This is wonderful news. You need to live in a country like Spain or in any Arab country, plus Turkey, to understand how wonderful. I welcome this. welcomes it. BUT…


I need to find out about a few things. One is the tieing up of dogs 24-7 or the whole question of not walking dogs, that is not giving them exercise because dogs are a free animal


There is the question of the survival of species in Ireland, and at the front of these is The Irish Hare, an historical animal for the Irish people. I am totally opposed to the Coursing of Hares, first on cruelty basis, second on the ssociated basis that they are persecuting an animal which already is threatened with extinction. But the saving of this species is going to be a gigantic struggle and the struggle to save it challenges a great deal in the Irish capitalist and profit driven culture


The success of the legislation depends not just on education but on the issue of fines. I know these low life types who abuse animals and the only language they understand is hit them, hard, in the pocket. But the pólice are from these backward layers to start with. Will they take a break from persecuting left wing individuals like Margaret Darcy to attack the dog abusers? I wonder.


But believe me this law is a step forward by the capitalist Irish state.



ISPCA Inspector Conor Dowling with Minister Simon Coveney and ISPCA CEO Dr Andrew Kelly

ISPCA Chief Inspector Conor Dowling with Minister Simon Coveney and ISPCA CEO Dr Andrew Kelly

Three of Ireland’s  leading animal welfare organisations  (ISPCA, Dogs Trust and The Irish Blue Cross) have today joined together to issue a statement welcoming the new Animal Health and Welfare Act (AHWA) which is fundamental in preventing cruelty to animals in Ireland. 

Animal Welfare Charities with Minister Simon Coveney

Leading animal welfare organisations with Minister Simon Coveney

ISPCA Chief Executive Officer Dr Andrew Kelly said: “This is a momentous advancement for animal welfare in Ireland and we congratulate the Minister and his Department on bringing this progressive legislation to fruition.  For too long our fully trained Inspectors, have had to deal with horrendous cruelty to animals. This Act will enable them to be more proactive and to concentrate on the prevention of cruelty rather than having to wait for cruelty to occur before being able to take action. We look forward to working with the Department of Agriculture, the Gardai and other interested parties in maximising the benefits of this new act.”

Dogs Trust Executive Director Mark Beazley said:  “We welcome this ground breaking piece of animal welfare legislation, which is the most significant since the foundation of the state. We would like to acknowledge the extensive and inclusive consultation process carried out by Minister Simon Coveney and his officials at the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine, which has resulted in legislation that will be the envy of our European neighbours.”

Irish Blue Cross Manager Chris Conneely said:  “We greatly welcome the commencement of the new AHWA, which heralds reform in the animal health and welfare sector in Ireland.  The new legislation has been carefully brought together and stealthier measures permitted in the Act, will prove invaluable to enforcers in safeguarding our animals against cruelty and neglect throughout Ireland.  As an animal welfare charity that promotes responsible pet ownership and serves the needs of responsible and needy owners, we can now look forward to improved conditions and health for pets generally as a result of this reform.”

ISPCA Chief Inspector Conor Dowling said: “For too long our Inspectors have been attempting to work with archaic and ineffectual laws that have often hindered their efforts to make a meaningful difference to the welfare of animals. The new act will close up old loop-holes and will allow us to address welfare issues in a far more effective manner.”


Minister Simon Coveney with two Irish Wolfhounds

Minister Simon Coveney pictured with two Irish Wolfhounds







This is an extract from the Daily Mail. Mass immigration into Britain has created a totally politically correct and utterly crushed society. Any person who speaks against the dangers of mass immigration into a country, and ilegal at that, is labelled a “racist”. The Stalinists and the Revisionists of Marxism of the British Left have been totally instrumental in creating such a climate.

(start extract here)

On Saturday, the leading liberal commentator David Goodhart described the profound effect mass immigration has had on social cohesion. He admitted that, for decades, liberals like him failed to realise its implications. Today, concluding his series, he sets out his vision of how a new Britishness can bind the nation’s fractured communities.

Large-scale immigration has created an England that is increasingly full of mysterious and unfamiliar worlds — as I discovered one day sitting in an enormous minareted mosque in a sedate London suburb among thousands of men in Pashtun dress listening to the words of an elderly man.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad is not any old preacher. To a couple of million Muslims of one particular sect, the Ahmadiyans, he is the holiest man on the planet.

The Daily Mail is part of the British Ruling Class and it begins to understand the horror that has been created. There really is hardly a British working class left any more because it does not have any conscious leadership.

The Stalinists of the Communist Party liquidated Marxism and became a politically correct versión of a local council bureaucracy in each área.

The article, please read it all, shows that there is a 10,000 capacity Mosque build which dominates Merton, a part of London, and there are hardly any native British people left at all.

Those that are left, and if they have a job with the local council of Merton, will be making dammed sure they keep their heads well down. Any mention that there are hardly any British left in Merton and they will be sacked. My point here is that the trade unions would go along with that sacking.

This situation was reflected in the ex EDL Tommy Robinson is in jail on a trumped up charge and furthermore we have learned that the EDL big mouths never even bothered to provide Robinson and his family with a guard, because his and his family were continually threatened by Islam Fascists.

This man David Goodhart who has written a book is a total pain in the butt. He thinks there is going to be a new national consciousness arising from this ruptured society which will meld all these groups into one great British nation.

It already exists and is called hatred of the British native person

The Mosque has replaced Express Dairies which once employed 300 local people

The Mosque dominates the whole área. THAT is the new British consciousness.


This is why we need 4international. It is partly to help expose the lies of the capitalist class. Of course Imperialists and Capitalists will bring forward this book. The whole book is a lie and it has nothing at all to do with socialism.

Name of the book is

Francis Goldin, Debby Smith and Michael Steven Smith, eds., Imagine Living in a Socialist USA, (New York: Harper Perennial, 2014) 304 pp., $15.99

This is a description on Amazon

“Imagine: Living in a Socialist U.S.A. is an anthology of original essays that looks at what the United States could be if the capitalism collapsed and socialism was instated.

The book paints a portrait of the many facets of life in a socialist society through a series of ruminations by prominent thinkers, activists, and artists, including Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore’s proposal for how to effectively continue the Occupy Wall Street movement; incarcerated journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal’s look at alternative systems to capitalist injustice; Hugo Award-winning author Terry Bisson’s short story imagining Thanksgiving in 2077 where the dinner table conversation revolves around everything from the rising seas in Florida and the dismantling of the Alaskan pipeline to the children’s ability to work off their student loans through civil service; New York Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez’s argument that immigrant workers have already proven that socialism provides a better life; and attorney Michael Ratner, who is representing Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in the United States, explaining the steps he would take as attorney general, which include refusing to enforce criminal prosecution of undocumented immigrants and Internet activists like Assange, as well as ending all FBI surveillance measures.

Other essays touch on the topics of gender equality in the workplace, an end to the war on drugs, how the arts and education would thrive in a socialist system, and, above all, make a case for how and why a socialist U.S.A could lead to a better world. ”


Radosh on Frontpagemag has this

“This dreadful book has one redeeming quality: it admits candidly what the Left in America really wants when it says that its goal is a socialist country. Meant to be a recruiting tool as well as a morale booster for the Left, this book leads to a very different conclusion than its editors and authors intend.

Karl Marx, who, aside from that one famous sentence that when the communist golden age was finally reached, men would hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon and relax at night, never wrote anything about how the communist future would actually work or what it would look like. The editors of Imagine, on the other hand, have tried for a book that paints an explicit portrait of the utopian future they are sure is just around the corner. They’ve recruited the usual suspects to help them out: including Bill Ayers, Michael Moore, Michael Ratner, Blanche Wiesen Cook, Frances Fox Piven, Mumia Abu-Jumal, Angela Davis, Juan Gonzalez and Leslie Cagan, among many others.

They love this book the capitalist and imperialists. Jared Israel in a terrific showed that Bill Ayers is a pólice agent and remains so


Let us try to get some decent factual knowledge about Ukraine and Crimea.

