The capitalist system is in deep crisis, getting worse, and is gearing towards Fascist forms of rule in every country int he world

Although Putin and Yanukovych are in political terms bureaucratic, afraid of the mass movement, they still have a connection however distorted that connection is to the socialist revolution of 1917

Just as Stalin set out to murder Trotsky and all opposition which was rooted in the 1917 socialist revolution, so from at least Reagan on the whole aim of the US and now the EU is to destroy every trace of the socialist revolution of 1917.

This also lay behind the war on the Serbs by NATO, by the UN, by the US and EU

It also in a different way, but definitely connected, lies behind Antisemitism and the present war of the US and EU against Israel.

Both are connected. The criminal is the capitalist system overall, and we emphasise again the capitalist system plunging into crisis.

There is a close connection between the US and EU which supports the Hamas and Fatah, and the same US and EU in support of the “Fatherland” bunch of Fascist hoodlums in Kiev, Ukraine

The “Fatherland” has its roots in the Holocaust of the Jews in the Ukraine. The Fatah and Hamas were founded by the Nazi Palestinian Arab Hajj Amin el Husseini, close relative of Arafat, and el Husseini was at least the equal of Eichmann in the Holocaust.

Even further back, one step back from the Nazi Holocaust, the “Fatherland” has its real roots in the “Whites”, that is those Antisemites who Trotsky was fighting against (and defeating) in the Russian Civil War years following 1918

It was actually the defeat of these “Whites” in that great struggle from 1918 to 1921 which prevented the Whites winning control of the Russian state, thus triggering the “Holocaust” right there and then

Once again Yanukovych and Putin must stand firm. 4international and myself, Felix Quigley, stand totally behind them in opposition to Obama, Cameron and Hague


Please help us to campaign on these issues


Israel is being visited next week by German Israel hating Angela Merkel



This comes down to the issue of the Palestinian Arabs. Who are they? Are they victims or Antisemites?

4international is clear that they are Antisemites and this has got great importance when we on 4international see various governments, groups and individuals supporting them.

Angela Merkel sees the Palestinian Arabs as being victims. She does not see the Jews as being the victims of history.

It was HER people, the Germans, who murdered in the worst crime in human history the 6 millions of Jews in Europe.

Britain, which Cameron and Hague represent today, was also very much involved in this greatest crime of history

On this very theme 4international makes it clear time and time again that the Palestinian Arabs are not victims of anything but are the victimisers.

Why is Netanyahu welcoming leaders from either Germany or Britain into Israel? Israel is the Homeland of the Jews. This Homeland of the Jews because Germany and Britain murdered 6 millions of their total 12 millions

Israel is now a capitalist country and that is the essential reason why Netanyahu accepts these British and German leaders into Israel.

What do these Israeli capitalists care about the crimes of the British or the Germans towards the Jews! What do they care really about the Holocaust!

When it comes right down to brass tacks, and money, these Israeli capitalists care very Little.

There is only one political force on earth that really does care and that is the Jewish people led by 4international. I say this aware of the fact that we are quite small but only at this particular point

When I look around at the various political groups, parties, individuals, of those who claim to speak for Jews (with few exceptions one being Martin Sherman) I see only traitors to the Jews

And some of these leaders are Fascist communist baiters of the Joe McCarthy type, in essence Fascists, and claiming to be Jews carrying on a treacherous programme towards the Jews.

So at this late stage I say that Merkel and Cameron should not be allowed to enter into the sacred soil of the Jewish Homeland, and for what the Germans and British did in the Holocaust, NEVER be allowed to enter the Jewish Homeland.

