A discussion took place on Talk Radio Europe last Tuesday. As I listened they discussed the Boko Haram issue, then the Ukraine issue.


They discussed the Boko Haram issue for 20 minutes and the general drift of the discussion was a determined effort by the two Americans on the show Herta and her husband Nathan Thomas to stop any discussion of the historical roots of Islam. Those two firmly believe that Islam is a religion of Peace that has been hijacked by some extremists. But when it comes to history those two do not want to know.


Another regular on the programme called Barry Nathan, a Jewish man who lives in Spain and an ex-Brit, just simply does not know, about history or anything. All his contributions serve as comical but sad diversion.


I have to emphasise that the two Americans, the Thomas husband and wife team, were very opposed to an historical understanding of Islam.


But this issue is so dominating in today’s world that the second issue up for discussion, the Ukraine, actually swung around once again to discussing Islam.


I have to emphasise that this hatred of discussing Islam from an historical perspective is very deep and prevalent. When the issue of dhimmi was brought up by the compere the reaction of especially Herta Thomas was immediate and in polemical terms quite brutal. Sadly she succeeded, with the help of her husband Nathan Thomas (ex ABC lead reporter) so well that the discussion did not deal with the historical record of Islam


It will be a hard road ahead…but there are big lessons in that discussion


This issue can only be resolved not on an individual basis. We need a socialist party that will examine the true nature of Islam.

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