US called for “immediate ceasefire without preconditions”. Israeli leaders agreed and now appear to be begging


“immediate ceasefire without preconditions” that was the call that was made by Obama, Kerry, the British and the French and almost all others


But that is the wrong policy to have when you are dealing with terrorists.


Was that the call that was made on the British against the IRA? Was that the call that was made on the Spanish against ETA?


NO IT WAS NOT! There was no such call made on the British and the French and they both used the most inhuman methods against those terrorists.


The British and the Americans went to WORLD war against Hitler. They went to war and the result was 60 millions of deaths, but there was no similar call made for immediate ceasefire.


Yet Israel is facing the worst Fascists on the planet, Hamas and the similar PA of Abbas are similar to ISIL. Abbas is in agreement with these Hamas Fascists.


So there has been a double standard applied to Israel because Israel is made up of Jews and Israel is the Jewish Homeland.


There is another link between Hamas, Fatah and the Nazis of Hitler. That is Antisemitism or Jew Hatred.


The answer: 4international is in agreement with those like the Martin Sherman Facebook Page, and with the member of Knesset Moshe Feiglin, on a programme which calls for Israel to take control of the situation by breaking up these Antisemites, starting first of all with Hamas in the Gaza.


We also think that Israel should make close alliance with all of those like the Kurds who are in deadly conflict with ISIL, and should make an alliance with Russia and the Crimea as well as the southern Russian Ukraine who are facing the Fascists in Northern Ukraine directed by Washington


The Hamas is not a “Palestinian Militant Group” as they were called on the BBC news bulletin this morning. That is misleading. They are Arab Fascists. Arab Fascists filled with Jew Hatred. The BBC cannot get it right because the BBC is also filled with Jew Hatred.



terrible pictures yes but the guy above is named Rami Rayan and was involved in a Pallywood production, but caught up om Hamas arsenal exploding, as were other mmebers of the Pallywood team. The market at this place was NOT open. The Pallywood team were moving into empty área to set up their production as struck warehouse blazed


Bust one Hamas lie supported by Israel Jew haters  and you have busted all their lies. Vital post for and all web readers to see


The Gaza War of 2014 must become a turning point. In the issue of the “Gaza Market Bombing” blamed on Israel, with the usual quota of deaths claimed by the Media like the BBC, all blame on Israel, boo boo Israel, was really an exposure of the way that the Jihad works, through Pallywood. It was the same as the Market bombings in Bosnia carried out, the UN later admitted it, by a Muslim Shell on a Muslim Market. Muslims killing Muslims for political advantage! What is new? 4international will tell exactly what happened last week.


  1. Israel struck a warehouse attached to a market
  2. The market was closed when Israel struck
  3. The warehouse was now on fire
  4. Seeing an opportunity for Pallywood a team of PLO Gazan Pallywood arrived into the empty market to set up their props and enact Pallywood theatre.
  5. As they were entering and in particular as one of the team was entering with others the rockets stored in the now blazing outhouse adjoining the market began going off in short sharp bursts of sound, as can be identified on video. One of these fuel propelled rockets skirted along the wall of the market and the Pallywood team were literally lifted off the ground causing quite horrific  injuries to this evil but ill-fated Pallywood team of gazan drama queens filled with Antisemitic content and intent
  6. There followed total chaos and the media had a real event on their hands and the Pallywood actors were caught in a drama inside of a drama, a real drama inside of their own Pallywood drama. The world wide Media works closely through their Palestinian Arab stringers and would be on hand but ready to be controlled by their Hamas Handlers, very similar to what we KNOW abour France 2 and the Mohammed el Dura fakery.
  7. It has been proved that the initial Daily Telegraph reported that the Market had been closed but that the Telegraph later reported this as the opposite and indeed scrubbing the files so that it was no longer possible to bring it up. Was the Telegraph reporter threatened by Hamas?
  8. The story then was turned around by all of the Media to make it seem that the Israelis bombed a full market. The Belfast Telegraph for example, a small local Northern Irish paper, who may or may not have a reporter of their own en situ but I feel not, took the whole story and embellished it somewhat. The market was full of people because of the ceasefire, said the Belfast Telegraph. But everybody knew very well that there was no ceasefire in that area, that area was explicitly excluded by Israel, because fire was being received from it. (FQ…That is what I found in studying Yugoslavia and the Media. It was the lifting of stories second, third and more hand that created the Lies, building through that old thing called time into the Big Lie! I found that was exactly how the Srebrenica Lie was built up.
  9. The great value of the Market bombing and present Media Involvement is that when a system of lies, in this case Pallywood theatre, is in operation it is only necessary to prove one lie in the total chain. JUST ONE! NO MORE THAN ONE IS NEEDED! That is what has happened here
  10. But it raises great issues as to how not just Israel and the Gaza War but any nation fighting against terrorism can proceed.
  11. The Netanyahu Government is not bold and it is not original at all in its thinking. It keeps on making the same mistakes and never learning
  12. Only the revolutionary leadership of the Trotskyist can provide an answer.