First of all Leon Trotsky who is the essence along with Lenin of Russian Communism fought for Ukrainian Independence at the same time as he advocated Jewish Independence in a Jewish State in Palestine (in the thirties)

But not a Ukraine that would be a base for war against Russia. Trotsky had fought to defend Russia from just this in the Civil War period of 1918 to 1921. Every nation in the world has the right to defend itself as Israel did by knocking out the enemy war`planes in 67

The following is a useful article. it is useful factually which is what we want here on 4international. I think it has a fallacy when it talks about Kosovo.

This Washington Post writer and quoting The Guardian has a direct, total and complete lie. Let me quote this lie

“In The Guardian newspaper, Daniel Drezner has pointed out that NATO only intervened in Kosovo in 1999 after significant evidence of Serbian abuses was collected”

Those were lies. Those were NATO lies. it was the very opposite to this. NATO moved in with its power and behind NATO was the KLA ethnic cleansers.

Those lies persist and will persist until revolutionary power and action drives these lies out of circulation.

This is not a parallel but is the very opposite of Crimea. In Kosovo the majority of the people were Serb and then these Serb people were driven out of Kosovo by Jihad and replaced by Albanian Muslims. So the takeover of Kosovo by NATO/Jihad was a continuous war on Serbia and Serbs. Read the history of Crimea it has always been Russian. Why did Kruschev hand Crimea to Ukraine? Understand Kruschev and understand Stalinism.

(start extract from article here)

The collapse of the USS.R. has always been a bugbear for Putin: Not so much because he loved Communism, but because it seemed to mark the end of Russia’s time as a great power at the center of an empire.

In his speech, the Russian president returned to his anger over the end of the Soviet era. “Millions of people went to bed in one country and awoke in different ones,” he said, “overnight becoming ethnic minorities in former union republics, while the Russian nation became one of the biggest, if not the biggest, ethnic group in the world to be divided by borders.”

The situation, he said, was especially significant in Crimea, which became part of Ukraine in 1954 at the “personal initiative” of Communist Party head Nikita Khrushchev. “It was only when Crimea ended up as part of a different country that Russia realised that it was not simply robbed, it was plundered,” Putin said.

Putin’s theory on Crimea’s place in Russian history makes some sense: The peninsula had been part of Russia from 1783 to 1954 and even under Ukrainian rule housed Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. It’s not always a pretty history, though: The entire Crimean Tatar population was deported during World War II, and a huge number are thought to have died. Putin touched on this in his speech, admitting that the Crimean Tatars were “treated unfairly” but adding that “millions of people of various ethnicities suffered during those repressions, and primarily Russians.”

Putin also neglected to mention that Crimea’s decision to remain part of Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union came in a referendum on independence in December 1991. In that election, 54 percent of Crimean voters favored independence from Russia — a majority, though the lowest one found in Ukraine.

Two of the most important events in post-World War II history were the division of Germany among Allied powers and the subsequent reunification of Germany after the Soviet Union’s collapse.

“I believe that Europeans, firstly Germans, will understand me,” Putin said during his speech, pointing out that Russia had supported German reunification when others hadn’t. “I am certain that you have not forgotten this, and I count that German citizens will support the aspiration of the Russian world and historical Russia to restore unity.”

It’s true that Russia did play a significant role in reunification negotiations after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, with Mikhail Gorbachev a key supporter of a tactic that allowed the two Germanys to negotiate on their own, without outside powers coming in until later. Regardless, it doesn’t seem as if Germany feels much gratitude here. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been a frequent critic of Russia’s stance on Crimea over the past few weeks.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Yugoslavia fell into a number of wars that eventually led the country to split into the states of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Of particular note was the Bosnian war, which began in 1992 after a successful referendum on independence in the multiethnic region, despite a significant boycott by members of the Serbian minority and their attempts to establish their own state. After Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence, Bosnian Serbs, with the support of Slobodan Milosevic’s Yugoslav government, began a strategy of ethnic cleansing of Muslim Bosniaks and Croats in the eastern part of Bosnia. After the massacre at Srebrenica in 1995 (during which an estimated 8,000 unarmed Muslim men and boys were killed in a UN safe area), NATO intervened with a sustained air campaign called “Operation Deliberate Force” that attacked Bosnian Serb forces. Within months, a peace agreement was reached.

The breakup of Yugoslavia, and especially the Bosnian war, has an interesting legacy for Russia in light of the situation in Crimea. At the time, Russia contributed forces to help with the NATO-led peacekeeping efforts, but later events, including in Kosovo and the allegations that Russia was helping to hide Bosnian Serbs involved in atrocities, made it clear that Russia wasn’t happy with how things went.

In a key part of his speech, Putin contrasted the situation in Crimea with that of Kosovo, an Albanian-majority region of Serbia that was eventually recognised as independent in 2008.

“The Crimean authorities referred to the well-known Kosovo precedent,” Putin said, “a precedent our Western colleagues created with their own hands in a very similar situation when they agreed that the unilateral separation of Kosovo from Serbia, exactly what Crimea is doing now, was legitimate and did not require any permission from the country’s central authorities.” He later added that the UN regulation on declarations of independence was “crystal clear, as they say.”

Putin is right that in some ways Crimea, with its Russian majority, does look a little like Kosovo, with its own Albanian majority. Both held successful referendums on independence against the wishes of the states they were a part of.

But what’s more significant than the similarities between Crimea and Kosovo are their differences. In The Guardian newspaper, Daniel Drezner has pointed out that NATO only intervened in Kosovo in 1999 after significant evidence of Serbian abuses was collected. Notably, while NATO military action wasn’t sanctioned by the UN, it did take place after the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1199, on which Russia had voted.

Perhaps more important, although Kosovo was a de facto independent state after NATO intervention, it didn’t formally announce independence until 2008. That’s almost 10 years between conflict and independence, rather than the mere weeks it has taken in Crimea. Even then, a significant number of states and organisations, including Russia, China and even the United Nations, have not recognised Kosovo as a sovereign state. Putin does have an argument, but it’s certainly not a “crystal clear” situation.

Ultimately, Putin’s appeal to history merges two strands of his political thought: The memories of a Russian empire that drive his plans for a Eurasian Union and his belief that the West’s international dominance is decadent and undeserved.

Where he trips up, however, is in arguing that history can act as a justification in the Crimea situation. History is often complicated and incoherent: Europe’s ever-changing borders don’t necessarily justify anything.

Adam Taylor – The Washington Post


Snipers Hired By Kiev Protest Leaders – Leaked EU’s Ashton Phone Tape


March 05, 2014 “Information Clearing House – “RT” – The snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev were allegedly hired by Maidan leaders, according to a leaked phone conversation between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign affairs minister, which has emerged online.

The US, NATO, UN and EU gangsters are piling lie upon lie, and agent provocateur provocation upon provocation. The biggest lie concerns the uprisong in Ukraine which was not spontaneous but was planned inside the bowels of the CIA, EU and US State Department, Victoria Nuland telling exactly that from her very own mouth has been intensely interested in the position of Mrs Catherine Ashton in all of this. This is the very typical EU bureaucrat. Ashton is a politician who made no waves at all in her political life inside her own country. She does not even have the benefit of good looks being an intesely ugly woman to look at by any standard. So no saving graces at all. Yet she was chosen right at the top of the EU Regime in our world.

I find this all very useful and will be so especially for class conscious workers and youth, and her responses give a very clear indication of the gangster mentality that is at stake in this EU attack on Russia. It gives us a glimpse better than anything else just what the EU is all about. Often you do not need heaps of data and statistics to understand something and here it is the personal that tells the story, how Ashton reacts in a conversation to the certain knowledge that the snipers who were firing on the Maidan was in fact snipers employed by the Maidan. We live in the age of the agent provocateur. Ashton says she didn´tpick that up, then she says “Gosh”, but Ashton is on an agenda, which can be understood when you investigate her past political life (sadly no space to do that here but another time)

(start Ashton phone conversation with EU Foreign Minister URMAS PAET here)

“There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovich, but it was somebody from the new coalition,” Urmas Paet said during the conversation.

“I think we do want to investigate. I mean, I didn’t pick that up, that’s interesting. Gosh,” Ashton answered.

