4international our Trotskyist movement send greetings to our Christian friends fleeing from the Islamic State

Yazidis fleeing for their very lives in the face of the Fascism of this Islamic State. But this is indeed Islam and not as Steven Ritson of Talk Radio Europe claims “SO CALLED” Islam. The BBC is also using this form of relativism, To understand this better we have to make known the real history of Islam and how cruel Jihad was always at the centre of it along with Christian Hatred and even more Jew Hatred

Another victim of Islamic Jihad. A Young Yazidi girl. Of what use is Pope Francis to this Young girl. Arguably no use at all.

4international our Trotskyist movement sends sincere greetings to all our Christian friends because Christmas (building on the old Celtic Festival of the Solstice) is a time of real humanity, and of good wishes between mankind. We wish them all happiness and especially the Christians in the Middle East – we wish them most of all safety from the bloodthirsty Muslim Jihadists of Islamic State.


The BBC and Talk Radio Europe journalists like Steven Ritson call the Islamic State “so-called Islamic” State. But they are Islamic and if Ritson understood the history of Islam and not the whitewash history of the likes of Karen Armstrong he would know. But he does not know. So Ritson and Talk Radio Europe, now a branch or at least connected to the BBC, will all continue to whitewash this Fascist ideology of Islam and will work to prevent this truth from emerging.


We send special greetings to Pamela Geller and to Robert Spencer. Also to the folk at Gates of Vienna and to all of the Jewish sites especially to Martin Sherman and to Israpundit. I hope that there will be big changes in how Jews fight back against the growing Antisemitism in the world. We on 4international will be making analysis and proposals of that in the next week. Thank you for your support and for allowing Trotskyism to have a voice in this time of huge lies against Jews, also against Leon Trotsky and what he stood for in his time still relevant today!

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