This is being left out by the reactionaries who lead Israel, possibly to the Holocaust of the Jews, because these leaders are unable to lead the Jews on a decisive line against Christian and Islamic Antisemitism.


What is US Imperialism doing in the world today? Above all it is driving against both Russia and China, also possibly India. But above all against Russia because Russia is still the land in which the only successful workers revolution took place in 1917.


Capitalism and Imperialism is a system of crises, wars


That historical memory is very important. It will remain important because of that successful 1917 Revolution!


Now what is Iran? Iran today under the Mullahs is the most reactionary fascist and anti Jew country in the world. The fact that Iran is gearing towards the Nuclear Bomb is the most dangerous factor in the world and it threatens the lives of millions of Jews.


This is what is happening. The US and EU with its battering ram of NATO plan to surround Russia and to break up Russia into many pieces, and in this war they will use Muslim ethnic war against Russia, and will use Fascist countries like you have now in Ukraine and in Georgia (fascist in its orientation to NATO)


Only 4international is highlighting this, which is contained in a debka article two days ago. Russia threatened with destruction by NATO turns to Iran, and the responsibility is NATO:


The architect of Russian policy on both issues, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, gave due warning last week, when he said: “Russia wouldn’t like to use their [nuclear] talks as an element of the game of raising the stakes between Moscow and the West,” he said. “But if Russia feels forced, it would take retaliatory measures here as well.”
On the day the Iranian nuclear czar talked about Iran’s centrifuge capacity, sources in Moscow and Tehran reported that the two governments, both targets of Western sanctions, were close to a mammoth barter transaction: For 500,000 barrels of Iranian oil per day, Russia will supply goods of equivalent value including foodstuffs.
This transaction when it goes into effect will more or less scuttle the sanctions regime against Iran, including the oil embargo.
Salehi was accordingly not afraid to boast: “Enrichment activities have not ceased.”
The interim accord did not ban low-grade uranium enrichment, and that was another hole in the deal, because it allowed Iran to press forward and stockpile large quantities of the low grade material despite the fact that it can be refined to weapons grade in short order.

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