The call took place after Estonia’s Foreign Minister Urmas Paet visited Kiev on February 25, following the peak of clashes between the pro-EU protesters and security forces in the Ukrainian capital.

Met in Kiev with deputy speaker of Rada and head of Regions Party fraction. It is important to form quickly new government.

— Urmas Paet (@Urmaspaet) February 25, 2014

Paet also recalled his conversation with a doctor who treated those shot by snipers in Kiev. She said that both protesters and police were shot at by the same people.

“And second, what was quite disturbing, this same Olga [Bogomolets] told as well that all the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers from both sides, among policemen and then people from the streets, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides,” the Estonian FM stressed.

Ashton reacted to the information by saying: “Well, yeah…that’s, that’s terrible.”

“So that she then also showed me some photos she said that as a medical doctor she can say that it is the same handwriting, the same type of bullets, and it’s really disturbing that now the new coalition, that they don’t want to investigate what exactly happened,” Paet said.

Olga Bogomolets was the main doctor for the Maidan mobile clinic when protests turned violent in Kiev. She treated the gravely injured and helped organized their transportation to neighboring countries, who had expressed a willingness to treat those with severe wounds. From the outset, Olga blamed the injuries and deaths on snipers. She turned down the position of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine for Humanitarian Affairs offered by the coup-appointed regime.

The Estonian FM has described the whole sniper issue as “disturbing” and added, “it already discredits from the very beginning” the new Ukrainian power.

His overall impressions of what he saw during his one-day trip to Kiev are “sad,” Paet said during the conversation.

He stressed that the Ukrainian people don’t trust the Maidan leaders, with all the opposition politicians slated to join the new government “having dirty past.”

The file was reportedly uploaded to the web by officers of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) loyal to ousted President Viktor Yanukovich who hacked Paet’s and Ashton’s phones.


This is a great article and it goes to the very centre of what is about, because we have to seek the total truth in every situation we encounter or enter into

From the very excellent site

The New Holocaust Discoveries
Follow Virtual Jerusalem The latest revelation about the Holocaust stuns even the scholars who thought they already knew everything about the horrific details of Germany’s program of genocide against the Jewish people.

It’s taken more than 70 years to finally know the full facts. And what is almost beyond belief is that what really happened goes far beyond what anyone could ever have imagined.

For the longest time we have spoken of the tragedy of 6 million Jews. It was a number that represented the closest approximation we could come to the victims of Hitler’s plan for a Final Solution. Those who sought to diminish the tragedy claimed 6 million was a gross exaggeration. Others went further and denied the historicity of the Holocaust itself, absurdly claiming the Jews fabricated their extermination to gain sympathy for the Zionist cause.
But now we know the truth.

The reality was much worse than whatever we imagined.

holocaust statistics and real numbers
Rows of bodies fill the yard of the Boelcke-Kaserne (Boelcke Barr acks) located in the south-east of the town of Nordhausen. The barracks was a subcamp of the en:Mittelbau-Dora Nazi concentration camp.

The unspeakable crime of the 20th century, more than the triumph of evil, was the sin of the “innocent” bystander.

It wasn’t just the huge killing centers whose very names – Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Majdanek, Belzec, Ravensbruck, Sobibar, Treblinka – bring to mind the ghastly images by now so familiar to us. It wasn’t just the Warsaw ghetto. It wasn’t just the famous sites we’ve all by now heard of that deservedly live on in everlasting infamy.

Researchers at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have just released documentation that astounds even the most informed scholars steeped in the previously known statistics of German atrocities. Here is some of what has now been conclusively discovered:

There were more than 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe from 1933 to 1945.

There were 30,000 slave labor camps; 1,150 Jewish ghettos; 980 concentration camps; 1000 prisoner of war camps; 500 brothels filled with sex slaves; and thousands of other camps used for euthanizing the elderly and infirm, performing forced abortions, “Germanizing” prisoners or transporting victims to killing centers.

The best estimate using current information available is 15 to 20 million people who died or were imprisoned in sites controlled by the Germans throughout the European continent.

Simply put, in the words of Hartmut Berghoff, Director of the German Historical Institute in Washington, “The numbers are so much higher than what we originally thought; we knew before how horrible life in the camps and ghettos was, but the actual numbers are unbelievable.”

And what makes this revelation so important is that it forces us to acknowledge a crucial truth about the Holocaust that many people have tried to ignore or to minimize – a truth that has profound contemporary significance: The unspeakable crime of the 20th century, more than the triumph of evil, was the sin of the “innocent” bystander.

For years our efforts to understand the Holocaust focused on the perpetrators. We looked for explanations for the madness of Mengele, the obsessive hatred of Hitler, the impassive cruelty of Eichmann. We sought answers to how it was possible for the criminal elements, the sadists and the mentally unbalanced to achieve the kind of power that made the mass killings feasible.

That was because we had no idea of the real extent of the horror. With more than 42,000 ghettos and concentration camps scattered throughout the length and breadth of a supposedly civilized continent, there’s no longer any way to avoid the obvious conclusion. The cultured, the educated, the enlightened, the liberal, the refined, the sophisticated, the urbane – all of them share in the shame of a world that lost its moral compass and willingly acceded to the victory of evil.

“We had no idea what was happening” needs to be clearly identified as “the great lie” of the years of Nazi power. The harsh truth is that almost everyone had to know. The numbers negate the possibility for collective ignorance. And still the killings did not stop, the torture did not cease, the concentration camps were not closed, the crematoria continued their barbaric task.

The “decent” people were somehow able to rationalize their silence.

Just last year Mary Fulbrook, a distinguished scholar of German history, in “A Small Town Near Auschwitz “wrote a richly and painfully detailed examination of those Germans who, after the war, successfully cast themselves in the role of innocent bystanders.

“These people have almost entirely escaped the familiar net of ‘perpetrators, victims and bystanders’; yet they were functionally crucial to the eventual possibility of implementing policies of mass murder. They may not have intended or wanted to contribute to this outcome; but, without their attitudes, mentalities, and actions, it would have been virtually impossible for murder on this scale to have taken place in the way that it did. The concepts of perpetrator and bystander need to be amended, expanded, rendered more complex, as our attention and focus shifts to those involved in upholding an ultimately murderous system.”

Mary Fulbrook singled out for censure those who lived near Auschwitz. But that was before we learned that Auschwitz was replicated many thousands of times over throughout the continent in ways that could not have gone unnoticed by major parts of the populace. Millions of people were witnesses to small towns like Auschwitz in their own backyards.

And so Elie Wiesel of course was right. The insight that most powerfully needs to be grasped when we reflect upon the Holocaust’s message must be that, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”

That remains our greatest challenge today. If we dare to hope for the survival of civilization we had better pray that the pessimists are wrong when they claim that the only thing we learn from history is that mankind never learns from history.

by Rabbi Benjamin Blech via


Jews are in crisis over Ukraine and Crimea. This is because Jewish leaders continually betray the Jewish people and there is a large section of Jewish leaders including Netanyahu who are for capitalism and snuggle up to the main capitalist power which is the US, actually Imperialist US Power.

4international will be following very closely Jews, Jewish leaders, and the Ukraine issue.

We do this in the perspective that Jews face immanent holocaust at the hands of Iran Nuclear Bombs which is facilitated by all branches of US Imperialism not just the individual Obama or the individual Samantha Power.

Thus int his struggle for clear and principled leadership among the Jews…We will be covering issues such as how the Jewish leaders in the Ukraine actually met with Hitlerite Skoboda party, which is just like happened when Jewish leaders met with Nazis prior to The Holocaust. We will also cover how Jewish leaders do the dirty work of US and EU Imperialism by attacking the revolutionary nationalist Russian patriot Vladimir Putin. But remember these are leaders, the elite in other words, not the ordinary Jews, and it is all here a question of leadership, which our is fighting for. Remember please…emphasis all the time on leaders and leadership, nothing else!

