that the capitalist leaders like Obama, Cameron and Hague are deliberatly throwing the whole world into huge danger. We are entering a very dangerous situation. Yes there is global warming. But yes there is this Iranian Nuclear danger.



Heinonen said he fears Iran could retain some undeclared nuclear sites not covered in the deal. “The enrichment and inspection measures in this agreement cover Iran’s declared facilities,” he wrote. “The presence of any undeclared facilities however changes the picture.” “The IAEA remains unable to provide credible assurances on the absence of undeclared nuclear facilities and activities.” Further, Heinonen warned of a loophole in the agreement regarding Iran’s centrifuges. “The agreement does not require Iran to provide a full inventory of manufactured centrifuges until now, which leaves an uncertainty to the estimates on the true breakout capability of Iran.”

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