UK Labour Party: “UKIP has evil money grabbing jews in their party”

Pamela is drawing attention to the role of the Labour Party in Britain towards the Jews of Israel and towards the state of Israel. This is a vital issue. Historically the Labour Party has been antisemitic and connected with that antisemitism the direct agent of British Imperialism inside the British workers movement.
Labour headquarters

 These were the people that the British government was trying to appease when it banned Robert Spencer and me from entering the UK. They have opened their doors to Jew-haters and jihadis. How will that work our for them? In a future of blood and savagery.

And British Jewish leadership cowers before these cretins. Just yesterday it was widely reported that the Zionist Federation in the UK canceled Israeli scholar Dr. Mordechai Kedar from a number of lectures at synagogues because of his “links” to me.

“London Labour – ‘UKIP full of money grabbing Jews,’” Nope, Not Hope, December 4, 2014:

Updated @00:30 – Labour Press Office denies account is official Labour Party one. It is still followed by Shadow Ministers, MPs, MEPs, Cllrs and CLPs, who are this morning being treated to a series of fascists posts decrying ‘white genocide’. We wonder whether the Daily Mirror will be so quick to publish the details of this account as they were to publish details of a series of fake UKIP accounts apparently set up by the same person earlier this week? A Labour Party twitter account has accused UKIP of being ‘full of money-grabbing Jews’ in a
disgraceful attack on UKIP candidate Shneur Odze this evening.Mr Odze, who earlier this week organised a ‘Friends of Israel in UKIP’ event attended by several MEPs and senior activists, is a longstanding member of UKIP who now resides in the North West. He is the most prominent of UKIPs many Jewish members.the Twitter account in question – @LabourLondon – describes itself as the ‘Official North London Labour presence. It is followed by Labour’s Welsh Assembly Group, journalist Dan Hodges, and others including Meg Hillier MP, Jude Kirton-Darling MEP, Alison Seabeck MP, Dan Jarvis MP, Ian Lavery MP, Steve Reed MP, Sadiq Khan MP,  Cllr Tudor Evans, and Constituency Labour Parties including Barnet, Brent, Norwich, East Lothian, Redbridge, Labour Youth, Ipswich, Bedford, Aylesbury, SE Region and SW Region. Can we look forward to the howls of outrage and demands for an apology from Hope not Hate?

Update – The offending tweet was removed around 21:30 last night, and replaced with the following:

By 00:30, the Labour Party Press Office was denying that Labour were responsible for the account, and saying that they had nothing to do with it.

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