A big issue for us is the lies of the fake left as on, continuous commenting lies on that site


We will win. which defends Israel inconditionally will win.







The war with Hamas is well and truly lost and the responsibility lies not with the rank and file soldiers but with the whole political and military elites in Israel. The situation can be summed up as being a case of brave, brave soldier led by pompous fools. (I thought of saying led by donkeys but I will not use such expressions ever again because my politics lead me to respect the animal world. Recently I was barred from the Talk Radio Europe radio phone in because I said the host was speaking “bullshit” and on reflection I was sorry I used that expression because I was ashamed of myself for using a derogatory word implicating a defenseless and innocent animal. In case anybody is interested he is a British Jew called Tindesley and he was saying that the Jews in Morocco were never driven out by the Muslims and that made me instantly angry, so I lost my cool)


I was struck above all at how small is Gaza. Israel too is small (less than the size of Munster) but Gaza is tiny. And there is so much talk in Jewish circles about the great IDF, but that now has to be very much questioned.


Also I was struck by the idea of these Hamas guys going underground. As a military commander I would immediately see that as a major positive for my side. Going underground makes the enemy totally vulnerable.


Totally vulnerable if given certain conditions or certain actions by the IDF. I will divide the response to that question in three ways


  1. What Netanyahu did
  2. What a daring commander would have done
  3. Finally further consideration of these first two points, the first of which in (1) above we know. It is this further consideration that I would like to focus on.


On the question of what Bibi did is very easy to answer. Basically he did nothing (as Martin Sherman demonstrated). Oh of course there were lots being done, soldiers dashing here and there, but as Sherman showed nothing of a strategic nature. So that first question is easy to answer…Bibi did nothing


What a daring commander would have done. The answer lies in what Brian Boru did against the Danes in the Battle of Clontarf in that our Brian took possession of the ground that the Danes were standing on and held on to that ground. So a daring commander would have taken possession of the ground and held on to the ground (of Gaza to start with) For that the Jews need a big thought that is simple, true and understandable for all Jews. The big thought is the Land of Israel and to end Antisemitism in the Land of Israel. This is a BIG thought indeed and it even includes some Jews as well, Haaretz comes to mind.


Now the reflection…the important part.



Israel is not united. Israel does not have a political party to unite it. Because Israel does not have a political party Israel can never unite the vast majority behind a programme. The people of Israel never unite behind a programme. They remain divided. Sometimes as in the Gaza Withdrawal a mass movement develops but because there is no political party the mass movement fades away as reality of defeat sets in



Israelis cannot build a political party to unite under because there is no ideology or theory to unite under. Some of the participants include a man on Shermans blog who calls for a King!!!, Netanyahu who was a furniture salesman not a theoretician, his wife plays a role and she is a housewife, Feiglin is terrific but Feiglin is for Feiglin and Feiglin hates the plebeians, Livni is Livni and Livni just loves living with Antisemitism. The “Labour” Party also loves Antisemitism, The Likudniks can never have any power because they see things as moving through the Knesset, so they tie the Israelis to the Knesset, the Women in Green are conquering the latest hill measured 50 yards by twenty, the Rabbis are reading up on what some bloke wrote about something 2000 years ago, most of the ladies in Tel Aviv seek a tan desparately, and there is hardly anybody that sees the Jews as an iron age people who are part of a long development starting somewhat with “Lucy” and her friends on the Savanna plains


And that is why Netanyahu could not ever develop a strategy to take over Gaza, expel the Antisemites, make an offer to Arabs to love the Jewish Homeland, even make an offer to some to find new homes (they tell me there is lots of space and lovely nature in Mayo!)


Netanyahu has no background (the opposite) to have a strategy or theory even. This issue is beyond him. He is a furniture salesman (and Obama is a third rate University Lecturer and you know what they are like!)


So until this new leadership is built then this war and all future wars against Fascism will be lost, and the Jewish Homeland will fall into great danger of being destroyed. The Barbarians will have defeated this Great Idea.