This article today is very revealing because it shows that ordinary Jews feel that they are safer by far in Crimea with Putin and the Russians rather tan Obama, Cameron and Skoboda. Look for the interruption because the article goes on to show the other side of the coin, the confusing leaders supporting US Imperialism


In Crimea, some Jews feel safer after Russian intervention

By Cnaan LiphshizMarch 4, 2014 3:34pm

Simferopol Reform Synagogue Ner Tamid, in Crimea, was vandalized recently. (Courtesy of Simferopol Reform Synagogue Ner Tamid)
Simerofol Reform Synagogue Ner Tamid, in Crimea, was vandalized recently. (Courtesy Simerofol Reform Synagogue Ner Tamid)

(JTA) — Shortly after Russian soldiers occupied the Crimean city of Sevastopol last week, Leah Cyrlikova took her two children out for an afternoon stroll in a city park.

When they passed a group of soldiers, they stopped to have a friendly chat and pose with them for photos.

While many Ukrainian Jews have strongly condemned the Russian military incursion into Crimea, others see the intervention as restoring order in the wake of a violent revolution that overthrew the pro-Russian government of President Viktor Yanukovych.

“I feel safer with them around,” said Cyrlikova, a Jewish Ukrainian who has lived in Sevastopol for five years. “These are crazy times, and now I know that if something bad happens, they will stop it.”


Divisions within the Ukrainian Jewish community have deepened in the wake of the Russian movement last week into the Crimean Peninsula, where approximately 10,000 Jews live amid an ethnic Russian majority.

Many Ukrainian Jews took part in the opposition movement centered in Kiev’s Maidan, or Independence Square. Jews participated despite the fact that the protests included far-right activists and some political figures who have been known to espouse anti-Semitic views. But support for the revolution is hardly unanimous among the country’s Jews.

Rabbi Misha Kapustin, whose Reform synagogue in the Crimean capital of Simferopol was recently vandalized with swastikas, acknowledged that some Jews support Russian involvement in the crisis.

“In this area there is considerable support for the Russian invasion, and the local [Crimean Jewish] community is very assimilated here,” Kapustin told JTA. “You should take into account the effect of Russian propaganda: the television they watch, what papers they read.”

But he stressed that he felt his country was being invaded by foreigners.

“How would a Brit feel if another nation invaded London? That’s how I feel as a citizen of Ukraine,” Kapustin said. “The city is occupied by Russians, who seem to have decided to take over the Crimea. If this were the case, I would leave the country because I want to live in democratic Ukraine.”

Residents of Crimea are at present able to move around freely at all hours, Kapustin said. They are also free to leave the peninsula for other parts of Ukraine. Kapustin asked his wife, Marina, to leave for Israel until the situation stabilizes. She refused.

“I stayed to remain with my community, but I wasn’t very happy my family also stayed,” Kapustin said. “I would rather see them as far away from the action as possible, but I respect Marina’s choice.”

The United States has condemned Russian “aggression” in Ukraine and threatened to impose economic sanctions in response. Major news agencies, as well as American and Ukrainian officials, have reported a massive mobilization of Russian troops in Crimea. But speaking at a news conference near Moscow on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin denied that his troops had occupied Crimea, while reserving the right to act militarily to protect Ukrainian citizens from an “orgy” of radical nationalists and anti-Semites.

“We have seen the work of neo-Nazis in Ukraine,” Putin said. “They and anti-Semites are rampant in Ukraine today.”

Putin seemed to be referencing the prominent role in the Kiev protests of Svoboda, a xenophobic political party whose members have referred to Jews as “kikes.” Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok has described his movement as the “worst fear of the Jewish-Russian mafia.”

On Monday, Ukraine’s acting president, Oleksandr Turchynov, appointed Svoboda politician Sidor Kizin governor of the Zhytomyr district, pending elections scheduled for May. At the same time, Jewish businessman Igor Kolomoisky was appointed governor of the Dnipropetrovsk district.

The protest movement erupted in November because of the Yanukovych government’s prioritizing of ties with Moscow over relations with the European Union. But the revolution has exposed deep divisions between the country’s mostly Ukrainian-speaking west and the more Russian-oriented east and south.

“The Maidan Revolution was a dangerous thing,” said Boruch Gorin, a prominent Lubavitch rabbi in Moscow who was born in the predominantly Russian-speaking city of Odessa in southern Ukraine. “The decision to abandon democracy as a tool for change and adopt violence is always frightening, especially to minorities.”

Gorin, however, acknowledged that the protest movement was larger than just nationalist diehards and included both Jewish and non-Jewish liberals, as well as ordinary Ukrainians angered by rampant corruption and poor economic policies.

Amid the months of unrest leading up to Yanukovych’s ouster, unknown assailants staged two violent attacks on Jews in Kiev. On Jan. 17, an Orthodox Jew was stabbed after leaving a synagogue. The week before, another Orthodox Jew was beaten outside his home. Both men are expected to recover fully.

On Feb. 23, the day after Yanukovych’s ouster, a synagogue was firebombed in southeastern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia. It sustained only minor damage.

Last week, unidentified individuals drew swastikas and wrote “Death to the Jews” on the front door of Kapustin’s Simferopol synagogue in Crimea.

Some leaders of Ukrainian Jewry, including a Kiev-based Ukrainian chief rabbi, Yaakov Dov Bleich, suggest that at least some of these incidents may have been provocations by pro-Russian forces seeking to justify Russian involvement in the crisis.

At a press conference in New York on Monday, Bleich called on Russia to withdraw from Ukraine. He drew a parallel between Russian actions in Crimea and the false pretenses Adolf Hitler used to justify his invasions and annexations of other countries in the 1930s.

But others say the threat of anti-Semitic violence is real and that Russian protection is vital for Ukrainian Jews. Baruch Fichman, founder and president of the Ukrainian League Against Anti-Semitism, based in the western Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, said Ukrainian neo-Nazis are feeling emboldened by the revolution’s success and are more dangerous now.

“The threat of Russian intervention is a good thing because it will cause the neo-Nazis to rethink their attacks on Jews,” Fichman said. “Russian intervention in other places in Ukraine would be a positive thing for the safety of the Jewish population.”

Putin’s suggestions notwithstanding, Gorin says Russia’s mobilization in Ukraine is not motivated by its concern for Jews but by the new Ukrainian government’s scrapping of a law recognizing Russian as an official language. Russian intervention, he said, was an error that would mainly serve to reignite Ukrainian nationalist fervor.

“All said and done,” Gorin said, “Jews and non-Jews in Ukraine perceive Russian military intervention as a bigger threat than any revolutionary government.”


As in everything we deal with on the whole issue revolves around leadership. Do not do nothing. Write to us below. It is vital in every área to build the revolutionary Trotskyist leadership



However this issue of Robinson cuts across that. We defend Robinson uncondionally against the pro-Jihad British ruling class and against the fascist leftists stalinists and anarchists


Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, will appear in court later today on charges unrelated to those that led to his current imprisonment.

We just received this message from a source in the EDL:

Regarding Tommy: Today (the 19th of March) he is facing court over charges of a public disorder offence. Specifically, he is accused of “inciting illegal public assembly” at an EDL rally in Tower Hamlets on 7 September 2013.

Why was Tommy arrested? His “crime” was to make a speech that was slightly longer than three minutes.

There is a new risk that may result from his court appearance: during the hearing he will be moved to another prison, and it is highly likely that this will be a much more dangerous place than HMP Winchester, where he is at present (Tommy “likes” his current prison; the place is quite friendly for him, with a lot of soldiers) .

Keep your fingers crossed for him today! And, for those so inclined, please say a prayer for him.

Any additional word on today’s events in court will be posted here as soon as it comes in.


4international is reprinting this excellent analysis of the situation that Israel and all Jews find themselves in under present totally bankrupt Jewish leaders, which like Ted Belman editor of Israpundit procedes on the basis of arrogance keeping a known fascist on his comment section. Israpundit under Belman is a case of the blind leading the blind but it goes deeper than Israpundit. It extends across the whole of the anti-Jihadist and rabidly pro United States War Policy against especially Russia and China. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer the “great” fighters have totally ignored Ukraine and Crimea. Their work on the Jihad is good but it leads obviously into a dead alley and anybody with a brain can see it.

