A typical example of what we talk about in this article, the Fascist and Antisemitic Irish IPSC could get only a handful out to “celebrate” so called Nakba day. These Fascists have the nerve to stand in front of the sacred and famous GPO in Dublín last month 2014



While Pamela Geller, Robert Spencerm Andrew Bostom and quite a few others do a good job in explaining what a Fascist Ideology is Islam…their websites especially the comments section become full of lies about Marx and Islam, Marxism and Islam. This has got HUGE dangers for the international working class, for Jews, for youth, for us all


I have filed a copy of what Marx actually said about Islam. It is basically what we say, what Spencer, Geller and Bostom also say.


Marx said that Islam divides the world into two, into the believers of Islam and into the rest, and that Islam wages a perpetual war on the rest (as Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria today)


I have filed the exact quote (enter the German into google and you get the source) which is taken by that particular blogger from the German and it reads:


(begin extract here)


http://www.mlwerke.de . . .


 It’s straight from one of his books:


 Karl Marx, “Die Kriegserklärung – Zur Geschichte der orientalischen Frage”, Marx-Engels-Werke, Band 10, S. 170.



A quote about Islam … by Karl Marx ! (karma: 3)  en>fr fr>en

By Axel_Bavaria Comments: 9498, member since Wed Apr 16, 2003

On Wed Nov 24, 2010 03:47 PM





German original:


„Der Islam ächtet die Nation der Ungläubigen und schafft einen Zustand permanenter Feindschaft zwischen Muselmanen und Ungläubigen.“



English translation:


 “Islam ostracizes the nation of the unbelievers and creates a state of permanent enemyship between the moslems and the unbelievers.”


 — Karl Marx (1818-1883)



As an example of how Pamela Geller allows this continual branding of Marx as being in favor of Islam these are examples from yesterday:


…Aside from the fact that you can’t even spell your lover-boy’s name, the only pathetic joke is that we’re stuck with a vile Marxist and Moslem sympathizer as President.


He is saying that Obama is a Marxist. This is very, very common in all of these circles in all of the ruling clases in every country especially Europe and America. Some of this is bias and somewhat unconscious and of course some is very conscious. You often see one person on these blogs pushing this idea with great regularity as if they were on a mission.


What is made very difficult for us in telling the truth about Marx and Islam is the crowds of Stalinist and Renegade groups calling themselves “Marxist” even “Trotskyist” who are indeed supporters of the Fascists of Islam. But difficult or not that is the ground that we have to fight on.



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