The Emir of Qatar: Largest terrorist piggybank in the world

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The Emir of Qatar: Largest terrorist piggybank in the world


Largest piggybank – both figuratively and literally speaking. Keep an eye on this man.

On 27 June 1995, after deposing his father in a palace coup, Sheikh Hamad became Emir of Qatar and was crowned on 20 June 2000.  Deposed by his own son while visiting Geneva, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad al-Thani, has said to press he would return, whatever the cost. He dubbed the coup the “abnormal behaviour of an ignorant man”.

The Emir is famous for helping to establish the first Arab international news network, Al Jazeera, when he provided a loan of QAR 500 million ($137 million) to sustain Al Jazeera through its first five years. In late 2012 and early 2013 the Emir was accused of providing financial and material support to terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Ansar Dine, and the Al-Nusra Front.

You couldn’t find a better example of endless double talk. Qatars money is behind a lot of the Arab Spring (terrorist khalifa) movement which is spreading from country to country in the Middle East under the guise of ‘freedom fighters’. It will eventually backfire on him.

David Cameron:  Facilitator or simply a complete dumbass? One minute he vows to fight terrorists, the next he invites terrorist money to triple their revenues – via the UK.


What he is less famous for is his endless funding of mosques to be built across Europe, the facilitation of Arab Wahhabi imams to teach in these mosques. The Emir has also send over 3,000 terrorists to Burma, and women, children and handicapped to commit their duty of jihad in …

England facilitates money like the Qatar Emir. Although you couldn’t tell especially with his poor English, Sheikh Hamad began his education in Qatar and later attended Sandhurst Military Academy in England. He is a regular investor in the London business scene.

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