By the way I was asked why does Belman do this? The answer is that he can. Any joker can put together a website and Belman is carried along by a blind and utterly stupid arrogance, self-imposed, thinking that the right wing conservatives like on Frontpagemag will bail out Israpundit. Fat chance. All are going down the drain with US capitalism. Same direction that Israel capitalism is going under Netanyahu.

This debka article is remarkable because it pinpoints the empty arrogance behind Netanyahu and the whole of the Israeli ruling class including its army generals, the latter continually misleading eager Young serving Jews. That danger grows. Lives will be sacrificed for nothing under Netanyahu.

What does this article do that I insist is so useful and also remarkable? It is this. The Jewish people have been hit in recent days by an attack on its army, inside Israel, as Jewish soldiers patrolled the northern border they triggered a booby trap bomb and a Jew is today seriously injured and others are injured more lightly. THAT is most serious given the history. But still that is not the key. The key is that in response to this Netanyahu and his army generals got up on their high horse and issued a threat to Assad, and they also struck at Assad´s government forces. This is total arrogance. You note this arrogance again. Debka is so astute as to note that this bomb may have been, certainly was, set off by the enemies of Assad. So why attack Assad? Why not support and defend Assad from the Jihadists? That is the logic. And that is precisely what we on our tiny 4international have been saying now for about 3 years, while the likes of bullshitter Belman (note the alliteration) and his bankrupt bunch of phonies and resident “fascist” have been misleading Jews.


(start debka here)

That Israel’s military chiefs have not yet come up with an answer for the attacks building up from Syrian territory – four this month – was apparent in its responses to the bomb which Tuesday, March 18 injured four paratroopers – one seriously – who were manning Post 104 near the Golan village of Majdal Shams.

Artillery and rocket fire was instantaneously directed at a Syrian army post near Quneitra. Then, before dawn Wednesday, Israeli warplanes struck Syrian posts, command centers and artillery batteries in the Quneitra region of Syrian Golan.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon then issued a warning that the Assad regime would be held responsible for any attacks on “our sovereignty, soldiers and civilians” and pay a heavy price for “collaborating with terrorists.”
The same old policy of holding a sovereign state responsible for terrorist action from its soil, a policy which never worked in the Gaza Strip, has apparently been recycled for the Golan. It won’t work there either.

Just as Hamas doesn’t control the pro-Iranian Jihad Islami, the Syrian army cannot prevent terrorists from planting roadside bombs and attacking Israeli targets from the Syrian Golan.
Predictably, the only effect of Israel’s Tammuz rocket was to relieve the pressure the Syrian Army’s 90th Brigade encampment had exerted on the rebels under Gen. Abdul-Illah’s command and embolden them to go on the offensive against the 90th brigade.
Not only have Israeli’s military chiefs run out of ideas, but it was also evident from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s comments after the attack on the paratroopers that they have not identified its perpetrators.

Until recently, the Lebanese Shiite Hizballah was the obvious assailant and presumed to be retaliating for Israel’s March 6 air strike on its weapons convoy on the Syrian-Lebanese border.

But then another player, Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Levant-ISIS, entered the picture to claim responsibility for the roadside bomb planted on March 14 against an Israeli military patrol in another sector, the disputed Shebaa Farms border intersection. No one was hurt then. Israel hit back at the old enemy by pounding Hizballah positions in the neighborhood.
ISIS is waging an implacable war against Hizballah in Syria and Lebanon. It is therefore hard to see the relevance of Hizballah to the Shebaa Farms attack – and therefore the point of Israel’s reprisal. Indeed it missed another point: By attacking Hizballah, Israel recognized the Lebanese terrorist organization’s armed presence in that part of southern Lebanon in breach of UN resolutions.
Netanyahu also noted that the Syrian border region with Israel has been filling up of late with jihadist and Hizballah elements, confronting Israel with fresh challenges. He praised his government’s success in keeping Israel clear and safe from the Syrian civil war and pledged to “aggressively guard Israeli security here too.”
debkafile: The appearance of Al Qaeda and Hizballah in this area is hardly recent. For months, the two rival groups have been building up strength along Israel’s borders. On March 16, Hizballah gained a major victory by conquering jointly with the Syrian army the key mountain town of Yabroud near the Syrian-Lebanese border. Control of Yabroud provides Hizballah with another springboard for striking at IDF border targets from Syrian soil.
The hostile forces around Israel’s borders are gaining ground. Adhering to the unimaginative tit-for-tat template that failed in the Gaza Strip will not deter them. Unless Israel’s leaders come up with better and more effective ideas, Israel’s northern and southern fronts are in for what the military call a war of attrition.

(end debka here)’s-bankrupt-military-policy-for-Gaza-won’t-work-for-Golan-either

PS by Felix Quigley

One of Belman´s prime bullshitters in the comment section of Israpundit has been somebody who calls himself “Jonathon Ross” and his main line for years has been that the Arab “Spring” is good for Israel because it means the enemies of Israel were fighting each other. He forgot to say in order to get the best shot at Israel and Jews. How can you answer such imbéciles as this?


Barry Nathan, a Jewish speaker on Talk Radio Europe last Tuesday suggested it might have been a plane hijack and that Iran might have been involved. It was a group discussion and immediately American Journalist Nathan Thomas was Heard to say in response “OH Please!”

I have met this so often. Just recently when I was speaking on Indymedia people attempted to rubbish me. I was speaking on a campaign to save The Irish Hare, one of our native species, from extinction.
I meet this all the time. People who pipe up to throw about all kinds of confusión.

On the plane issue…It has emerged this morning that the former El Al director thinks it is indeed a hijack and we are also informed that Israel is making ready because it could be a plane directed against Israel with Iranian involvement

Why do people shout out when it comes to the involvement of Muslims.
Remember George Bush Jnr on the morning after 9-11 covering for Islam…He said “Islam is a religion of peace”

We meet it everywhere.
My efforts to save The Irish Hare from extinction are being met with a campaign of hatred against me because I am opposed to Jihad

I am a friend of Robert Spencer because he is an opponent of Jihad. I have political differences with Spencer but I am still a friend. THAT IS POSSIBLE

This is more information about this horrific plane situation and Spencer is so useful and astute here because he draws our attention to how Slate Works to keep the Jihad out of the discussion on the plane, now obviously a hijacking.

Slate whitewashes Muslim Brotherhood ties of Malaysian pol “fanatically” supported by pilot of missing plane

Here is reality: “Anwar Ibrahim’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood run deep. Ibrahim helped establish the International Institute for Islamic Thought, or IIIT, a Muslim Brotherhood front group in the United States. IIIT has come under fire for their connections with terrorist organizations. In 2002, Anwar Ibrahim’s IIIT was included in a lawsuit by victims of 9/11 seeking damages from organizations linked to ‘rendering material support to radical Islamism.’ In 2003, US government prosecutors ‘submitted court documents detailing financial support (PDF) from the IIIT for convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad fundraiser Sami al-Arian.’ They also found that Taha Jaber al-Alwani, the president of IIIT had once stated via a fatwa that ‘jihad is the only way to liberate Palestine.’ A US Customs official said that the government is also looking into the possibility that IIIT was involved in ‘terrorism-related money laundering activities.’”

Zaharie Ahmad Shah was a “fanatical” supporter of Anwar Ibrahim. Pictured is Anwar Ibrahim with Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. In January 2009, during a Friday sermon broadcast on Al-Jazeera, Qaradawi prayed that Allah would kill all the Jews: “Oh Allah, take this oppressive, Jewish, Zionist band of people. Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.” He also declared: “Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by [Adolf] Hitler.”…

Here is Slate’s fantasy version of the facts. Why are Americans generally so woefully ignorant of the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat? Because of misleading stories like this one: “The Malaysia Airlines Pilot’s Politics: Zaharie Ahmad Shah supported Anwar Ibrahim. That’s common sense, not zealotry,” by William J. Dobson for Slate, March 17:

…A fanatical supporter of Anwar Ibrahim does sound scary—as long as you know nothing about him.

