The is a pro-Jihadist outfit controlled by the ISM


There was a march in Dublín yesterday and it was filled with Antisemitism and hatred of Israel. The reports on these issues by an Irish website is an exercise in sheer hatred of Israel and it is a pro Jihadist outfit.


It tool 5 comments to get to this antisemitism on The numbers which appear are a voting mechanism.


…but lets not take away from the long slow genocide of the Palestinian people… a people who were a peaceful agrarian m(ix of Muslims, Christians, and Jews.


… a people who had no hand act or part in the holocaust and yet have being made to pay for it,


thanks to an international political movement of immense power, privilege and finance…




This is straight out of Mein Kamph. Is there any limit to how low the Irish Fascist Antisemitic Left can descend to?




Fognostical  12 hours ago #


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4 million women face this FGM butchery at the hands of the head-hackers and the Irish dhimmi march around howling about the disaster brought on Gaza by Hamas? They seem to lack a perspective on the situation in the Islamofascist campaign to establish a Caliphate but then they are certainly happy once they have a few Jews to pick on.


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 Dummy Crusher  12 hours ago #


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Hmmm dunno about head-hacking… but hows about something far more disgusting, from the only democracy in the middle East…


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 Claire Finn  12 hours ago #


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That has been proven to be a fake account.




This exchange took place. These Left Fascists turned on a woman called Clare who was defending Israel and it went like this:




Claire – Your Name & Your Face – IS A FAKE & I’m calling you out ? – you are an IDF Genocide, paid , plant – I have examined your Twitter Account & have no doubt whatsoever as to your lying motives and your taking money from the Government of Israel, to spiel their porky pies !


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 Seamus Larkin  9 hours ago #


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Claire is a fake. She one of the paid Israeli supporters. Charlie and foggy too


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 Claire Finn  8 hours ago #


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Fake account? Says the “person” with two accounts and 5 followers.


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 Liam MacSuibhne  7 hours ago #


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Hi Claire,


Apart from the Statue of Liberty on your Twitter account (hardly Irish So). you also seem to have made a radical mistake. If you’re living in Ireland, as I assume that would be your main reason to be on here, blithely ignoring 60+ years of Israeli aggression and 67 UN Reslutions – while does your Twitter account say ‘British Isles’? The Republic of Ireland is not a part of the ‘British Isles’, certainly not politically.


It would seem your views on just about everything are skewed and confused. Possibly you are not really who you say you are, as just about everyone on here realises.


One final thing – take a look at the pro-Palestinians comments up and down this page. I think you will notice that the vast majority are very strongly in support of the Palestinians. We are also in favour of the observation of the UN Charter, which enshrines the right to self-defence when attacked. Israel has been attacking Palestine for more than 60 years, progressively stealing land, building illegal settlements, trapping and even ‘controlling’ the amount of calories that the enslaved Palestinians can eat.


Controlling their food.


When you come up with anything other than a inhuman explanation for ‘rationing’ a trapped people’s food supply, then we might listen to you. For a moment.


Your rabid anti-Palestinian diatribes only serve to harden the overwhelming majority of peoples’ opinions in favour of supporting the Palestinians.


But then, let’s face it, the game is up. You are not ‘Clair Finn’, just another paid for mercenary, hiding behind a fake photo.


History will remember this.


P.S. Vive la France! (The French built the Statue of Liberty…you probably didn’t know that either)


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 Startled Sapien  7 hours ago #


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Ok so Claire. Take a photo of yourself with today’s date and use it as your twitter profile pic.


In the real and actual world outside of these Antisemites so full of their hatred for Israel there are other things happening of great importance for everybody. As the following few headings from Pamela Geller show. In the end this is the real purpose of groups like the IPSC and ISM, to keep Irish people in total ignorance


Islamic State enslaving, beheading Yazidis, babies dying of thirst – See more at:


Two Sudan men die after sharia floggings



Jihad in Germany: Armed with Knives, Muslims Attack Yazidis in Demo in Support of Victims of Jihad Genocide in Iraq – See more at:


Egypt court dissolves Muslim Brotherhood political party – See more at:



Miami Rabbi Shot and KIlled on His Way to Synagogue this Morning

The Rabbi of a Miami Beach synagogue was murdered earlier today on his way to synagogue. The Rabbi was shot dead in cold blood only two blocks away from the synagogue that was defaced with Hamas, swastikas and Jew-hatred last week after a Hamas-CAIR hate demo. J’ accuse. I accuse Hamas-CAIR for – See more at:


But the Fascist Left Antisemites who control the comments on seek to stop the Irish people from knowing what is happening in the world.


Also these fake socialists are actually diverting from the economic crisis in Ireland and the poverty being faced by the Irish working class. A big issue indeed.



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