The Israeli Jewish issue and the “Palestinians” so called raise the biggest issues in the world. All political groups and political tendencies come to try to understand this issue with their own backgrounds and particular biases. I emphasise that includes all Jews and all Jewish groups also.


Our bias if you like is that we see the state of Israel as closely tied to the Holocaust of the Jews, that the Jews have a right to their own Jewish state and on this particular área of the world to which they were always associated. The Palestinians, the Palestinian Arabs, is an Antisemitic construction and before the defeat of the Arabs in 1967 there was no “Palestinian” as is meant today. There were Jewish Palestinians and there were Arab Palestinians, and moreover int eh strictest sense the Arabs did not even like or use that term. It is a construct. But it has been sold cleverly and persistently, and it has been made into a typical meme by a wide swathe of western public opinión


It is quite amazing how these memes take shape in our modern sciety. It is so easy. This is indicative of the low level of human culture under capitalism in decline. The latest is the way that the concept that Iran is pursuing nuclear power and not the nuclear bomb has taken hold. Thousands of times the Iranian leaders have threatened Israel with total destruction. Only occasionally have these leaders strayed into the concept of threatening Jews and not Israel with destruction. This plays into the corresponding meme which was launched by a deadly and brutally Antisemitic Stalinism in Moscow when post the 1967 defeat, in which they also were defeated because they were supplying Nasser et al, spread this lie about Zionism. This gives the Iranian Islam the opening to destroy Israel as the Zionist state. In fact Zionism is a form of national liberation of a people, and is no different at all from say Irish nationalism.


These are vital issues for Jews today to understand, and at least begin to understand. For example there is a whole industry which is promoting the concept that Obama is a communist. He had a relationship with a man called Frank Marshall Davis but who was this man? Was he a communist? The answer raises the issue of Trotskyism and Stalinism because Davis was associated only with the Communist Party of America which is a Stalinist organization, and it was from this organization that the plot to murder Leon Trotsky was organized.


Raise this concept which threatens the meme that Obama is a Communist and you find that these American “Anti Jihadists” runa  mile. jews have got to watch these goings on closely.


In the following report from on 3 April 2014 i refuse to draw any distinction between Bush and Obama. Bush too threatened Israel in the same way that Obama and Kerry do




 Gen. Martin Dempsey meets Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon

Gen. Martin Dempsey meets Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon

Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, flew out of Israel Wednesday, April 2, from three days of talks with Israeli leaders, asserting: “I think they are satisfied we have the capability [to use a military option against Iran]. I think they believe we will use it.”

debkafile sources tracking his talks did not receive that impression from Israeli officials. They did not subscribe to his statement that “Israel and the United States are in broad agreement about the threat that Iran poses to the region and how to deal with it.”
The US general admitted there were differences but added that Israel and the United States are closer now in their assessments of the threat Iran poses and America’s willingness to act. “They just wanted to know that we are maintaining and continuing to refine our military options,” he said.

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