Netanyahu calls on the world to pressure the PA to recognize Israel as a Jewish state

Which is another way of affirming that he is ready to accept the Kerry Framework which is based on ’67 lines plus swaps and the uprooting of 150,000 Jews.

He should be focussed on rejecting the Kerry Framework.

Its crystal clear that he intends accepting it with or without meaningless reservations. And he wouldn’t accept it without the support of  Lieberman and Yaalon.

Today, PM: Without recognition, there will be no peace deal

Ted you are so right on this. I have suggested that all pressure should come on to Naftali Bennett, and also what role can Feiglin play in this in mobilising Likud to expel Netanyahu. I say forcé a general election asap to fight it on this very issue, to raise this issue in front of the great American people.  But Yamit on this very site just yesterday has disagreed with me by saying that such a campaign could lead to worse. Strange coming from a person who has no love for Netanyahu.

I cannot see how a general election campaign fought on these issues can lose.

I do not surrender my individual views but I would join with anybody on the basis of such a campaign

You have in the above hit the nail on the head. This business of the Arabs accepting Israel etc, that is rubbish because they can make a statement one day and deny it the next as they have done innumerable times. But as you say it is worse tan rubbish, it is the cover for Netanyahu pulling the Jews out of Judea.

Netanyahu sees that as doable. There is no lengths that he will not go to.

The key for all of these tyrants as it was in Kosovo is that NATO will be the forcé. Abbas said it yesterday too.

In their mind is…do the deal, introduce NATO, leave Jews as sitting ducks on the basis that NATO will protect them. Then follows the ethnic cleansing as happened when the KLA moved in BEHIND NATO, literally behind NATO and the UN to ethnicly cleanse Kosovo of Serbs Gypsies and Jews

THAT Ted is what they have in mind

Yamit is wrong. Every minute this government coalition stands is a moment deeper into peril for all of Israel.

This is a terrible retreat made yesterday by Yamit. I just cannot understand what he said to me. After campaigning so long against Netanyahu now at the crucial momento he supports keeping him in power. I have been surprised by many things on Israpundit but that surprises me more than anything ever in the past.

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