I uncovered this from The Irish Catholic which involves Bishop Leahy of Limerick who obviously is completely betraying the Christians of Nigeria as they are being slaughtered by Jihad


European bishops in dialogue on relations with Muslims
 where is Leahy!

“Islam in Europe is a significant and growing phenomenon that deserves greater attention,” said Bishop Brendan Leahy of Limerick, following a three-day meeting in London to reflect on pastoral issues relating to dialogue between Christians and Muslims.

The gathering was organised by the Council of European Conferences of Bishops and Bishop Leahy was representing the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference. Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious dialogue was present throughout and one of the guest speakers was Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Britain’s first female Muslim minister.

Central to the days’ reflection was the important Church document ‘Dialogue and Proclamation’ that promotes these two essential elements of all interaction with people of other religious conviction. “Dialogue takes many forms – a dialogue of life, of social projects, of spiritual experience, of theology – but in its truest form dialogue also involves proclamation in the sense of each one sharing their deepest-held beliefs,” said Bishop Leahy. “For Catholics this means respectfully proclaiming through dialogue the faith we profess.”


The gathering was an occasion for the participants to share how this dialogue is going in their country. “What came across was the need not to generalise. Context is very important. Each input given showed a different dimension of the relations of Catholics and Muslims,” Bishop Leahy said.

Bishop George Frendo, Auxiliary Bishop of Tirana, the capital of Albania, spoke of the very positive Christian-Muslim relations in that country. The situation in Germany is one of a fast-growing Muslim population with issues arising in terms of providing Muslim teachers for schools. The British experience as presented by Archbishop Kevin McDonald and Bishop Paul Hendricks is one of positive relations.


They pointed out that often Islamic communities themselves are quite varied since the mosques are often linked to people from specific countries and indeed regions within countries.

All the representatives present spoke of concern about faith and young people. There is a clear sense that young Catholics often are not secure in their own faith and that has consequences for dialogue.

It was also acknowledged that Muslims too speak of concerns they have regarding the transmission of the Faith to younger generations.

“All in all, the meeting was a worthwhile moment to pause and move out of our immediate Church environment to consider again those around us of other religious backgrounds. 

“It is clear that Islam in Europe is a significant and growing phenomenon that deserves greater attention on the part of Catholics,” Bishop Leahy said.


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