I and 4international are the ONLY ones who are saying this

You see we do not care for money. We do not care for making a profit. We only care about telling the truth



Still, Merkel has not indicated any willingness to bend on what is proving to be the biggest sticking point. The chancellor and Foreign Minister Steinmeier both believe that Israeli’s settlement policy represents a decisive barrier to the peace process. It’s also something they don’t shy away from saying in public, much to the Israeli’s chagrin. “It is precisely because we are committed to the future of Israel as a Jewish state that we will remain so firm on this point,” a source in Merkel’s Chancellery stated.  )


Muslim Brotherhood terrorists exploded a bomb on a bus travelling through Sinai to cross the border with Israel at the Taba border crossing, which is a short distance from the city of Eilat at the southern tip of Israel.


This exposes once again the real bankruptcy of Israeli leaders and especially Netanyahu. These Israeli leaders cannot protect Jews from terrorists and they cannot protect visitors to Israel either, in this case Christians from South Korea. Sinai in both Judaism and Christianity is a holy place.


Netanyahu makes a big mistake in trusting the Egyptian Government to keep order against Islamists in Sinai. This trust is linked to the fact that the Israeli leaders are still “lorrying” into Gaza huge amounts of food etc. paid for by Jews. What a farce.


Netanyahu also is betraying Jews and the army which opposed the Fascist Flotilla. He is going along like a baby with Obama who insists that Israel apologise and pays a huge sum of money to the arch Antisemite Erdogan of Turkey. What a betrayal.


Meanwhile Netanyahu is up to his eyeballs in the plans of Obama and Kerry to drive a stake into the heart of Israel through creating a Palestinian state.


Martin Sherman has pointed out continually the bankruptcy of these Israeli Jewish leaders. These leaders (as the Sinai bombing yesterday shows) cannot protect Jews.


The crisis in this Israeli Jewish leaders is widespread and is deep.


The hypocrite Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch claims to stand for free speech but bans my comments on Jihadwatch.


The confused Pamela Geller entertains Antisemites in her comment section


The blog run now by Ted Belman entertains as a main commenter on his blog Israpundit an open Fascist. Belman is a weak man and a foolish one at that.


Belman cannot defend Israel because he keeps a Fascist on his site who continually attacks Christians.


Think of the damage this bus bombing has caused to many people, Christians, in Southern Korea.


The security at the Taba crossing by Israel was the worst possible. They were relying on Egypt to look after security.


There needs to be new leadership, a Trotskyist leadership.


All these who attack Trotsky and Trotskyism we will answer. The Jewish movement has to clear its ranks of such Fascists, mostly inspired by US Imperialism.


The immediate consequence of the Taba bombing of the Korean Christian people on that bus means one thing above all.


Israel is being cornered by 1. World Antisemites and 2. Jewish traitors to Israel like I have outlined above.


There needs to be a revolutionary government in Israel. Israel must take control of Sinai and be prepared to fight a war to do so.


Gaza must immediately be taken under Israeli control and the Hamas Party broken up totally. Let the sponsors of Hamas which is the Obama Government take them all to America

This is horrific…the way that animals are abused in search for profit



It is a big issue for us on 4international. We are a Trotskyist movement fighting to créate a leadership internationally. But dogs and other animals cannot speak up and so are at the mercy of capitalist, greedy, profit seeking man. De we not have a duty to speak up for animals who cannot speak. I think we do. We also send our support and Greetings to campaigners against hare coursing in Ireland, and support the calls to ban bull fighting in Spain, even as I write that it seems really peculiar to have to call for humans not to hunt bulls in 2014. Capitalism is truly a despicable system. Make no mistake profit lies at the centre of all of this…


Vietnam Gets Tough on Illegal Cross-Border Dog Trading


   Asia Canine Protection Alliance   

  • We’re working to end the illegal dog meat trade. istock

Vietnam’s Department of Animal Health has issued a directive ordering provincial authorities to crack down on the illegal trafficking of dogs for human consumption as rabies concerns rise. The action will help put an end to the cruel and inhumane dog meat trade in this region.

The move follows a ground-breaking meeting in Hanoi last August, when members of the Asia Canine Protection Alliance met with the authorities of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos agreed to consider a five-year moratorium on the commercial transport of dogs from one country to another. ACPA is made up of Change For Animals Foundation, Humane Society International, Animals Asia and Soi Dog Foundation.

