The biggest issue for 4international our Trotskyist movement is the way that Christians are beig attacked constantly in all the countries of the Middle East, in Somalia, in Nigeria, and in scores of other countries, This is constantly covered to their credit by especially Jihadwatch and by Pamela Geller. But their analysis is necessarily shallow. You can see this by the nature of the comments to these on those websites, the comments to these articles by Spencer and Geller do not even scratch the surface of what is happening in the world. The attacks by Islam Jihadists on Christians are happening at the same time that there are Antisemitic attacks on Israel by the US Governments Republican and Democrat, and by all of the countries of Europe. Meanwhile Russia and China, not socialist countries as is claimed, but Stalinist/Capitalist are adding to this by supporting Iran which is the most dangerous forcé to Christians and Jews in the world.


The following article by Jihadwatch gives a good outline in factual terms of what is happening. I include two comments, typically shallow, in response to this factual article by two people who take the usual pro-capitalist system reply to this phenomenon




Muslim persecution of Christians rose sharply worldwide in 2013; 2014 likely to be worse

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Not to worry. The “Muslim-Christian dialogue” will solve this in a jiffy. “Rise of radical Islam made life worse for Christians in 2013, with more to come in 2014,” by Ashe Schow for the Washington Examiner, February 2:

Persecution of Christians continues to worsen, fueled in part by the “Arab Spring,” which not only unleashed a wave of Islamist radicalism across the Arab world but also left Christians holding the blame for many of the uprisings that removed Arab leaders from power.

In 2013, 2,123 Christians were killed in persecution around the world, up from 1,201 in 2012.

In countries across the Middle East, North Africa and south Asia, Christians are murdered or imprisoned, their homes and businesses destroyed and their rights removed. This area represents just four percent of the world’s 2.2 billion Christians, but the treatment they receive is nothing short of horrific.

“It is not an accident, the persecution and mass murder of Christians by Muslims,” said Lee Habeeb, a Lebanese Christian and vice president of content at Salem Radio Network. “It is not episodic. It is by design. It is part of a plan to destroy any competing narrative about God. To bully, threaten, and intimidate Christians into submission, or mass evacuation.”

Earlier this month, Open Doors, an organization dedicated to strengthening Christianity throughout the world, especially in oppressed nations, released its 2014 “World Watch List,” designed to highlight the countries where Christians are most oppressed. Countries in the Middle East, northern Africa and south Asia dominate the list. Here are some of the worst offenders:


The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has been attacking Christians and blaming them for the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi, even though far more Muslims supported the ouster.

Even with the violence, Egypt ranks as the 22nd-worst nation for Christians, but that’s up from 25th in 2013. After Morsi’s removal, the Muslim Brotherhood burned at least 38 churches and damaged 23 others.

Egypt has the largest population of Christians in the Middle East — about 10 percent of its 83 million total population — but throughout the attacks, the Egyptian military and government did nothing to help. Because of the violence, some 100,000 Christians have fled the country since the original Arab Spring that ousted longtime leader Hosni Mubarak.


Syria rose from the 11th-worst place to be a Christian in 2013 to the third-worst in 2014 as the country’s civil war worsened. In 2012 it was ranked 36th.

The steep rise in anti-Christian sentiment is fueled by the increasing influence of al Qaeda and other Islamist extremists among the rebels fighting President Bashar Assad. About 400,000 Christians fled Syria in 2013 due to oppression.

In June 2013, several Christian villages were destroyed. Only 10 out of the 4,000 residents of Ghassanieh remained. In October, the Christian town of Sadad was invaded, and 45 residents were murdered. In that same month, 3,000 Christian adults and children were used as shields for a week.

In Syria alone, 1,213 Christians were killed in 2013, meaning more Christians were killed in Syria in 2013 than were around the world in 2012.


Every few days in Iraq a Christian is killed, making it the fourth-worst country for Christians in the world. Islamist terrorist groups seek to rid the country of Christians, and nearly two-thirds of the Christian population has fled in the past decade. A country that once housed 1.5 million Christians is now home to just 330,000. Other estimates claim just 150,000 Christians remain.

Much of the anger toward Christians followed the U.S. invasion in 2003, since Christians were associated with the intervention against Saddam Hussein in the eyes of many of Iraqi Muslims. Since then, just 57 out of 300 churches remain in the country. Iraqi laws discriminate against Christians, and U.S. aid does nothing to defuse the situation.


Somalia rose three steps to become the second-worst country for Christians in the world, according to Open Doors. The government of Somalia reinforces the anti-Christian sentiment, as do Islamic religious leaders.

There are only a few hundred Christians in Somalia, and most of them are Muslim converts, and, if suspected, may be arrested, spied on or even killed on the spot. Christians in the country hide their belief in order to receive basic necessities like education and justice. Church services are held underground to avoid prosecution.

Other problems come from the violent, extremist group al Shabaab, which wants to “eradicate” Christians and implement Islamic Sharia law in the nation.