The last Christian left Mosul on Wednesday. The “Palestinians” are precisely allied with that Fascism







Under Netanyahu and the present leaders in Israel there will never be an end to the war and Israelis will always be under attack from Hamas, and from other attacks too from inside Israel.


The mathematics is quite simple. If Israel does not take over Gaza and dismantle the terrorist Hamas, its leadership and operational bases then Israel has to live with Hamas alongside.


It should be noted very strongly that the IDF was aware of the tunnels from a long time ago. They were even aware that Hamas had changed from one single 8 hour shift to a 24 continuous three 8 hour shifts. Jews in southern Israel were hearing voices!


Gaza is therefore a piece of land that is sitting on extensive tunnels


Only one journalist in the whole international media has reported on seeing Hamas launch rockets, in that case a Finnish journalist, and she reported seeing a rocket launched from the grounds of Shifa Hospital.


This journalist is now in physical danger and will be leaving Gaza asap. This journalist reminds me of Bosnia and the brave journalist from UK Eve Ann Prentice see


The non reporting by the Media of Hamas war crimes, and it is also a war crime to dress up for war in civilian dress, is another important issue for Israel and for all of us who are opposed to this kind of trap.





The issue of Hamas and the support effectively for Hamas by that Media is also linked to the issues of the war on the Serbs, the war on Putin and Russia, the war on Kosovo and so on.


There is also the vital matter of the left. It is obvious that in the social media, as on there are an organised forcé of people  who are writing all the time on the basis of an antisemitic hatred for Israel, that is for Jews. They seem to write full time.


How this can be combatted is an issue. It has not even been discussed never mind combated.




At the basis of this is the way that the Arab “Palestinian” Narrative has been sold. It has been sold most effectively. One answer to this is the book “Phantom Nation”, a large 200 page plus book of A4 size, and that is just Volume 1.


The full 3 Volumes are on Kindle. It is by Sha’i ben-Tekoa


This book is the best answer but even this book in the opinión of 4international is deficient. This is seen in his bias against Marx and Communism and his not understanding of Stalinism, nor the struggle of Leon Trotsky in defence of the Jews.


Why is a clever intelligent writer therefore so not ignorant but biased, therefore skewed?


Martin Sherman makes many good points but sadly Martin has no way to make his knowledge come to life. For that you need a party of a particular type.


Such is the confusión one person on his Facebook even advocates a Jewish “King”.  People can say anything in periods of stress and crisis. That is dogma. there was a King in the past so a King now. Such would accuse Marxism as being a dogma!!!


The bottom line is that the war is already lost and this is due totally to leadership. Netanyahu never had the intention clear or otherwise of defeating Hamas.

You will never defeat Hamas if you do not intend to defeat Hamas!


Netanyahu represents a replay of the Popular Front. Perhaps he keeps Hamas because he figures he can do a deal even with Hamas against ISIL


The whole of the problem lies with Netanyahu and what he represents in Israeli society. Not personally. He represents an ideological current.




At the time of the Gaza Withdrawal under Sharon Netanyahu played the worst role. The plans of Sharon were meeting with more and more opposition


On Israpundit at the time myself and Joseph Alexander Norland were fighting a hard struggle against the prevarication of Ted Belman on the issue of Withdrawal. Belman had allowed an Omri Coren to post articles and Omri Coren was advocating flat out for the Sharon Withdrawal.


The arguments of Coren were never combatted by Belman who sat on the proverbial fence. But it was so maddening for me because I knew that you never give land to your enemy.


The Israeli people were really confused but as time went on and the date drew nearer and Hamas was more and more gloating and self-confident, there was a MASS movement development from deep within the Israeli masses against withdrawal.


Jared Israel did a useful article on his website which described how teenager boys and girls travelled long distances to talk to the IDF, and opposint withdrawal.


It was at this time that the utter bankruptcy of groups like Women in Green were seen. They marched Israeli religious youth up the hills and they marched them down again. But the Women in Green were pressure politics people when what was needed was a revolutionary Jewish party


In the end it was the Settlements Leaders who knifed the Israeli people in the back and they came in and backed up Sharon. Especially the Rabbis backed up Sharon.


Feiglin always note has a correct position but…Feiglin does not build a party of the mass movement. Feiglin advocates for Feiglin. Some of the things Feiglin says are good but Feiglin says them and then retreats into nothingness.


The issue in Israel is one of power. People like Netanyahu capture power in the Knesset and then rule as dictators for the next usually ten years. It appears like democracy but the Media control make it a real dictatorship. Media and money and power! Look at what Netanyahu did recently to Danny Dayon. He sacked him.


