The Jihadists pulled the triggers on the Charlie Hebdo journalists. But the scene was set for them by the Governments of Ireland, France, Germany and above all by Britain


It was Theresa May and Cameron (obviously working hand in hand with Obama) who placed a ban on Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from entering Britain to speak at a commemoration for the murdered British guardsman Lee Rigby, just like these murders done in broad daylight


The signal is sent. Do not even think of criticising Islam “our” favourite religion. These governments are claiming it is “a religion of peace” and anybody who opposes this interpretation is an “extremist”!

Also closely linked in creating this atmosphere is the support of these governemnts in Europe for the Nazi Fatah and Hamas (founded by the Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini) and especially the resolutions recognising “palestine” Jihadists by these very governments…it is the pay-off by Islam for the slaves to Islam!


So in the eyes of the French Government these journalists in Charlie Hebdo are also “extremists” and that is why the French elites did not take security seriously

An Interlude Ireland…Minister of State for New Communities, Culture & Equality, Aodhán Ó Ríordáin TD is to chair a round-table discussion on legislating for Hate Crime in Ireland in the University of Limerick this afternoon.

Speaking in advance of the event, Minister Ó Ríordáin said: “I have been facilitating exploratory discussions with a number of organisations and lobby groups over the last three years on the possibility of introducing more robust legislation in the area of hate crime. I greatly welcome the opportunity to continue that discussion here today facilitated by the University of Limerick ‘Hate & Hostility Research Group’ and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties.”  (


To Continue on a vital matter which leads to the whole issue of workers and political security and the need for independent security at events whatever that may be the emphasis being on “independent”…

Where was the armed guard promised to Charlie Hebdo which they asked for and wanted/needed?


Who were the two policemen stationed outside on the street? What was their role precisely? In actuality they were sitting ducks in the front seat of a car. It was rubbish journalism to claim that this murdering spree was great planning. These creeps called tot he wrong door first of all according to the BBC and the woman signalled across the Street to Hebdos. Then they were lucky in getting a Hebdo worker entering with security card.


But be that as it may it is the climate (political climate) created over many years by all of these governments that are responsible today


Nobody else is responsible. Not the Jihadists. That is what they do and when you understand Islam historically and what Mohammed (or more precisely Islam) did that is what they are meant to do – bound to do.


No it is the Governments that facilitate these murderers and maybe even are using them for nefarious purposes. By this I mean not necessarily the leaders like May but the “state within the state”.

Nothing in Europe can be the same any more. These courageous and unprotected journalist workers paid very dearly and I place the responsibility on all of those int he Media and in government who have been making a cover for Islam.

I know many of these people in my own personal life. I see them on radio stations and in newspapers. Just two weeks ago I raised in a telephone call to a local radio station the horror of the banning of Pamela Geller from Britain. Then following immediately on this a journalist called Steven Ritson attacked Pamela Geller for a good five minutes and the gist of this was that Ritson was supporting the banning of Pamela from Britain. He did not oppose the banning. THAT and I insist THAT is the political climate that led to the murders yesterday of the Charlie Hebdo murders. This raises the strange phenomenon that many of those who did not oppose the banning of Pamela Geller (by the British Home Secretary and this is my main point Teresa May was not opposed AT ALL) from Britain are from the “left” in today’s world (a good example would be Harry’s Place especially “Gene” and “Sarah AB”!). But even though Ritson may not agree with Pamela Geller on many things (for example Pamela is very much for the capitalist system as a way of organizing the world) yet if you are on the left it would mean historically that you defend ALL political rights, (INCLUDING DEFENDING THE RIGHTS OF YOUR POLITICAL OPPONENTS) and that definitely includes the rights of a very well known political blogger like Pamela Geller to enter Britain to speak at a Lee Rigby rally.  But Ritson remained silent. He only raised it when I raised it and then in the form of attacking Pamela. This is certainly a departure from the times of Marx and raises enormous problems for us on the left today. I repeat…There is the closest connection between the creation of this political climate and these cruel Charlie Hebdo murders. It is more serious than anything else (in my opinión) It is not at all the individuals I have emntioned but it is the total political climate (perhaps this is an inadequate phrase to describe this but it is the best I can do at this point in time) The creation of this political “climate” has been going on for a long time and it is this that in building the Trotskyist alternative and organization that I wish and intend to devote my time to. Please keep in touch and you will find my Facebook page on where I hope to produce and maintain a good news service on these issues.


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