(from Jerusalem Post) (Our analysis at the end)

Feiglin will host an event at the same time at the Jerusalem International Convention Center during which he will reveal his political plans.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to unveil the Likud’s campaign at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds Monday night in an attempt to set the agenda of the March 17 election. In the meantime, a recount was required due to the fact that the results of the polling station at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds were counted twice, while the votes at some polling stations were not counted at all.


Netanyahu’s associates have promised to change the dynamic of the campaign at the rally. But the event could end up being overshadowed by problems counting the votes in last Thursday’s Likud primary and the possible defection of Likud MK Moshe Feiglin.


Feiglin looks to host an event at the same time at the Jerusalem International Convention Center, during which he is expected to reveal his political plans. A source close to Feiglin hinted that he could announce his departure from the Likud at the event, because he had hit a “glass ceiling” in the party.


“Now is the time to prepare for the new opportunities and challenges that lie ahead,” Feiglin wrote his followers in the invitation to the event.


“We must not take our eyes off our main goal: authentic Jewish leadership for the State of Israel.”


Feiglin’s possibilities include forming a new party or joining other right-wing parties led by Shas chairman Eli Yishai or Michael Ben-Ari.


Another Likud MK besides Feiglin who did not earn what is considered a realistic slot on the Likud list at the primary was MK Tzipi Hotovely. But a recount of votes Sunday resulted in her remaining in the 26th slot and former Kadima minister Avi Dichter preserving the more realistic 20th slot.


 Other effects of the recount resulted in MKs Danny Danon and Yariv Levin rising on the list to the ninth and tenth slots, respectively, and Netanyahu allies Tzachi Hanegbi and Ophir Akunis moving down, though remaining in realistic slots.


El Al pilot and former IDF fighter pilot Yoav Kisch won the realistic 19th slot reserved for a candidate from the Dan region. Kisch, age 46, intends to focus in the Knesset on socioeconomic issues and equalizing the burden of IDF service.


But his views on Palestinian issues are more moderate than those of other Likud candidates. For instance, he supports the creation of a Palestinian state.


“A one-state solution is bad for Israel and extremists pushing that are wrong,” he said. “I want Israel to maintain a Jewish majority, but I oppose withdrawals and there is currently no partner on the Palestinian side.”


Kisch said he was not disappointed that Feiglin has apparently been forced out of the next Knesset, at least with the Likud.


“Feiglin’s views are not those of the Likud,” he said. “I feel I got my party back.”


“A one-state solution is bad for Israel and extremists pushing that are wrong,” he said. “I want Israel to maintain a Jewish majority, but I oppose withdrawals and there is currently no partner on the Palestinian side.”

former IDF fighter pilot Yoav Kisch


This report from Jerusalem Post shows the dire straits that Israeli politics are in


Let us deal with a few people in this report:


  1. Bennett…I believe that Bennett is a windbag. He sits in a party that is a little like Podemos in Spain. There is a huge upsurge among youth in many countries and this is the Israeli equivalent. These youth in Israel are fed up with the Israeli ruling elites. These elites are represented by Netanyahu and on the outright traitor side, by Livni and Labour Party Herzog. They are not prepared to deal with a Fascist enemy in the shape of Fatah and Hamas. The youth are left at sea and thus grabbed for and by Bennett who is a fast talker but is an empty shell (in my opinion)
  2. Feiglin…There is a difference between Israeli patriotism and theocracy. Love of the country, willingness to sacrifice that has always been in the best national liberation movements. This love of the land is also love of heritage, which is love and certainly respect for the Bible and Biblical traditions. But Feiglin in my opinion goes too close to theocracy and in my opinion (again) will never win the youth
  3. Danon…Very much the key figure in the report above. Danon buried his fight against Netanyahu when it became a matter of his own wallet. Netanyau owns these posts and parcels them out (I think Danon is placed about 10 which is what they call “realistic”, that is the PR farce they vote for a slate of candidates not for an individual politician
  4. Netanyahu—the shifter. This man will lie to his Granny in order to advance his nasty carcass up the ladder (Still I will defend him if attacked by Antisemites like Obama). He is what is called in my native Ireland a “gombeen” politician. Never ever to be trusted. To be cast out into the darkness asap!




Needed very urgently is a government in Israel that will immediately (and I stress immediately) arrest, sentence, break up all of the leadership of Fatah and Hamas. These are openly Nazi parties and their whole project against Jews is openly Nazi. You can also trace their history to the Nazis, their originator being Hajj Amin el Husseini, sidekick of Eichmann.


That is the FIRST step. That is certainly doable. Next step such as making it easy for Arabs to leave for new pastures such as Jordan, will follow. BUT I emphasise that is the first step. How to take that step is how and what I as a Trotskyist is all about.

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