The DAH directive specifically instructs DAH sub departments to strengthen the inspection and prevention of illegal import, transport and trade of animals or animal products. The government has also instructed the DAH to work with international organisations to raise awareness about the dangers of consuming dog meat, and the illegality of much of the cross-border trade.

Donate to support our Street Dog Welfare initiative.

Tuan Bendixsen, Vietnam Director for Animals Asia, said:

“The dog meat trade has long been characterised by cruelty and corruption. Companion animals and strays are snatched and crammed into cages to be transported long distances. Their proximity and lack of care means diseases are rife. They are dangerous to those who choose to eat them and dangerous to anyone who comes into contact with them. Vietnam has long been the destination for trafficked dogs, from surrounding countries – if governments are serious about stopping trafficking then the corrupt and unregulated dog industry is the obvious place to start.”

Kelly O’Meara, Director of Companion animals and Engagement with Humane Society International, stated:

“This new directive is a big step in ending this cruel and illegal trade of dogs over international borders. ACPA intends to assist the Vietnam government to ensure this new directive is implemented to its fullest, preventing the intense suffering of thousands of dogs and the further spread of rabies.”

Lola Webber, Programmes Leader for Change For Animals Foundation, said: “Given the dog meat trade involves the only current mass movement of known or suspected rabies-infected dogs, there is a strong argument to stop the cycle of infection by banning this trade entirely.”

While the unregulated trade of dogs into Vietnam has been illegal since 2009, limited resources have meant the law is often unenforced and has remained, until now, a low priority. It is estimated that up to 5 million dogs are slaughtered in Vietnam every year for human consumption. All countries in the region have already banned the transport of dogs without evidence of rabies vaccinations, health certificates, export licenses and proof of origin.

John Dalley, Vice President of Soi Dog Foundation, said: “The Government of Vietnam is to be applauded for taking this initiative, and we hope other countries in the region will follow this lead. Many people cite culture in defence of the trade, but rabies and cholera and other diseases associated with it are no respecters of culture.”

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has pledged to wipe out rabies in the region by 2020. Rabies is responsible for the deaths of up to 29,000 people in Asia every year. Rabies cannot be eliminated from the region without provincial authorities stopping illegal dog trafficking. Take action against the illegal dog meat trade in Thailand and the Philippines, then donate to support our campaigns.
Media Contact: Raúl Arce-Contreras: +1 301-721-6440, 

4international supports Egypt in placing Morsi on trial for his life


The Fascist Khomeini returns from France


As this article from 4international shows the rot started with Carter and Iran


We on 4international fully support the repression (or suppression) of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt by the Military regime of el Sisi

Meanwhile Obama, the CIA, Cameron and British Intelligence are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

The lethal Fascist MB leader Morsi is on trial for his life. This is supremely good.

The situation brings back to mind how Jimmy Carter when the Fascist Muslim Students took over the American Embassy in Teheran

It was 6:30 a.m. on November 4, 1979 and the takeover of the American Embassy had been planned in advance by Fascists.

The idea was to present it as different to the previous occupation some months before in that it was opposed by Khomeini because it was run by “Leftists”

This would be different. This takeover of the Embassy very soon became the vehicle for drumming up anti-Americanism

At every point Carter played along with the Fascists.

