Do not be misled by Bibi’s jew wasting crummy Little war on Gaza. Bibi is seeking a Neville solution actually no solution at all

Historical precedent but Holocaust to follow
Neville Chamberlain holding the paper containing the resolution to commit to peaceful methods signed by both Hitler and himself on his return from Munich. He is showing the Anglo-German Declaration to a crowd at Heston Aerodrome on 30 September 1938. He said:

“…the settlement of the Czechoslovakian problem, which has now been achieved is, in my view, only the prelude to a larger settlement in which all Europe may find peace. This morning I had another talk with the German Chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine (waves paper to the crowd – receiving loud cheers and “Hear Hears”). Some of you, perhaps, have already heard what it contains but I would just like to read it to you …”.

Later that day he stood outside Number 10 Downing Street and again read from the document and concluded:

‘”My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time.”


I am breaking new ground for Trotskyism and for the Jewish cause on the Irish website


I am finding it is not enough to take on the Antisemites who hate Israel and everything to do with Israel (more on this later) but also I am forced to oppose those on the supposed pro-Israel side who say that “the Palestinians have to have a state”.


I am asking the same question to both of these groups which are:

  1. The Antisemites who are hateful to the Jewish Homeland yet support Irish nationalism, as do the Irish Republicans like Adams of Sinn Fein and Provie fame, raging double standard here is there not
  2. The opposite side who although they claim to be campaigning FOR Israel cannot and will not address the simple question about the “Palestinians”


Because my simple question drawn from the outstanding book Phantom Nation by Sha’i ben-Tekoa (who I do not know and have never spoken to even!) is at what date in rough terms did the Arabs start calling themselves “Palestinians”


One predictable answer to this is that it does not matter? So history does not matter! Well I am a Marxist and history does!


This is also the position of the basic traitor to the Jews Bibi Netanyahu and all his associates who are directing (unfortunately) (very badly) this war against Hamas in Gaza


What Netanyahu seeks to do in this “war” is to resuscitate Hamas. That is a strange aim you might say. Surely all the froth and foam from Bibi says that he hates Hamas.


Ah no! Not at all!


For example take a concrete situation and weigh it up with some rationality. Bibi sure does not hate Jews being terrorised by Hamas or he would not have done NOTHING for so long as Jews in Sderot (now all of Israel) scrambled with their kids for shelters and slept every night in concrete dungeons in the bowels of their own home in their own Jewish Homeland


To Bibi it is all politics and the politics of his crummy career surviving


According to Debka the centre of the Hamas command is in the centre of Gaza City. This is natural. As the rocket men dash out and launch death so the leaders go right into the centre of population centres.


Israel is good at intelligence so they know exactly where they are.


Bibi is a traitor to the Jews and he will NOT go for them. He wants to keep them alive. Bibi actually believes in a new form of Palestinian United Government. He believes now fundamentally in this two state thing more than ever.


So my question to these two groups on becomes very relevant. Which is roughly “If you are going to have a Palestinian State” and advocate as Irish Jewess Jenni Hutchinson is doing right there now and a guy called “Charles” there also, then answer the dammed question


At what date mate did the Arabs start calling themselves “Palestinians”


It is also at the centre of the fight to replace Netanyahu and to expose his crummy, useless war in Gaza. I think Bibi is going to waste young Jews’ lives in that to create this monstrosity a Pali state. Israelis from my Irish perspective are not smart people. Rather they are very smart in ways but politically speaking…They are dumbest of the dumb.


I expect all readers of 4international to follow responses on the journal and to buy Phantom Nation NOW


First see what they answer to my question on

Second buy for a handful of quid


Also relevant is this


The first hours of Israel’s Operation Defensive Edge ground phase against Hamas were marked by heavy artillery and air pounding to soften up the terrain as the ground forces went in Thursday night, July 17. The troops advanced in two heads – one north to Jebalya and Beit Lahiya and the other south, where it went into action initially against Khan Younes and Rafah. The IDF took its first casualty before dawn Friday: Sgt. Eytan Barak, 20, from Herzliya, who served in the Nahal Division
In its current phase, the IDF ground operation is focusing on southern Gaza, with the potential for expanding into further areas, as and when the government decides, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz told the special cabinet session Friday.

The densely populated Gaza City has not been broached as yet.

debkafile’s military experts maintain that the first 48 hours of a war are often critical for determining its outcome. If a tactical gain is not achieved early on and a psychological blow not inflicted on the enemy, the operation tends to start losing traction by the third and fourth days.
That is why it is so important to hit the teeming Gaza City without delay, because Hamas has buried its core infrastructure under the crowded town center: Housed in a fortified bunker complex are its command and control, its communications systems and its longest-range weapons, which are held ready to strike after an Israeli invasion.
Bringing a small special operations force close enough to the Hamas stronghold would be useful for making the enemy feel threatened. But most importantly, it could gather the kind of intelligence which spy satellites and the air force were unable to reach. A small ground force trained in surveillance could pull this data from a point 200-300 meters away from target.

So the IDF has not yet applied the full weight of its might against Hamas. The troop movements in the early hours of the ground operation appeared designed more as a signal to Hamas that the incursion would stop right there, if it accepted a ceasefire on Egyptian and Israeli terms.



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