Yakobson, 2009

I ask who in political terms is he?


I challenge what is meant by Israeli bloggers when they use terms like “Radical left” or even “Leftists”. Some of the articles by Steven Plaut use the term “Radical Left” it seems to me about 40 times in one article. In any case a lot. So is a member of “Peace Now” such as Alexander Yakobson one of those too (radical left) and what then does it mean? In what way is “Peace Now” in any way connected with Lenin or Trotsky…they most likely know nothing about Lenin and Trotsky, and if they did know would be absolutely opposed. Is this then part of a lie that is being put about by people like Steven Plaut who seek to lie and discredit our socialist history because they seek capitalism for the Jews? Who then is Yakobsen? What does he mean for us or represent in reality, politically? All of us Jews and non Jews in this period have to be absolute precise in our language and meaning.

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