It is really a dishonour to all those thousands of Americans who lost their lives as a result of the Islamist attack of 9-11

The entrance to this memorial area should be totally free and it should be staffed by patriotic young Americans who are also opposed to Islam


File:Dust covered 911 victims.jpg

Since that horrific day sections of the international Stalinists have been making little of what happened.

There is an alliance going on between Stalinists and Anarchists and Islam

We on this site 4international are opposed to all of these over the issue of Islam. We are opposed to Islam. Bush got it totally wrong…Islam is a programme for war and is NOT a religion of peace as Bush alleged. NOTE it was on the basis of that that Bush and Blair went to war and removed Saddam who was a secularist, a cruel man yes, but a secularist not a religious fanatic

The reason that Jews in Israel are murdered continually by Palestinian Arab terrorists is because of Islam. Antisemitism is central to the Koran.

That is also why Jews in Israel cannot be happy and secure unless they can live alone in a secure situation.


The memorial park and memorial museum in New York for the victims of the attacks of September 11, 2001 are a disgrace. Let me explain why.

In the park, you can walk around and see only one American flag. That’s as if the architects of the park are ashamed of being American. Then the museum: if you want to properly pay tribute to the victims, you have to visit the museum as well, for the remains of unidentified victims have all been located here. So to mourn for these innocents, you have to pay!

The museum is build below the park, which isn’t very heartwarming. Why can’t such a place be build at street-level?

The worst thing is that once you are inside the museum, you will see that the pictures of the attackers are more prominently displayed than the pictures of some of the victims. Also, the museum does not explain properly to the visitors that the attacks were committed in the name of Jihad, or islamic “Holy War” against the West.

This leads one to think: do the organizers of the museum want to pay tribute to the attackers, or what?

In Jerusalem, there is a much more honorable memorial for the victims of 9/11. Located on a terrace on a hill with a beautiful view of the surrounding area, it’s a bronze sculpture, that is like a burning American flag. Symbolism and patriotism in one. Solemn, but not cold.

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