A few minutes ago I placed on my Facebook page

Through their lies they must try to soften up Russia but like Yugoslavia I think WAR IS INEVITABLE and this is Nuclear War. Is this true? Do you think so also? I think we are lagging behind events.and

Felix Quigley

23 minutes ago


Belman is all over this ZOA leadership contest between Goldberg and Klein…I mean who gives a fuck, they are both direct agents of US Imperialism…The issue Belman is Russia v Kerry and Barack Obama

and among other posts finally

Back to Belman of Israpundit. This man has tentacles in everything. He has on his FB page a reference to Putin as NAZI. Is this not the very worst betrayal by Belman of the Jews…IS IT NOT???
I have not seen ONE statement from any capitalist minded Jew or Zionist that reads this situation correctly. This is a matter of principle for Jews int he world. It is not at all whether Putin is pretty but that Putin is being attacked by US IMPERIALISMBelman is twisting this issue of principle. He is saying if Russia takes Crimea then Israel can take the West Bank.

But Belman has never once said that Russia is in the right here, that the takeover was a Fascist Putsch, that the order was already cooked for NATO troops and rockets to be stationed in Ukraine on the Russian border.

That is why Belman and Glick are so dangerous for the Jewish people.

Among all of these Bourgeois Zionist Jews there is not one thimble full of principle

They are toadies of US Imperialism.

Belman, Glick and a thousand others are TOADIES OF OBAMA. All their words (on Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer) mean nothing at all except they prove what lying bastards they are!


1. Stick with Israel as the Jewish Homeland

2. But needed new leadership and we only are really truthful

3. I intend to clear out all the scum crap from my Facebook page and will only have people there who have a missión. The missión is to fight Imperialism and to protect our animals and nature

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