Perfect, complete, immutable and valid for all of eternity — no Moslem can declare it “out of date”

The Daniel referred to below is Daniel Pipes who believes that Islam can be reformed


See also where Pope Benedict was very much in advance politically of Daniel Pipes. The Pope later met widespread terror threats not just to him of course but to his flock and back peddled. But he had said much the same as in this quote below


Daniel, you write: “Religious thinkers are in the business of constantly adapting their faith to current realities and Muslims can do so by deeming Koran 9:29 out of date, abrogate it, or render it metaphorical. Contra Ibrahim, clarity does not exclude shifts in interpretation.”
There is good reason to disagree with you. Muslims cannot abrogate anything in the Koran. Only Allah can do that. Because every word of the Koran is considered by all religious Moslems to be the literal word of god — perfect, complete, immutable and valid for all of eternity — no Moslem can declare it “out of date”. That is tantamount to apostasy. As for rendering it “metaphorical”, how is that possible when the Koran is considered Allah’s literal word wherever it is possible to read it literally? That is the way the greatest Islamic religious scholars have done it for 1400 years. How can you say that today’s Islamic religious authorities can overturn this age-old doctrine when all of them support it?

There is not a shred of evidence that Islam’s doctrines from the Koran and the Sunnah can be reformed. That is only your ungrounded faith and hope. I wouldn’t bet a penny on it.
There are moderate Moslems, that is, people who identify themselves as Moslems but who do not follow the doctrines of Islam. But, there is no such thing as “moderate Islam”, nor is there any evidence that ever there will be.

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