Nigerian states where Boko Haram operates and that implement forms of Sharia

The anti-Marxist and anti-Trotskyist “leftist” group of has played down the role of Islam and Jihad in the Nigerian girls kidnapping. That takes some doing does it not?


They state a truth, that the US is using the issue of the girls in order to further its own interests in Africa as does the EU, as a counter also against China. In other words the US operates on a world perspective of counter revolution.


This fact is underlined today on Atlas Shrugs by Pamela Geller. Pamela documents how in 2013 the US Government of Obama and Humas Rights Watch were threatening the Nigerian Government with sanctions, and the US and EU were taking the side of the Boko Haram. But on which side is the anti-Trotskysit wsws?


But in a specific way the wsws are also on the side of the Boko Haram and of Islamist victimhood propaganda, which also is the position of Obama (as an example the Obama 2009 speech in Cairo to which he invited The Muslim Brotherhood and attacked the Mubarak Government) Note well the wsws is on that side of the fence, was then, is now.


This is what this anti-Trotskyist group wrote a week ago about the Nigerian Boko Haram kidnappings:


The government’s initial reaction to the kidnapping was symptomatic of its attitude toward the country’s predominantly Muslim north, Nigeria’s most impoverished region. With a majority Muslim population—as opposed to the predominantly Christian south, the oil-producing region where Jonathan is from—it has been subjected to increasing marginalization and repression since the Boko Haram insurgency began five years ago.

The government has sought to manipulate regional, religious and ethnic divides in the country in order to divert mass social unrest and defend the monopoly of wealth and power exercised by a narrow wealthy layer.

Despite the rapid growth of the country’s economy due to energy exports—GDP nearly doubled from $263 billion in 2012 to $510 billion in 2013—the majority of the population is worse off than before independence in 1960. Social inequality is as stark in Nigeria as anywhere on the planet. While the looting of the country’s oil earnings has created some 20 billionaires, 99.5 million people, or over 60 percent of the Nigerian people, subsist in absolute poverty, with an income of less than a dollar per day.

Fighting in the north, which has been placed under a state of emergency since last year, has claimed the lives of over 6,000 Nigerians since it began in 2009 and over 1,500 just since the beginning of this year. The majority of the victims are civilians who have lost their lives both to Boko Haram terrorist attacks and brutal repression directed against the population by Nigerian security forces.


So the wsws in the above is sitting on the fence and is not prepared to attack the Islam of Boko Haram.


I think a true Trotskyist position is to defend the Nigerians fighting Islam in Nigeria, and in so far as it acts to support the Nigerian Government against Islamic Fascism …which is promoted by the Obama regime especially and by Republicans also like John McCain.


The wsws is also opposed in every way to Israel, and is a big supporter of Palestinian Arab Fascism and Antisemitism.


We on 4international are opposed. We note that there is a direct line between Boko Haram and all other forms of Islam, which includes the ideology of the Palestinian Arabs.


In other words it is Antisemitism, a particular form of leftist ANTI-MARXIST antisemitism


The wsws can be summed up as a group which talks Trotsky but is actually an anti-Trotskyist group. Islam is the touchstone of the Left today.



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