What is needed now is the most determined struggle inside and outside of the Knesset, on the soldiers committees which need to be set up if necessary, on groups like Women in Green, on social media like Jews News, on every forum as to how to mobilise the Israeli people against what is a Maoist Fascist type group (Hamas and Fatah)which is allied with US Imperialism, British Imperialism and world antisemitism.




You need a party in Israel.


As somebody said in a comment Netanyahu is engaging in talks in Cairo and his solution is international demilitarisation of Hamas.


How did that work out in Lebanon? Brilliant wasn’t it. Israel now has 10,000 rockets of Hisbullah trained on its cities thanks to the UN, those Irish and Spanish soldiers, all great friends of the Jews y’know!


So Netanyahu must go. He must go as soon as possible. It is precisely in a war and through a war that you can see that the leaders are not up to the task


Abbas should have been arrested and the Fatah movement banned the first indication that Abbas was forming a Unity Government


All contacts with Obama who was backing that Unity Government had and have to be broken off


(Take up a big fight in Europe against the likes of Steven Ritson of Talk Radio Europe who obviously thinks the Unity Government is the way forward. This is Unity  with fascists…hamas is Fascist and Ritson needs to have that stuffed down his throat)


The answer to Ritson is that you do not unite with Fascists if you do not intend to carry out a Fascist programme.


Netanyahu did nothing along these lines.


He did not arrest Abbas. He did not break off all contact with Obama and Kerry.


Netanyahu did nothing. He mouthed and mouthed but he did nothing.




The War…the worst example of Israeli Government bungling.


It should be the very simplest matter to defeat Hamas. Any so called fighter who burrows underneath leaves themselves totally vulnerable to what is above and comin at em


But nothing was comin at em.


Netanyahu was throwing out feelers picked up by these disreputable journalists all round the place, not just in Israel, that it was better to keep Hamas because the alternative might be worse.


So sickening!  So morale sapping!




Step 1. Jews had to be withdrawn from the border with Gaza. Move them out of dangers way. Have Jews elsewhere put them up.


Step 2. The IDF drives a wedge over the ground that the Hamas leaders are skulking under


Step 3. All “civilians” out of that area. Level it. Occupy that area. Send depth charges. No Jewish soldier should go near the mouth of a tunnel. That is what depth charges are for.


Step 4. Demand that Hamas surrender and if they do not … occupy by great force and ruthlessness the whole of the Gaza area. Do not let them escape from any corner. Place the captured Hamas leadership on trial. Place the UN organizations on trial. Be prepared to meet the force of Obama’s Nato with extreme force. Send out messages of alliances with others in a similar situation such as the antifascists in Donesk Ukraine and in Crimea.


Step 4…The Arabs of Gaza. Those Arabs who support the Jewish Homeland and who reject the poison of Antisemitism in a meaningful way can remain in Israel as guests. No others can remain. No Antisemites can remain. Antisemitism remains the bottom line and main issue of our times. Trotskyist socialists cannot and must not stand aside from that



FINAL issue help us to build 4international.




The war with Hamas is already lost but this has nothing to do with the strength of Hamas but with the weakness of the Netanyahu leadership. Israel is not defeated or destroyed by this war but unless sharp lessons are learned and quickly then Israel will in the long run be defeated. Netanyahu is being supported by over 60 per cent approval but what does that mean? The reality lies outside of the knowledge of most Israelis.


What Netanyahu might have done:


  1. Declared that the aim of the war was to destroy Hamas completely
  2. Make as the number one aim of the war the arrest of the Hamas leaders and placing them on trial as war criminals
  3. Gaza is tiny! The Israeli army is powerful and totally equipped for any such war. Netanyahu could have in the first 3 days drove a wedge into Gaza to take possession of the area under which the Hamas leaders are hiding. Empty that area. Demolish every building in that area.

But Netanyahu did the opposite to all of this. He made it known through various media flunkies that it is better to keep Hamas in existence. Their arguments were sheer cowardice in action. He never mentioned the arrest of these war criminals which as the war went on and Abbas showed his hand included the PA as well as Hamas. Finally the army under Netanyahu did nothing substantial that would challenge the Hamas war criminals. Netanyahu was not fighting a war against Hamas at all because he does not understand the critical relationship between war and time.


Bibi should have been gone before this war started. He should have been out of Israeli politics for good when he sat on the fence as Sharon mobilised his Stalinist, Judaism hating pólice, aided by many Rabbis by the way, to empty Gaza of Jews and handed it over to the enemy. THAT was the time but it is still not too late to remove him.