4international sends our full support to the IDF and we give critical support to all the leaders of the Israeli state as they are in war with Hamas, a savage, Jew Hating branch of the Muslim Brotherhood


It behoves any socialist worthy of his name to stand with Israel 100 per cent in this war.


The initial thoughts of Netanyahu and the whole of the Israeli Government except for Danon have been proved to be faulty. 4international knew they were wrong. We knew that Hamas would not give up their rockets into Israel. We knew that Hamas was not fighting on its own but fighting along with world Antisemitism, and this is now represented by the Alliance of Stalinist and Anarchist forces in the west, those who ran protests in Dublín, London, and Paris, where the latter involved a running battle now on video against the Paris synagogue with Jews cowering inside (shades of the Nazis)


We on http://www.4international.me stand unconditionally with Israel and with the IDF


It involves the fight against Fascism and how to really confront Fascism, and to defeat Fascism


This brings us back many years and history is being projected rapidly into the present. For example, just one example, how to defeat the advances of the Fascist Franco on the Young Republic set up by the Spanish Revolution from 1931 onwards


Trotsky said a United Front, fight shoulder to shoulder with the Progressive forces against Franco, but mobilise the masses in the Soialist Revolution


This means for sure standing shoulder to shoulder with the IDF in Gaza.


Gaza should never have been surrendered in 2005. The deaths of Israelis and Israeli soldiers lie at the door of people like Mrs Livni


The major difference with all previous wars in Gaza and Lebanon is General el Sisi in Egypt and what he represents.


What el Sisi represents is that the masses of Muslims in Egypt had a close look at Sharia going into practice under Morsi AND THEY REJECTED THAT


There is no OTHER explanation as to why the masses turned so decisively to support el Sisi AGAINST THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD


Normally socialists are against military dictators. But read león Trotsky. The history of the socialist movement is full of this and if alive Trotsky would support el Sisi fully against The Muslim Brotherhood


This is the dialectic of political and military struggle.


Hamas and all the other Jihadists must be completely destroyed in Gaza but it cannot stop there, also in Judea and Samaria


This IS the point. Abbas is the Holocaust denier, and he says that the Nazis and Jews created what Holoaust (in his skewed opinion) there was.


Ababs and the PLO are the main enemy.


Obama is blocked from attacking Israel with NATO by el Sisi and also by the firm resistance to NATO and Jihad by the Syrian freedom fighter (in these conditions he is that) Assad.


Obama and Rice in the UN simply hate Israel and wish for Israel to be defeated in the sense of another ceasefire followed by more rockets on Sderot. The now freedom fighter El Sisi and strangely Assad are blocking Obama and Rice and will continue to do so.


Everything depends on leadership…Everything


There must be a choosing of new leaders in Israeel. Livni must be out. Haaretz closed down immediately. Antisemitic writers expelled.


Antisemitism in Israel (I include here Gaza and Judea and Samaria) must be rooted out actively


4international is alone in saying that there are many Arabs who will support The Jewish State of Israel with a full heart. That is what I mean by the fight against Antisemitism


Keep them! They will be valued guests of the Jewish State. Those who cannot quite do that and they will be smaller in number Israel will be generous to in helping form a new life in places like Ireland and Europe (Germany is a possibility)


But finally in the history of the Jewish State sincce 1917 there is no room for Antisemitism AT ALL


A great future. A great aim. And all means to that great aim are great.


It will go hand in hand with building http://www.4international.me on an international basis

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