Brig. Sharvit was the first IDF officer to confirm debkafile’s reporting in the past year that large quantities of weapons were moving between Syria and Lebanon. This traffic is by now by and large out of the IDF’s control – except for pinpointed strikes. Any attempt to seal the border to this illicit traffic would be unrealistic.

 Most Israeli military officials are still trying to present President Bashar Assad as losing the Syrian war and Hizballah’s military capabilities as being eroded.

 Contrary to this view, our Middle East sources describe the old Lebanese-Syrian border area as having been transformed into the busy hive of a burgeoning international Shiite legion of mercenaries, who are arriving in ever larger numbers from outside the region. Hizballah has opened European recruiting centers for the Syrian war effort in Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania and Kosovo. More than 1,000 mercenaries are already undergoing brief instruction at its Beqaa Valley training facilities. After they are familiarized with the weapons in the use of the Syrian army and Hizballah, they are sent across into battle.


The severe crisis in the ranks of the Jewish people is seen in every quarter but I know of the crisis best of all in the Israpundit website.

This has been controlled by Ted Belman for many years. It was one of the first websites to start. It was begun by 4 people one of whom Joseph Alexander Norland was an atheist and defender of Israel

Belman in every sense is a total disaster. In one sense he poses as a great friend of Israel. That however is for show.

In recent months he opposed Francisco Gil White when he called Netanyahu a traitor. That was too hard on Netanyahu said Belman.

Typical centrist type of person.

Really does express how weak is Israel today. Belman tried to soften up Gil White in his characterisation of Netanyahu as a traitor. THAT IS IT the crisis of Israel is right there.

For me most of all it is because Belman lies about just everything going, and these lies are all about unconsciously lying. That is he does not set out to do so.

They come because he imposes on reality HIS version.

(We will talk more bout this later. It is the key to everything in politics. It is necessary to understand the world not subjectively but objectively…remember more on this later)

He keeps on his site a guy calling himself Yamit82 and this guy professes to be a defender of Israel in fact he is a Fascist, and really like Diana West, a commie hater, a McCarthyite.

This guy is Fascist and Violent in his utterances which are carried on Israpundit.

All on that site and all connected with it are supportive of this Fascist who calls for violence against communists.

Belman is a huge networker. He networks with all of the Jewish elite in politics.

That is why he is so problematic.

Yet the situation that Israel is facing is running totally out of control as the quote above from debka shows

The only person who expresses this deep crisis is Martin Sherman, and also the Mexican Professor Gil White.

But neither of these can actually point the way forward because they remain inside the box

By the way we will not stop until we find the real identity of this Yamit82 and publish his real name. This guy has a real communist killing violent side and all Jews must be well warned about him

Belman protects him


Yamit82’s words of infamy and violence towards Trotsky and Trotskyists which Belman accepted follows here:



Jews like Trotsky are made into good Jews when they get an axe or ice pick stuck in their head… A bad Jew then became a good Jew. Kapish???

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