  1. The Shah was a sick man dying of cancer. The State Department had opposed him entering the US for treatment. That was a clear signal to the Fascists back in Iran
  2. When the Fascists seized the Embassy Carter appealed on humanitarian basis. Another clear signal to the Fascists to drive ahead. The more Carter appealed and refused to take military action the more strident the Fascists became. This raises memories also of Hitler taking power in 1933.
  3. The big issue for the Fascists was the Referendum on the new Fascist Islamist Referendum of a few weeks later. Whipping up the `population against America (the Great Satan) became the vehicle for passing the Referendum
  4. The referendum was the obvious gateway to Islamic Rule and the physical liquidation of all opposition, which did happen, and still happens to this very day
  5. The same situation has been played out in many countries, not least in Libya, where the US and Britain were the cheerleaders for Fascist Islam dictatorship. There is only one difference. In the case of Iran Carter did not support directly the Fascists. In later years in Tunisia Libya and Egypt Obama and Cameron have been directly supporting the Fascists. This is now becoming a world phenomenon and throws us all into great danger.



a common sight above, Muslims called “Palestinians” with their violence at the Temple Mount

What might have been preached in those Friday sermons? Maybe Jew-hatred and jihad violence? How did “Palestinian” mosques get so full of Misunderstanders of Islam? “Hundreds of Palestinians riot on Temple Mount after Friday prayers,” by Daniel K. Eisenbud for the Jerusalem Post, February 8:


Before the statement from Jerusalem Post below this is the position of 4international

1. The Jews are in Israel today because there is a history of Jews here which is 4000 years long

2. The Arabs do not want to have Christian or Jew living in their áreas

3. The Arabs are in the Middle East at present driving all Jews and all Christians out of their area

4. And if that was not bad enough that Arab war against the Christians and the Jews is part of a world wide war against the “Kuffir” by Islamic Jihad, the inspiration of which is IN the Koran

Consequently this socialist movement, 4international, Trotskyism stands with the Jews and against the Palestinian Arabs. The Temple is central tot he Jewish people. In this very place on this earth the Muslims also called the “Palestinians” turn their back sides to the Temple Mount because they pray towards Mecca.

That is the difference. We are only with the Jews in this.

Minutes after concluding Friday prayers, hundreds of Palestinians attacked officers with rocks at the Temple Mount.

The violence came one day after police closed the holy site to Jews to avert another riot, following numerous anonymous threats from Arabs of probable violence should any Jews ascend.

According to police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, at approximately 12:30 p.m. the group began throwing rocks at police officers stationed there, without provocation.

“Police responded immediately by entering the Temple Mount area and dispersing the rioters, using only stun grenades in order to prevent injuries,” he said.

Rosenfeld added that seven arrests were made after riot police attempted to quell the violence.

“Luckily there were no injuries to officers,” he said, noting that police had preemptively heightened security in the area upon receiving intelligence that the Arabs intended to riot after praying.

“Security assessments were also quickly made to ensure immediately after the riot to prevent any further disturbances in and around the Old City,” Rosenfeld said.

The frequently violent Arab response to Jewish visitation rights to the Temple Mount has a long and contentious history, dating back to when the Wakf Muslim religious trust was given oversight of the holy site following the Six Day War in 1967.

Although the Supreme Court upheld Jewish prayer rights on the site, the court allows police to prevent any form of worship there if they believe such activities will incite a “disturbance to the public order.”

Right-wing Israeli politicians have repeatedly demanded Jewish sovereignty of the area, as well as greater access, to little avail.


Hotel where Kerry hung out



Activists Arrested for Demanding Kerry to ‘Go Home’

by Sagit Levi

Two activists from the Samaria Residents Council were arrested Thursday night near the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, where visiting American Secretary of State John Kerry is staying.

The activists, who arrived with a public address system, called out, “John Kerry – go home.”

The activists also called on Kerry not to interfere in the internal affairs of the State of Israel and demanded he stop pressuring Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (Likud) to surrender the Samaria and Judea regions.

A few minutes after the activists arrived at the site, they were arrested by security personnel and their vehicles were confiscated.

“The activists legally stopped on the side of the road and called on Kerry to go home and not pressure Israel to give up strategic assets,” Sagi Kaisler, the director of the Samaria Residents Council, told journalists.

“Even though they did not break the law at any stage and only came to protest against what is shaping up to be another Oslo agreement, the police chose to silence them, confiscate their cars and arrest them.”