Anwar is the 66-year old opposition leader who is the principal thorn in the side of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) that has ruled Malaysia for 56 years. Anwar heads a coalition of parties, which includes his own multiethnic party, that has made the greatest inroads against the country’s corrupt masters. In 2008, the opposition won more than a third of the seats in parliament—the first time that UMNO lost its supermajority that allowed it to change the constitution at the prime minister’s whim. Anwar, who had been a political prisoner for six years, most of it in solitary confinement, won his seat in a landslide, and the opposition won five of the country’s 13 state governments. Last year, his opposition party claimed to have won the election against the ruling party, a contest that many say was marred by widespread fraud. Anwar supported the massive protests that followed the ruling party’s supposed victory, but he never called for a toppling of the government.

Anwar is trying to defeat Malaysia’s authoritarian regime through elections—not terrorism, let alone revolution. So, to be clear, what we know is that the pilot of MH370 is a fanatical supporter of a nonviolent man who supports a pluralistic and democratic Malaysia….

Robert Spencer is right but the conclusión is we need a real Trotskyist Party that will oppose the Jihad. That party is no other than

4international said it first…it was a Jihadist plane hijacking

Within minutes of hearing about this 4international took a position of saying this was Jihad

Now out of all the great brains int he world we are being proved more and more to be correct

As this extract from shows:

The US, Russia and China Sunday, March 16 contributed their military satellites to the search for the Malaysian Boeing 777, missing without a trace for nine days with 239 people aboard. US drones have also been diverted from the Afghanistan war to the hunt, which is focusing increasingly on the former Soviet republics of Central Asia.

The backgrounds of the pilot and co-pilot and the rest of the crew are under rigorous investigation for leads. Scrutiny of the passengers, 153 of whom are Chinese, is slow since not all the foreign governments have come up with answers to questions about their nationals.

The multinational investigation is looking closely at a number of conjectures:
1. The contents of the plane’s cargo: Did it contain some illicit freight that would have given one or more hijackers a motive to seize control of the plane, force it to land at a remote spot and vanish with their prize?

That scenario would leave the fate of the passengers and crew up in the air. They may still be alive and marooned in some wild corner of the world.
2. Many parts of the Silk Road nations of Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are broad desert wastelands. They all have abandoned derelict military and air bases left over from the defunct Soviet empire. Military satellites and drones manned by experts have the best chance of pinpointing MH370 in this sort of country.

It is now believed that the last contact with MH370 was beamed from the ground, meaning that the plane had not spent hours aloft but somewhere on land, which is why the Malaysian transport minister disclosed Sunday that the search now covered “areas of land in 11 countries.”

3. The cockpit is being painstakingly searched for clues. One theory is that the hijackers lurked in the plane before the passengers boarded after they were smuggled in through the cargo hold. They may have belonged to the East Turkestan Liberation Organization-ETLO, the Uyghur separatist movement of the northwest Chinese province of Xinjiang.
This conjecture opens up more complex potentials, such as the possible refueling of the airliner for use by the hijackers as an instrument of deadly massacre, echoing the 9/11 atrocities perpetrated by al Qaeda against New York and Washington.
Speculation on those lines has brought the US, Russia and China into the heart of the search and the investigation.
4. Another possibility under consideration is a sudden cyber attack on the plane. These methods are advanced enough these days to control, navigate and bring a large aircraft 75 meters long with a 61-meter wing span like the Boeing 777 down to earth almost intact at a preset location.
Iran, apparently with Chinese expert assistance, managed to bring down the RQ-170 Sentinel, America’s most secret UAV, by this method. The Israeli army downed an Iranian drone launched from Lebanon by an Iranian Revolutionary Guards cyber team in October, 2012.
Loth to expose its advanced cyber capabilities, Israel held to the story that the Iranian drone was shot down by its fighter jets.

If the Malaysian airliner was indeed commandeered by this means, the attackers may not have intended to go all the way and were forced to think fast and decide how to end the episode without leaving incriminating leads behind them. Dumping the plane in a remote place would answer this need.

5. US intelligence and security investigators were focusing Sunday on the two pilots, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, who has logged 18,000 flying hrs. on similar aircraft, and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, for answers to the key conundrums of the mystery.
Both their homes in Kuala Lumpur have been searched. The flight simulator found in the captain’s home is being carefully checked for telltale flight routes.
Any possibly links in the backgrounds of the pilots to potential hijackers or terrorists would help solve the mystery of the vanished Malaysian airliner and provide a lead to its fate.


1. Remove the European Hare from Ireland.

2. Do not cut silage until July 1 and then cut from the inside out. Every field must have a border left uncut

3. All dogs chipped and registered. Fox population controlled.

These are the key issues in saving The Irish Hare. By far the most important is to take decisive action on the European Hare issue. Hamane measures such as transfer to the European mainland should be used. Massive and crippling fines for anybody bringing hares into Ireland need to be imposed. But action must be taken now.

1, 2 and 3 above are in order of importance and 1 suspasses all others in importance and in urgency.

The silage issue: there are two aspects here. 4international believes that farmers of Ireland are good people and we must try to convince this new thinking to start at once on a voluntary basis. But the answer is not voluntary. This must be law, again with huge fines imposed, for any breaking of this law (It needs to be law)

The dog issue is self explanatory. The chipping of all dogs in all of Ireland is vital. The registration fees for having a dog needs to go to saving The Irish Hare.

We have left the issue of Hare coursing to the last. 4international has nothing good to say about this. We do oppose it totally. However the issue of Hare Coursing has been used by Anarchists in order to provide a cover for the need for action on the above. Anarchists oppose taking action in the form of real practical steps especially on the issue of removing the European Hare in order that we can save the Irish Species of Hare, the Irish Hare. The Anarchists see this as tampering with Nature and thus they are the total and complete enemies of The Irish Hare, and they will behind their pious words and lies bring about the extinction of The Irish Hare.


The issue of Ukraine is really very simple.

The power of US and EU Imperialism with its powerful Media claim they stand for Ukrainian Independence. But the US and EU are using their power not to créate an independent Ukraine at all, but a Ukraine which will be used as a Communist Hating base from which to attack Russia by means of Thermo Nuclear weapons

This is a very old problem indeed. We stand for national Independence. But in a world dominated by blood thirsty US and EU Imperialism what if this National Independence is clearly a base for war against Communism.

Against Communism? Yes!

Putin is no Communist, that is true. But Russia was the country in which the working class took state power, in 1917, in the FIRST successful worker´s revolution.

In these conditions…yes Ukraine must have its Independence, but a true Independence, and not an “Independence” which has it as the base for Nuclear Weapons pointing across at the border with Russia.

(By the way Crimea is Russia and the action of Kruschev in giving away Crimea in 1952 was an ilegal action by a Stalinist who was not a Russian patriotic person)

Putin is a Smart person and is a good and a brave reader of reality.

The reality is that the US and EU are already at war with Russia. (By the way the Jews of Israel should realise here that Obama and Kerry are also already at war, behind the Palestinian Muslim Jihadists, with the state of Israel.

War is inevitable.

It is already happening. Yesterday a drone based in Bavaria was sent across Crimea by US and EU Imperialism. This drone was very high, certainly out of sight from the ground, and thus was in a position to spy deeply inside Russia itself.

Putin being a brave patriot of Russia ordered that this drone be brought down. Scientific Russia did so quite easily and is now in the possession of Russia…expect more on this

The US Imperialists control the Media and will seek to turn this justified defence on its head. The aggressor here is of course the US and EU Imperialists.

Meanwhile the Jewish leadership of Israel is going behind the US and EU Imperialists, and are such slaves of Imperialism, they are such cowards and snuggle up behind US Imperialism in everything, THUS BETRAYING THE JEWISH STRUGGLE FOR NATIONAL LIBERATION AGAINST ARAB JIHADISM.

This is a very serious matter indeed for Jews.

Jews should be seeking an Alliance with Putin because Jews and Russians here are facing the same enemy

Will Jews do this? No! Answer is no they will not.

For that to happen the Jews need a new leadership


It is necessary to build in all the world because the crisis of capitalism drives Imperialism to War on all fronts. Only socialist revolution can lead the world out of barbarity caused by capitalism.





he goes by the name of Yamit82 which is a false name in every respect

This is the background. The totally Antisemitic Christian Evangelical Groups are holding a big annual event meeting in Jerusalem.