Though it’s ranked 14th, stories from Nigeria are similarly horrific. Nearly 300 churches were destroyed and 612 Christians were killed in 2013. About 89 million remain in the nation.

Christians make up nearly half the population of Nigeria, and the country’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, is a Christian. But local Islamist governments in northern states where Muslims predominate and Islamist extremist groups such as Boko Haram make life nearly impossible. In many Christian villages, residents are denied water wells and schools.

One of the other major problems facing Christians in Nigeria is abduction. Christian women are regularly kidnapped and forced to “convert or die,” by Boko Haram….



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  1. pdxnag says:

    Can’t we just swap assertive for radical? The Islam remains the same. We don’t need to muddy up their own definition.

    • mortimer says:

      The Islamist from Muslim Brotherhood to the Taliban and Al Qaeda have the same agenda in VARYING DEGREES.

      They have the SAME NATURE, but some are in a hurry!

  2. Champ says:

    “Persecution of Christians continues to worsen …”


    Probably due to muslims becoming more *devout* by adhering to the unholy quran.

    islam is wholly evil!

  3. Wellington says:

    And 2015 will be worse than 2014, and 2016 will be worse than 2015, and…, and…, and…, until the world at large, and more specifically the Western world en masse, realizes that Islam is spiritual totalitarianism (and no other major religion is), that it is deep bad news for all of mankind.   Not there yet.  So, in the meantime, Christians will remain fodder for the Muslim world.  A sad guarantee to be sure.

    As long as Islam gets a pass from the non-Muslim world, the Islamic world will remain emboldened.  The turning point—THE turning point—is the recognition by the non-Muslim world that Islam, all of Islam, ALL of this damn religion, is a giant negative for all of mankind, and most especially for free societies.  Until that time, Islam will remain in the driver’s seat.  Another sad guarantee.

  4. Salah says:

    Islam is a mortally wounded beast, it’s dying. The bad news: In its agony, Islam will do the most possible damage to Christians. The good news: Islam is dying.



    Islam is dying he says. What can you say about that except what an idiot


    The more substantial comment above by Wellington. This person comments a lot on Jihadwatch. He is total idiot. It says a lot about the politics of Jihadwatch that he is their most prominent commenter. Read carefully what he says above. He says that Islam is a huge negative for humanity. Hey what a brain kid is Wellington! That there is nothing that can be done about the killing of Christians. That is the total bankruptcy of the kinds of people that Jihadwatch gathers around itself.

    One of the most critical issues that come out of the Jihadwatch review is the way that before all this broke out in Syria that Syria was a very safe place for Christians. Now it is the third worst. Read those figures above very closely.

    Yet these commenters have nothing to say about this.

    In all of these countries it was the secular rulers from the Shah, Milosevic, Gaghbo in the Ivory Coast, Ben Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak, Gadhafi in Libya, and now Assad in Syria that were providing a lot of safety for Christians. It was the Imperialist Powers, and Jihadwatch with its commenters are supporting Imperialism, which moved in to support the Islamists, thereby creating chaos in governing,

    Out of this chaos minorities and non Muslims become very vulnerable.

    But that is the result of an Imperialist system in mortal death agony and it is that Imperialism that such websites as Pamela Geller and Jihadwatch support.



    Just a Word about the Christian religión and churches. A good example is the Catholic Church in Ireland. I have googled the Catholic Press and they have written nothing at all about this terrible attack on Christians and Catholics. This is even more scandalous in that there have been many Catholic Priests, Young men, who have went to Nigeria and spent their lives there as priests. But today these Irish Catholics in their Press are silent that the Nigerian Catholics and Christians are being butchered



    Who controls all of this It is Imperialism, and the Media of Imperialism is not doing its job as journalists. It is reporting nothing or else it is reporting in Little fits and starts but that is only serving to hide the whole picture.


    5. As all of this cover for Islam takes place there is another factor. There are very dark forces coming out of the woodwork today. There is an attempt being made to grow Commie bashing, McCarthyism, and to link this Commie bashing to Antisemitism. the comments on Jihadwatch and on Pamela Geller are full of this. Another group in Gates of Vienna are backing totally the McCarthyite ideologue Diana West in her recent book American Betrayal. This is Commie Bashing much the same that was carried out by Joe McCarthy but also by you know who in Mein Kamph



    And going along with this new McCarthyism, as if all that was not enough, it looks very much as if the whole left socialist movements have been taken over by agents of Imperialism. Their ideology is certainly Antisemitic and is pro Jihad. Here I would invite the reader to google and Christian repression and there you will find nothing, whereas a real socialist movement would be defending the Christians against nazism. That means they are run by agents of Imperialism and that is opening the door to McCarthyism





    We have seen from the comments to the Jihadwatch article that it is part of the problem. The two comments are pathetic. They accept the persecution of the Christians

    Help us to créate an alternative. help us to build 4international. Visit our site regularly. Visit also my Facebook page on



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