Did the Jewish leaders like Caroline Glick not know what to expect when Pope Francis came to Jerusalem. If Glick had any political sense then she would have known that nothing but trouble lay in store for the Jewish people who have always faced deep threat from the Vatican.

In our times there was only one Pope, Benedict, who confronted the reality of Islam and therefore Palestinianism, but following his famous address he withdrew and retreated from the Jihad, which was threatening not only himself Benedict but of course millions of Christians in Muslim countries. Reality of Islam.

Francis has never said one word against Islam. He thinks it is a religion of peace led astray by a few extremists. His Christians are being decimated and he talks like that all of the time.

Caroline Glick is a major problem for the Jewish people today. She presents Jews in Israel with the presence of at least 40 per cent Muslims. How could that work given what we see in Europe. Some special magic perhaps!

This is carried on in her position on everything, including this Pope visit.

In the following extract from her latest article she is actually saying that John Paul 2 that hated bigot and pro-Imperialist, was actually a friend of the Jews. At least that is what I read. Consider this:

His predecessor Pope John Paul II was less willing to confront Islamic violence. But his opposition to Communism made him respect Israel as freedom’s outpost in the Middle East. John Paul’s visit to Israel in 2000 was in some ways an historic gesture of friendship to the Jewish people of Israel.

Both Benedict and John Paul II were outspoken champions of the Second Vatican Council and maintained doctrinal allegiance to the Church’s rejection of anti-Judaism, including the charge of deicide, and its denunciation of replacement theology.

Alas, the Golden Age of Catholic-Jewish relations seems to have come to an end during Francis’s visit to the Promised Land this week.

“Opposition to communism” by John Paul 2 is what endears him to Glick.

And here we are back at this same issue for Jews which comes up time and time again. Why should Jews be proponents of capitalism and its advanced stage Imperialism?

Why tie Jews to that?

And more! In tying Jews to the hoodlum Anti-Communist John Paul 2, Glick is also tying Jews to the Argentine dictatorship, which as everybody knows was also a fight against “communism” and directed by the CIA, and is tying Jews to the actions of Pope Francis then head of the Jesuits in Argentina. Read this extract:

But for some Argentinians the pope pointedly remains Bergoglio rather than Francis. They still want to know what he did – or did not do – during Argentina’s Dirty War between the military dictatorship and its left-wing opponents during which the state murdered more than 10,000 people.

Such Argentinians include Estela de la Cuadra, whose family suffered more than most during the dictatorship: five of her family members were “disappeared”. Among those she never saw again were her husband, a brother-in-law and her sister Elena.

Elena was pregnant when she was snatched in February 1977. Her parents reached out to a family contact in Rome, the superior general of the Jesuits. He promised to help them and sent Elena’s father a letter of introduction to the head Jesuit in Argentina, 40-year-old Fr Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Ms de la Cuadra has the letter Fr Bergoglio wrote to a bishop in La Plata asking him to help the family. Eventually they received news: Elena was gone forever but had given birth to a daughter Ana before she was murdered. The baby had been adopted. “My parents were told there was nothing more that could be done,” says Ms de la Cuadra.

Illegal adoptions
What makes her cynical about the pope’s emergence as one of the world‘s leading moral voices is that in testimony he gave in 2010 to a court investigating the military’s crimes Bergoglio, by now archbishop of Buenos Aires, said he had become aware of the military’s illegal adoption of hundreds of children born to women it had disappeared only “10 years before”, correcting himself to say he had become aware of the campaign to recover the children during the first trials of the military leadership in 1985.

“It is a lie, because he met our family about this very issue during the dictatorship,” says Ms de la Cuadra, who says her father told Fr Bergoglio his daughter was pregnant.

In a 2011 signed statement Cardinal Bergoglio said he was not told the disappeared woman was pregnant. But even so his claim of ignorance about the plight of pregnant detainees is hard to reconcile with the role played in publicising the issue by Ms de la Cuadra’s mother and the other founders of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, the group that campaigned for information about their missing loved ones…


It is obvious that Pope Francis was in deep with the Fascist dictatorship and according to good Argentine people a liar as well.

This is the man who the Jewish leaders of Israel invited into Israel last weekend

And Glick is covering for his communist hatred and the role he played in the Fascist Dictatorship of Argentine. At least 10,000 women, workers, trade unionists, youth perished at the hand of the dictatorship AND Pope Francis.

Why could Israeli leaders not have said until we investigate further your role in the Argentine Fascist dictatorship in Argentine you Pope Francis is simply NOT welcome in the land of the Jews, Israel.

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