These Evangelicals are Antisemitic in the opinión of our (see
March 10 – 14 marks the third Christ at the Checkpoint conference, in Bethlehem.)

They “SAY” they defend Israel, but they are “IN PRACTICE” aiming to convert the Jews to Christianity

Why is this so serious? It is so serious because from its birth, emerging from out of the Jewish Movement, Christianity was the very worst oppressor of the Jews, and the Holocaust of Hitler was motivated by Christianity.

What is needed here is a new leadership in Israel, based on the Israeli and Jewish national liberation movement, to explain the horror history of Christianity to all Jews, and to carry on a massive campaign against the Vatican and all forms of Christianity, which will be focussed strongly on a factual understanding of history.

That requires a political struggle.

But Belman´s “fascist on Israpundit” tries to steer Jews away from science, from a political understanding of the issue, into Mumbo Jumbo and basically conspiracy crap, and away from reality.

Belman gives this Fascist the platform on his site for this.

Then there is this. Speaking of these Christian Missionaries in Israel Belman´s Yamit82 explodes:

If it were up to me they would be kicked out of Israel jailed and if need be beheaded. I am not into christian love or ecumenicism.


yamit82 says:

March 13, 2014 at 6:34 pm

That is the reason for Yamit82 to be kicked right off Israpundit but will editor Belman do that? Not a chance! So Belman here is the problema and not Yamit82.

What Belman and Yamit82 have done is absolutely lethal for Jews. At a time when Christains are being beheaded by Jihadists in Syria, and were beheaded also in the Woods of Yugoslavia by Arab Jihadists, which the Muslim Bosnian Izetbegovic had brought in to wage Jihad on the Serbs, we have this





4international stands fully in defence of Israel because Israel is the only Homeland of the Jews.
However the Jewish leaders are betraying the Jews because these Jewish leaders are silent, or some even supporting, the planned thermo-nuclear war against Russia by US and EU Imperialism fronted by NATO
The whole pretext for this war is the Ukraine. Here the Jewish leaders have been totally silent, or if they said anything it was to attack Russia and Putin.
We have seen this many times before.
The really important time was when Slobodan Milosevic was put down continually by the Media and then we say it emerging that this was the excuse for a WAR.
The stakes now are even higher.
A verbal exchange took place recently between Anders Fogh Rasmussen of NATO and Lavrov the Russian leader.
He said NATO is concerned when it hears Moscow describe its planned missile-defense system as an offensive weapon endangering Russian security.

Lavrov said that “when a nuclear shield is combined with a nuclear sword, it is very tempting to use this new capability offensively.”

The “Nuclear Shield” that NATO is so eager to place in Ukraine is of course to disarm Russia.
But the “Nuclear Sword” is aimed at the destruction of Russia
And this is what the Ukraine issue is all about. It is about this thermo-nuclear war against Russia
But this would not at all stop at Russia. The biggest threat to the US in the world is not Russia but IS China. Thus it would lead on to there and that means total world conflagration.
Yes the Ukraine seems in one sense a tiny little country and issue. But that is a disguise
Where does Israel and the defence of the Jews and the defence of the Jewish Homeland fit in to all of this?
It fits in here very precisely.
1. Victoria Nuland who is the envoy of the US and NATO has met with Oleh Tyahnybok who is the leader of the Svoboda Party
2. The Svoboda Party was at the centre of the Hiter Nazi war on Russia, being an ally of the Nazis, in which millions of Jews were executed by the Nazis. We are talking “Holocaust” here

Now here is the kicker in all of this:

A/// Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of Atlas Shrugs and Jihadwatch respectively have maintained a strict silence
B/// Ted Belman editor of Israpundit has taken no position. He has on his site still a Fascist misnaming himself Jewish who has advocated abandoning the Jews of Hungary because in his opinion they are not Jews
C/// There are many other Jewish leaders too numerous to mention, such as Dershowitz and Glick who are supporting NATO against Putin

That is the danger to the Jewish Homeland and to the Jewish people right there.
The danger to the Jews once again is not only from Antisemitism, but is an historic issue of leadership


The future lies with Marxism and with Trotskyism

We have actually and totally been here before. This was in the 1917 Russian Revolution period, and was in the 1930s later period when Leon Trotsky analysed and wrote about Imperialism, Antisemitism and about Fascism

Readers of 4international must understand that all of the above leaders of the Jews such as Glick and Belman are totally opposed to the Jews understanding any part of this history
Understand therefore what you are doing when you contribute comments to the likes of Israpundit, you are helping people like Belman and his Fascist associate there to keep this history away from the Jews



The body of Bosnian Serb civilian Kostadinka Grcic, executed by Bosnian Muslim forces by stabbing her in the chest.
Other pictures very graphic

Remember that all of the wars that the US and the EU with NATO have been involved in have started out with threats of sanctions and with character assasination as is being used at present against Putin

So be prepared for what this threat as reported in The Washington Post actually means:

“He’s going to lose on the international stage,” Kerry said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” referring to Putin. “Russia is going to lose, the Russian people are going to lose, and he’s going to lose all of the glow that came out of the Olympics, his $60 billion extravaganza.”

This means bloody war on Russia. The US Imperialists are driven by capitalist crisis and think now it is time for a bloody war, to follow on from all of their other bloody wars, against the Serbs in Yugoslavia, against Saddam, against Mubarak, against Ben Ali, Gaghbo and most graphically against Gadhafi.

These threats are not to be taken lightly ever because the US and EU are driven by crisis. The capitalist system can nowhere create a decent future for man or our animal cousins

Make no mistake about this at all.

All of these leaders above underestimated just how dangerous is this US Government. Russia is bigger but it is very much in the sights of US and EU Imperialism

The US Imperialists and the EU Imperialists are making great use at this stage of Antisemitism. Consider this:

The US has pushed into position as Prime Minister of Ukraine a man who is actually a Catholic, but this man has Jewish relatives, and is being seen as a Jew heading the war against Russia. How dangerous for Jews with growth of Antisemitism is that!!

Meanwhile…The US is backing all of the time the Palestinian Arab cause, which is based on the Muslim Jihad. The US is continually working to carve up the tiny Israel and to force the Jews to give part of their tiny country to Jihadists. Without shame. At present Israel is the size of Munster, ONE QUARTER !!! of Ireland, and yet another state is to be carved out of that. If Israel opposes this then the US will condemn Israel…Result More Antisemitism in the world.

That was the same tactic that the US used against Milosevic and the Serbs. The tactic was to continually offer the Serbs the destruction of the Serbs and if the victim did not agree with their own destruction the US would continually attack them as being racists.

Exactly the same as is being done to Israel by Kerry and Obama

Now Kerry is wanting Russia to accept that Ukraine become a unified state which will immediately be a base for NATO

Thus Russia, just like happened to the Serbs and the Jews, is being put in the wrong. Once again it is agree to your destruction or you will be destroyed is the choice.

The US and EU uses the Islamist Muslim Jihad everywhere it can

It did so in Yugoslavia where it backed the Jihadist Izetbegovic and this led the US to organise the most ghastly attacks on Serb youth…including beheadings by the Jihadists on Serb Christian soil

And just last night again protected and encouraged by Kerry Muslim Jihadists unleash terror on Jews in Sderot. Hundreds of thousands of Jews dash to shelters against Jihad rockets, IN MARCH 2014!!!

Make no mistake…Kerry aims to unleash terror on Russia. Really a new form of Hitlerism.



Destroy the irish Capitalist Class before it destroys the Irish Hare
author by Felix Quigley – http://www.4international.mepublication date Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:35Report this post to the editors
The Irish Hare MUST be saved from extinction and also the Irish Hare CAN be saved from extinction.

The main immediate battle is to fight against pessimism and cynicism in the revolutionary potential of the Irish working class.

There can be nowhere a more vivid example of the bankruptcy for humanity and all of living things than the Irish bourgeois class both north and south than in its conduct on this issue.
Or to put it more bluntly the Irish capitalist class has proved in front of our eyes that it WILL NOT save the Irish Hare.


