The issue of Ukraine is really very simple.

The power of US and EU Imperialism with its powerful Media claim they stand for Ukrainian Independence. But the US and EU are using their power not to créate an independent Ukraine at all, but a Ukraine which will be used as a Communist Hating base from which to attack Russia by means of Thermo Nuclear weapons

This is a very old problem indeed. We stand for national Independence. But in a world dominated by blood thirsty US and EU Imperialism what if this National Independence is clearly a base for war against Communism.

Against Communism? Yes!

Putin is no Communist, that is true. But Russia was the country in which the working class took state power, in 1917, in the FIRST successful worker´s revolution.

In these conditions…yes Ukraine must have its Independence, but a true Independence, and not an “Independence” which has it as the base for Nuclear Weapons pointing across at the border with Russia.

(By the way Crimea is Russia and the action of Kruschev in giving away Crimea in 1952 was an ilegal action by a Stalinist who was not a Russian patriotic person)

Putin is a Smart person and is a good and a brave reader of reality.

The reality is that the US and EU are already at war with Russia. (By the way the Jews of Israel should realise here that Obama and Kerry are also already at war, behind the Palestinian Muslim Jihadists, with the state of Israel.

War is inevitable.

It is already happening. Yesterday a drone based in Bavaria was sent across Crimea by US and EU Imperialism. This drone was very high, certainly out of sight from the ground, and thus was in a position to spy deeply inside Russia itself.

Putin being a brave patriot of Russia ordered that this drone be brought down. Scientific Russia did so quite easily and is now in the possession of Russia…expect more on this

The US Imperialists control the Media and will seek to turn this justified defence on its head. The aggressor here is of course the US and EU Imperialists.

Meanwhile the Jewish leadership of Israel is going behind the US and EU Imperialists, and are such slaves of Imperialism, they are such cowards and snuggle up behind US Imperialism in everything, THUS BETRAYING THE JEWISH STRUGGLE FOR NATIONAL LIBERATION AGAINST ARAB JIHADISM.

This is a very serious matter indeed for Jews.

Jews should be seeking an Alliance with Putin because Jews and Russians here are facing the same enemy

Will Jews do this? No! Answer is no they will not.

For that to happen the Jews need a new leadership


It is necessary to build in all the world because the crisis of capitalism drives Imperialism to War on all fronts. Only socialist revolution can lead the world out of barbarity caused by capitalism.

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