4international believes that a lengthy war against Hamas and Gaza is the way forward. Lengthy but not interminable. The immediate end is to isolate Hamas, destroy the Hamas ability to rocket Israel and Israeli citizens whether Jewish or Arab. Arab Israelis are also now being hit by Hamas rockets. The final end is the destruction of Hamas and the exile of its leadership, to Saudi Arabia or to wherever. Meanwhile and without delay Abbas and Omar Barghoutti must be placed on trial for treason. They lie on television to promote Jew Hatred. The BBC is also doing this so it should be totally banned from Israel.


To pursue the end, that is stopping the rockets, it is necessary to move troops into two areas. They are: 1. The northern part of the Gaza Strip and 2. The southern part on the border with Sinai called the Pennsylvanian Corridor (FQ…Since writing this it appears that Israel may be doing the first part, or may not)


Very soon Arabs must be welcomed into these two areas but on one condition and one condition only – they must be true friends of the Jewish Homeland of Israel and are happy to be the guests of that Jewish Homeland.


I myself would apply to live there but as an Irish person I would be a guest of the Jewish Homeland, and only as a guest would I accept. Jews because of the history of Antisemitism must be in total control of the Jewish Homeland. Note and note well…Jews did not create Antisemitism – the Gentile created Antisemitism


Hamas as in all Islamic states operates as a cult and there needs to be freedom from Hamas in order for the Arab people to be able to think with freedom. This is the role of the Israeli state. But first the Israeli state must defeat this cult.


There is no substantive difference between Hamas and the PLO. They are united in every way. 4international will seek to deepen our understanding of this by comparing the constitutions and practice of the two organizations, quite apart from the fact that Abbas has just united with Hamas


Our position as Trotskyists is unique. The important test is not only accepting but enthusiastically supporting and defending the Jewish Homeland, as the Homeland for the oppressed Jews


We cannot predict the future but Trotskyism is optimistic and always realistic. Many non-Jews of whatever race will come to that support of the Jewish state. It is a theoretical and ideological cum political position. The position of free thinking people opposed to cultism!


This is essentially the position of 4international as we try to grapple with this reality. The key and central concept in this war is that the Jews and Israel are not dealing with an ordinary enemy, but are dealing with a special kind of cult.


In this war Israel is not just fighting for itself. History has placed it in a position where it is fighting for all free peoples.


Netanyahu actually summed it up yesterday. It explains everything that has happened and has yet to come. Netanyahu referred to the Jihad and how so many governments in the region were toppling. One after the other. But the ground held and well held (I would point out) by el Sisi in Egypt (That is important)


This war will not be easily won or quickly won by Israel. 4international tries to avoid dogma and takes instead a sober look at events.


Especially this war was not caused by the Jews or Israel. As an Irish person I do not want to see ONE IDF soldier losing his or her life in this war if that can be avoided. Boldness will win but also cunning is essential because the enemy is a cunning enemy.


We have said that Israel should take over two areas of the Strip. The North is essential because last night that area was used to send a blanket of bombs into Tel Aviv, which is to the North along the coast.


I also think the Philadelphia Corridor is essential and there should be an alliance made with el Sisi on this


This sentence extracted from www.debka.com kind of sums up our thinking


Quote…The rockets fired during this week came in an ever widening arc. Israel air strikes wrought heavy surface damage to the Gaza Strip, but scarcely scratched its rocket capabilities.”


“scarcely scratched its rocket capabilities”


Please note this very well. I think these two positions above should be taken up.


This is a cult in Gaza. I suspect that Gazans are lining up to become martyrs and that is what Hamas meant on their webpage when they outlined their strategy of civilian deaths being welcomed and planned for


If those two areas are taken and held then the leadership of Hamas is squeezed not defeated but with continued air attack they the leaders are more vulnerable


There is one major issue. Obama and the EU as we know from other issues are essentially on the side of the Jihad


I remember a prominent Irish historian describing the Battle of Clontarf as involving essentially taking the ground and holding on to the ground on which the enemy stands. The Irish contestant was an Irish King called Brian Boru and he was fighting the Danes.


I do hope that Netanyahu and the Israeli states starts this process by taking the north of the Gaza strip and holding on to that ground

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