There has been no better parliamentarian than Tony Gregory. He was extremely popular in Ireland, he was eloquent and well prepared in the Dail Debate, the Green Parliamentarian even had a recording on hand for deputies to hear of the death agony of the Irish Hare mauled by the Coursers, they even covered their ears as it was so distressing to humans, yet they voted against Gregory! As John FitzGerald knew then they had voted to destroy The Irish Hare

From that moment the Irish Hare would have known that it could expect no salvation from Irish capitalism

Its future depended totally with the Irish working class and the Socialist Revolution

But the Irish Hare cannot articulate these thoughts. It just charms us by being alive. It is up to us to articulate these things for it. Let us not fail.

The chapters of Bad Hair Days in 56 to 59 especially 59 “Muzzling Democracy” are a brilliant account of how the Irish Capitalist Class will destroy the Irish Hare so we must destroy it first, without pity.


Therse are the issues that need to be covered

1. I am still reeling at the treatment of Pamela Geller on the Iranian youth hanging

2. The election of Klein to the ZOA, the hopeless position of Caroline Glick (this woman is useless) and the less than adequate and very less tan clear Martin Sherman (Sherman should clear up his writing style he is becoming impossible to read)

3. Meanwhile Belman continues to limp along on Israpundit, is now a really clueless website

4. And if all that was not bad enough Geller and Spencer on their sites are just single issue merchants and have not uttered a Word on the biggest issue of all, the Ukraine

5. Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the Islamist bombings in Madrid. It was disgraceful really. The Government and ruling elite made it an issue about “terrorism” when really it was a bout Islam and Jihad. The Spanish elites are afraid of calling attention to Islam. The Stalinist IU and the social democratic PSOE are traitors to the Spanish working class

6. And finally I entered into debate yesterday with Talk radio Europe because they too were hiding the possible Jihadist link to the Malaysian Plane Bombing, if it was that, or what it was. I said that all possibilities must be on the table and one fact on the table was the murder of Chinese by Jihadists on the streets of China a week ago. Why omit that?


It is clear everywhere but especially on this issue of saving The irish Hare that we must build the cadre of this website so that we can make our views more fully known

One of the biggest issues for me in recent weeks has been how I see the issue of “SAVING THE IRISH HARE”

There are good people in Ireland fighting to save the Irish Hare but they have been marking time ever since the Tony Gregory defeat in the Dail and that was decades ago.

The Irish Hare species will be wiped out not just by all its other problems but by the mother of all problems, it is being bred into by the invasive European Hare

A lot of the effort of will be devoted to the issue of saving our one really unique animal friend in Ireland that is left to us, the Irish Hare.

We must fight in solidarity with all friends of The Irish Hare but we must question everything too because we fight not for ourselves on a personal basis, but for our friends who cannot speak for themselves, they only live and are trying to survive.

If you are Spanish try, I think it Works by sticking the url of this article ino the space and press go


I really did object to this discussion I Heard on a radio station in Spain called talk Radio Europe. The panel never once mentioned the possibility of it being a Jihadist operation.

So I sent an email tot he programme

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Hoy a las 11:30 AM

As you said this is a mystery. But everything should be placed on the table. In this case the following

The plane was heading from the Malaysia to China, where last week 33 people were killed and 143 injured in a terrorist (I argue Jihadist) attack in the south-western city of Kunming. The attack, in which a gang of machete wielding Muslims ran amok in a Chinese railway station. Some Chinese media have branded it the country’s own “9-11.”

There may be a connection there may not. But it should be on the table

Felix Quigley

There is not much to learn from TRE. There is more from Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch

(start Jihadwatch report on plane here)

The WSJ story is more recent than the Reuters one below it. In the Reuters piece, officials are saying that they suspect the Uighur jihadists but have nothing definitive to link the attack to them. Then this cryptically reported statement from an unnamed “previously unknown group” strongly suggests that the plane crash was a jihad attack, without coming out and saying so. The story, obviously, is developing.

239 people were killed.

“Vietnam Searchers Report Spotting Plane Debris,” by Jason Ng, Gaurav Raghuvanshi and Jake Maxwell Watts for the Wall Street Journal, March 9 (thanks to WTD):

On Sunday afternoon, a statement issued in the name of a previously unknown group claimed that the disappearance of the plane was a political act aimed at the Chinese and Malaysian governments and referred to last week’s attack in a Chinese train station by alleged Uighur separatists. It stopped short of a claim of responsibility. Malaysian officials said that they were unaware of any claim of responsibility but would investigate all possibilities.
“Malaysia investigators probe possible airport security lapse,” by Niluksi Koswanage for Reuters, March 9:


The timing of the incident, a week after knife-wielding assailants killed at least 29 people at a train station in the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming, led to speculation that militants from China’s Uighur Muslim minority could be involved.

One of the Malaysian officials said the authorities were not ruling out Uighur involvement in the jet’s disappearance, noting that Uighurs were deported to China from Malaysia in 2011 and 2012 for carrying false passports.

“This is not being ruled out. We have sent back Uighurs who had false passports before. It is too early to say whether there is a link,” the official said.

Malaysia, a Muslim-majority country that has courted close ties with Beijing in recent years, deported 11 Uighurs in 2011 it said were involved in a human smuggling syndicate.

The next year, it was condemned by U.S.-based Human Rights Watch for deporting six Uighurs the rights group described as asylum seekers. Human Rights Watch said the six had been detained while trying to leave Malaysia on fake passports.

A source with ties to the Chinese leadership said there was no confirmed connection to Uighur militants, but described the timing as “very suspicious” coming so soon after the Kunming attack.

Li Jiheng, governor of Yunnan province where Kunming is located, told reporters on Sunday that there was currently no information to show that the knife attack and the missing flight were “necessarily connected”….


The Irish Hare is in critical danger

A major división has opened up on as to how The Irish Hare can be saved.

This Exchange will tell the reader a lot:

(start Exchange of views on Indymedia here)

I want a discussion now not in six months time
author by Felix Quigley – http://www.4international.mepublication date Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:52

The Irish hare will not be saved within capitalism

It is necessary for Irish Marxists to use the QUB scientific analysis, while remembering that they are paid by the Irish capitalist class.

Their conclusion that the Irish Hare is protected in some way by these coursing hooligans is absurd and shows the bankruptcy of these academics. That must be resisted very forcefully

The news that there is an invasion of the European Hare and that it is already mating with the Irish hare is the most alarming thing of all.

It is no longer a case of what is presented in “Bad Hare Days” because things have moved on and the Irish Hare is now in the most critical position ever.

I have got absolutely NO confidence that any section of Irish Capitalist Government, and I certainly include Sinn Fein and the southern Labour party in that, will do a single thing here.

Furthermore I have no confidence in any section of Irish anarchism, and what have they done for, and what have they achieved for, the Irish Hare over so many years, that the Irish Hare is now threatened in such a grievous way today.

The solution must be found and I am prepared to discuss with people what that solution is going to be.

I expect answers to this question here, a real discussion, and immediately

@ Felix
by Anitapublication date Mon Mar 10, 2014 16:47
I think the record of anarchism in Ireland in support of the hare should be acknowledged , Felix. See articles like this one on anarkismo for instance

Thanks for pointing out to readers the distinction between the Irish hare and the brown hare. Some of the photos of hares I’ve seen online with captions describing them as the ” Irish hare” have actually shown the potentially invasive brown hare. When describing hares in this country generally, it’s perhaps best to use the term “hare in Ireland” .

Situation is critical and “petitions” will not save The Irish Hare
author by Felix Quigley – http://www.4international.mepublication date Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:37

I prefer The Irish hare because it nails it that it IS the Irish hare, our animal, our responsibility

You misunderstand me so let me be more clear.

It is not what the anarchists have done, it is that whatever has been done by anybody down the years, The Irish Hare is now in its most critical position

THAT is the problem.

You refer me to a petition by John FitzGerald. I do not dismiss that but I do say that petitions are not the answer

What is the answer then? Well the answer is as long as capitalism exists in Ireland then the danger to The Irish Hare exists and becomes more critical.

It is a race against time.

In ending capitalism to save the Irish Hare there is no time to lose and proposing a petition as a solution evades the real solution

It is a serious problem but in your above comment you have not even acknowledged the problem, and that is a great danger.